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76 Sikorski, Christopher; Pardyjak, Eric R.Source characterization of atmospheric releases using quasi-random sampling and regularized gradient optimizationIn the present work, an inversion technique to solve the atmospheric source characterization problem is described. The inverse problem comprises characterizing the source (x, y and z coordinates and the source strength) and the meteorological conditions (wind speed and wind direction) at the sourc...Source characterization; Gaussian plume model; Quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC); Regularization; Newton?s method; Line-search; Tikhonov stabilizing functional; Adaptive regularization2009
77 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: June 1971Semi-Annual Technical Report for period 1 January 1971 to 31 May 1971. This document includes a summary of research activities and facilities at the University of Utah under Contract F30602-70-C-0300. Information conveys important research milestones attained during this period by each of the fo...Curved surfaces; Digital waveform processing1971
78 Brunvand, Erik L.; Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Hurdle, John FranklinReliable interface design for combining asynchronous and synchronous circuitsAbstract: In order to successfully integrate asynchronous and synchronous designs, great care must be taken at the interface between the two types of systems. Synchronizing asynchronous inputs with a free running clock can cause well-known problems with metastability in the synchronization circuits...1993
79 Carter, John B.Khazana an infrastructure for building distributed servicesEssentially all distributed systems, applications and service at some level boil down to the problem of managing distributed shared state. Unfortunately, while the problem of managing distributed shared state is shared by man applications, there is no common means of managing the data - every applic...Khazana; Distributed shared state1998
80 Lefohn, Aaron; Cates, Joshua E.; Whitaker, Ross T.Interactive, GPU-based level sets for 3D brain tumor segmentationWhile level sets have demonstrated a great potential for 3D medical image seg- mentation, their usefulness has been limited by two problems. First, 3D level sets are relatively slow to compute. Second, their formulation usually entails several free parameters which can be very difficult to correc...Level sets; Medical imaging; 3D brain tumor segmentation2003-04-16
81 Freire, JulianaBeyond depth-first: improving tabled logic programs through alternative scheduling strategiesTabled evaluations ensure termination of logic programs with fi nite models by keeping track of which subgoals have been called Given several variant subgoals in an evaluation, only the fi rst one encountered will use program clause resolution the rest uses answer resolution This use of answer r...Alternate scheduling; SLG-WAM; Tabled logic programs1996
82 Hansen, Charles D.Volume Ray casting with peak finding and differential samplingDirect volume rendering and isosurfacing are ubiquitous rendering techniques in scientific visualization, commonly employed in imaging 3D data from simulation and scan sources. Conventionally, these methods have been treated as separate modalities, necessitating different sampling strategies and ren...2009-11
83 Riloff, Ellen M.Feature subsumption for opinion analysisLexical features are key to many approaches to sentiment analysis and opinion detection. A variety of representations have been used, including single words, multi-word Ngrams, phrases, and lexicosyntactic patterns. In this paper, we use a subsumption hierarchy to formally define different types o...Feature subsumption; Sentiment analysis; Opinion detection; Subsumption hierarchy2006
84 Back, Godmar V.Java operating systems: design and implementationLanguage-based extensible systems such as Java use type safety to provide memory safety in a single address space. Memory safety alone, however, is not sufficient to protect different applications from each other. such systems must support a process model that enables the control and management of c...Java operating systems; Language-based systems1998
85 Susarla, Sai R.; Carter, JohnDataStations: ubiquitous transient storage for mobile usersIn this paper, we describe DataStations, an architecture that provides ubiquitous transient storage to arbitrary mobile applications. Mobile users can utilize a nearby DataStation as a proxy cache for their remote home file servers, as a file server to meet transient storage needs, and as a platf...DataStations; Ubiquitous transient storage; Proxy cache2003-11-14
86 Templeton, Frederick E.Optimal control of a process with discrete and continuous decision variablesThe task of dynamic optimization consists of manipulating the inputs to a dynamic system (i.e., one in which the state varies with time) so that the system performs in an advantageous manner. This paper presents a systematic technique for solving the problem of optimally controlling a converter ais...Dynamic optimization; Decision variables; Converter aisle; Copper smelter1970
87 Sobh, Tarek M.; Henderson, Thomas C.Prototyping environment for robot manipulatorsPrototyping is an important activity in engineering. Prototype development is a good test for checking the viability of a proposed system. Prototypes can also help in determining system parameters, ranges, or in designing better systems. We are proposing a prototyping environment for electro-mechani...Prototyping; Robot manipulators1993
