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76 Epitaxial growth of ZnO films on Si(111)In this paper, we report the growth of ZnO films on silicon substrates using a pulsed laser deposition technique. These films were deposited on Si(111) directly as well as by using thin buffer layers of AlN and GaN. All the films were found to have c-axis-preferred orientation aligned with normal to...Buffer layers; Aluminum nitride; Silicon substrate; Biaxial strain2002
77 Epitaxial growth of large-gap quantum spin Hall insulator on semiconductor surface : The substrate orbital filtering effectFormation of topological quantum phase on conventional semiconductor surface is of both scientific and technological interest. Here, we demonstrate epitaxial growth of 2D topological insulator, i.e. quantum spin Hall (QSH) state, on Si(111) surface with a large energy gap, based on first-principles ...2014-01-01
78 Epitaxial growth of magnetic nickel nanodots by pulsed laser depositionEpitaxial nickel magnetic nanodots were obtained by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique on Si (100) substrate using epitaxial TiN film as the template. Characterization methods include: high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) Z-...Nanodots; TiN; Nickel2003
79 Equilibrium sampling of self-associating polymer solutions: a parallel selective tempering approachWe present a novel simulation algorithm based on tempering a fraction of relaxation-limiting interactions to accelerate the process of obtaining uncorrelated equilibrium configurations of self-associating polymer solutions. This approach consists of tempering (turning off) the attractive interactio...Equilibrium sampling; Self-associating systems; Parallel selective tempering2005
80 Equilibrium shape of two-dimensional islands under stressWe show that the equilibrium shape anisotropy of two-dimensional islands in heteroepitaxial growth depends on island size, a consequence of the presence of strain. Even in homoepitaxy, in which the island shape has conventionally been equated with the ratio of step energies, a substrate surface str...Two-dimensional islands; Equilibrium shape; Heteroepitaxial growth; Homoepitaxy2000-08
81 Exact field solution to guided wave progagation in lossy thin filmsWave guidance is an important aspect of light trapping in thin film photovoltaics making it important to properly model the effects of loss on the field profiles. This paper derives the full-field solution for electromagnetic wave propagation in a symmetric dielectric slab with finite absorption. ...2011
82 Exceptional optoelectronic properties of hydrogenated bilayer siliceneSilicon is arguably the best electronic material, but it is not a good optoelectronic material. By employing first-principles calculations and the cluster-expansion approach, we discover that hydrogenated bilayer silicene (BS) shows promising potential as a new kind of optoelectronic material. Most ...2014-01-01
83 Exotic electronic states in the world of flat bands: from theory to materialIt has long been noticed that special lattices contain single-electron at bands (FB) without any dispersion. Since the kinetic energy of electrons is quenched in the FB, this highly degenerate energy level becomes an ideal platform to achieve strongly correlated electronic states, such as magnetism,...2014-01-01
84 Experiments along coexistence near tricriticality in 3He-4He mixturesThe tricritical point in the phase diagram of 3He-4He mixtures offers unique opportunities to test our understanding of critical phenomena. Because D = 3 is the marginal spatial dimension for tricriticality, the associated critical exponents are exact integer fractions. In addition, one expects to f...Tricriticality; Tricritical point; 3He-4He mixtures2000
85 Exploration of conformational phase space in polymer melts: a comparison of parallel tempering and conventional molecular dynamics simulationsParallel tempering molecular dynamics simulations have been performed for 1,4-polybutadiene polymer melts in the 323 K-473 K temperature domain at atmospheric pressure. The parallel tempering approach provides a vast improvement in the equilibration and sampling of conformational phase space for ...Polymer melts; 1,4-polybutadiene; Conformational phase space; Parallel tempering2001
86 Fabricating artificial nanowells with tunable size and shape by using scanning tunneling microscopyThe authors report a method of precisely fabricating the large-scale nanocrystals with well-defined shape and size. The (111) oriented Pb islands deposited on Si(111)-7x7 substrate were investigated with a manipulation technique based on scanning tunneling microscopy. By applying a series of voltage...Artificial nanowells2006
87 Fabrication and characterization of Li7La3Zr 2O12 thin films for lithium ion batteryThin films of Li7La3Zr2O12 were deposited on SrTiO3 (100) and Sapphire (0001) substrates at room-temperature using a pulsed-laser-deposition technique. Detailed structural, compositional, optical, and electrochemical characterizations of the films were performed. The films deposited at room-temperat...2012-01-01
88 Fabrication of GaNxAs1-x quantum structures by focused ion beam patterningA novel approach to the fabrication of GaNxAs1-x quantum dots and wires via ion beam patterning is presented. Photomodulated reflectance spectra confirm that N can be released from the As sublattice of an MBE-grown GaNxAs1-x film by amorphization through ion implantation followed by regrowth upon r...Gallium arsenide; Quantum dots; Quantum wires; Thermal annealing2005
89 Ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxAs produced by ion implantation and pulsed-laser meltingWe demonstrate the formation of ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxAs films by Mn ion implantation into GaAs followed by pulsed-laser melting. Irradiation with a single excimer laser pulse results in the epitaxial regrowth of the implanted layer with Mn substitutional fraction up to 80% and effective Curie tempe...Gallium arsenide; Ferromagnetic semiconductors; Remanent magnetization2003
90 Ferromagnetic resonance investigation of magnetic anisotropy in Ga1-xMnxAs synthesized by ion implantation and pulsed laser meltingA systematic investigation of ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) was carried out on Ga1−xMnxAs layers synthesized by Mn ion implantation into GaAs followed by pulsed laser melting. Angular and temperature dependences of FMR were measured on layers prepared on GaAs (001), (110), and (311) surfaces. The ...Magnetic anisotropy; Ga1−xMnxAs; Gallium manganese arsenide2009-12
91 Ferromagnetism in Co doped CeO2: observation of giant magnetic moment with a high Curie temperatureWe report room temperature ferromagnetism in single crystal Ce1−xCoxO2−δ (x≤0.05) films deposited on a LaAlO3(001) substrate. Films were grown by a pulsed laser deposition technique and were thoroughly characterized using x-ray diffraction, high-resolution transmission electron microscopy cou...CeO2; Cobalt2006
92 Ferromagnetism in Cu-doped ZnO films: role of charge carriersWe report the observation of room temperature ferromagnetism in Cu-doped (5%) ZnO films grown on c-plane sapphire substrates. Films were prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique and were thoroughly characterized using several state-of-the-art characterization techniques. Hall measurements sho...Charge carriers2008
93 Ferromagnetism in Ga1-xMnxP: evidence for inter-Mn exchange mediated by localized holes within a detached impurity bandWe report an energy gap for hole photoexcitation in ferromagnetic Ga1-xMnxP that is tunable by Mn concentration (x ≤ 0:06) and by compensation with Te donors. For x ~ 0:06, electrical transport is dominated by excitation across this gap above the Curie temperature (TC) of 60 K and by thermally a...Gallium Phosphide; Ferromagnetism; Mn impurity band2005-11
94 First-principles calculation of interaction between interstitial O and As dopant in heavily As-doped SiWe investigate the interaction between interstitial oxygen (Oi) and As dopant in heavily As-doped Si using first-principles total-energy calculations. The interaction between Oi and As (substitutional) is found to be short ranged. The most stable configuration is with As and Oi as second nearest nei...First-principles calculation; Interstitial oxygen; As dopant; As-doped Si; Oxygen diffusion; Oi2007
95 First-principles studies on structural properties of β-cristobaliteThe structure of β-cristobalite has been studied through a first-principles total-energy minimization in the local-density approximation using a Car-Parrinello-type algorithm combined with the Vanderbilt ultrasoft pseudopotential scheme. It was found that the hypothetical ordered structure propose...First-principles; Car-Parrinello-type algorithm1993-05
96 First-principles study of crystalline silicaWe have investigated the structural properties of five different crystalline forms of Si02 using a first-principles approach. An ultrasoft Vanderbilt pseudopotential is generated for oxygen which enables us to use a small plane-wave cutoff of 25 Ry. The relative stability, the equation of state, an...First-principles; Crystalline silica; Ultrasoft Vanderbilt pseudopotential1994-05
97 First-principles study of electronic properties of biaxially strained silicon: effects on charge carrier mobilityUsing first-principles method, we calculate the electronic band structure of biaxially strained silicon, from which we analyze the change in electron and hole effective mass as a function of strain and determine the mobility of electrons and holes in the biaxially strained silicon based on Boltzmann...Biaxially strained silicon; Boltzmann transport theory2008-12
98 First-principles study of impurity segregation in edge dislocations in SiUsing ab initio calculations, the segregation of As, Ga, and Ge atoms in the core regions of perfect edge dislocations in Si is examined. When all nearest neighbors of an impurity are Si atoms, As favors the core site at maximum compression and has a segregation energy of 0.25 eV/atom. Ga and Ge im...First-principles; Impurity segregation; Edge dislocations2000-01
99 First-principles study of strain stabilization of Ge(105) facet on Si(001)Using the first-principles total energy method, we calculate surface energies, surface stresses, and their strain dependence of the Ge-covered Si (001) and (105) surfaces. The surface energy of the Si(105) surface is shown to be higher than that of Si(001), but it can be reduced by the Ge deposition...First-principles calculation; Strain stabilization; Ge(105); Si(001); Strained thin films; Epitaxial growth2005-09
100 Formation of self-assembled epitaxial nickel nanostructuresHighly orientated nickel magnetic nanoparticles were obtained by pulsed laser deposition technique on silicon (100) substrate using epitaxial titanium nitride film as the template. These nanoparticles have been characterized by conventional and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy, scann...TiN; Nickel2003
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