88 Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Henderson, Thomas C.Modeling and verification of distributed control scheme for mobile robotsIn this report we present a sensor-based distributed control scheme for mobile robots. This scheme combines centralized and decentralized control strategies. Each group of sensors is considered to be a process that performs sensing and carries out local control tasks as well. Besides these processes...Distributed control scheme; Sensor-based1995
89 Carter, Tony M.Cascade: hardware for high/variable precision arithmeticThe Cascade hardware architecture for high/variable precision arithmetic is described. It uses a radix-16 redundant signed-digit number representation and directly supports single or multiple precision addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, extraction of the square root and computation...1989
90 Organick, Elliott I.Semiannual technical report transformation of ADA programs into silicon (1 Sept. 1981- 28 Feb. 1982)This report summarizes the first six months work of the research project, "Transformation of Ada Programs into Silicon." Our project has five main objectives: 1. Develop and document elements of a transformation methodology for converting Ada programs, or program constructs, into VLSI systems which ...ADA programs; VLSI1982
91 Freire, JulianaIntegrated scientific workflow management for the Emulab network testbedThe main forces that shaped current network testbeds were the needs for realism and scale. Now that several testbeds support large and complex experiments, management of experimentation processes and results has become more difficult and a barrier to high-quality systems research. The popularity o...Workflow management; Data exploration; Emulab; Network testbeds2006
92 Berzins, MartinRadiation modeling using the Uintah heterogeneous CPU/GPU runtime systemThe Uintah Computational Framework was developed to provide an environment for solving fluid-structure interaction problems on structured adaptive grids on large-scale, long-running, data-intensive problems. Uintah uses a combination of fluid-flow solvers and particle-based methods for solids, toget...2012-01-01
93 Berzins, MartinData and range-bounded polynomials in ENO methodsEssentially Non-Oscillatory (ENO) methods and Weighted Essentially Non- Oscillatory (WENO) methods are of fundamental importance in the numerical solution of hyperbolic equations. A key property of such equations is that the solution must remain positive or lie between bounds. A modification of the ...2012-01-01
94 Pascucci, ValerioFlow visualization with quantified spatial and temporal errors using edge mapsRobust analysis of vector fields has been established as an important tool for deriving insights from the complex systems these fields model. Traditional analysis and visualization techniques rely primarily on computing streamlines through numerical integration. The inherent numerical errors of such...2012-01-01
95 Hansen, Charles D.A practical workflow for making anatomical atlases for biological researchAn anatomical atlas provides a detailed map for medical and biological studies of anatomy. These atlases are important for understanding normal anatomy and the development and function of structures, and for determining the etiology of congenital abnormalities. Unfortunately, for biologists, generat...2012-01-01
96 Sudan, KshitijOptimizing datacenter power with memory system levers for guaranteed quality-of-serviceCo-location of applications is a proven technique to improve hardware utilization. Recent advances in virtualization have made co-location of independent applications on shared hardware a common scenario in datacenters. Colocation, while maintaining Quality-of-Service (QoS) for each application is a...2012-01-01
97 Kasera, Sneha K.Detecting receiver attacks in VRTI-based device free localizationVariance-based Radio Tomographic Imaging (VRTI) is an emerging technology that locates moving objects in areas surrounded by simple and inexpensive wireless sensor nodes. VRTI uses human motion induced variation in RSS and spatial correlation between link variations to locate and track people. An ar...2012-01-01
98 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshParameterized verification of GPU kernel programsWe present an automated symbolic verifier for checking the functional correctness of GPGPU kernels parametrically, for an arbitrary number of threads. Our tool PUG checks the functional equivalence of a kernel and its optimized versions, helping debug errors introduced during memory coalescing and b...2012-01-01
99 Pascucci, ValerioGeneralized topological simplification of scalar fields on surfacesWe present a combinatorial algorithm for the general topological simplification of scalar fields on surfaces. Given a scalar field f, our algorithm generates a simplified field g that provably admits only critical points from a constrained subset of the singularities of f, while guaranteeing a small...2012-01-01
100 Pascucci, ValerioVisualizing network traffic to understand the performance of massively parallel simulationsThe performance of massively parallel applications is often heavily impacted by the cost of communication among compute nodes. However, determining how to best use the network is a formidable task, made challenging by the ever increasing size and complexity of modern supercomputers. This paper appli...2012-01-01
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