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51 Pediatric Obesity: A Project to Increase Community and Provider Awareness in Grant County, OregonAs the pediatric obesity epidemic escalates, multi-faceted interventions at primary care and community levels will likely be required, and practitioners have an obligatory role in the identification, education, and treatment of this growing problem. A comprehensive approach to the prevention and man...Clark, Shawna A.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Pediatric Obesity; Consumer Participation; Early Medical Intervention; Guidelines as Topic; Primary Health Care; Primary Prevention; Community Health Services; Oregon
52 Supporting Shared Decision Making for Women with Breast CancerBreast cancer is the most common cancer and the second cause of cancer death among women in the United States with an estimated 226,870 new cases and 39,510 deaths in 2012 (Siegel, Naishadham, & Jemal, 2012). According to the American Cancer Society (2011), the number of the new cases of breast canc...Lee, SungheeAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Breast Neoplasms; Nursing Informatics; Decision Making; Patient Education as Topic; Physician-Patient Relations
53 Nutritional Management of Infants with Short Bowel SyndromeShort Bowel Syndrome (SBS) is a clinically significant condition affecting the NICU population. The morbidity and mortality of SBS is most often the result of prolonged dependency on parenteral nutrition. Nutritional management of these patients is complex and studies indicate that clinical outcomes...Hoffman, JeremiahAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Infant, Newborn; Short Bowel Syndrome; Nutritional Support; Enteral Nutrition; Clinical Protocols; Evidence-Based Practice; Nutritional Management
54 EPA SunWise© Curriculum: Washington County School District Educators' Perspectives for Inclusion in School Health CurriculumThe purpose of this project is to raise awareness of sun protection practices in reducing incidence of skin cancer. Melanoma skin cancer rates have dramatically risen due to the lack of sun protective behaviors demonstrated by adolescents and young adults. Utah has the 4th highest incidence of melan...Christensen, JordanAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Sunburn; Skin Neoplasms; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice; Health Promotion; Health Education; Health Behavior; Curriculum; Sun-Protective Behaviors
55 Improving Access to Healthcare for Utah Medicaid Clients: The Role of Utah Nurse PractitionersUtah has been identified as a state with an inadequate supply of primary care providers and, as a result, will be challenged to meet the health care needs of its population. The healthcare demands of the state will continue to increase due to overall population growth as well as a growing population...Garcia, Leigh AnneAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Medicaid; Healthcare Disparities; Health Services Accessibility; Nurse Practitioners; Primary Health Care; Reimbursement Mechanisms; Health Manpower
56 Depression in Elderly ClientsAccording to the World Health Organization, depression is the fourth leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, and it is expected to rise to the second leading cause by 2020 (WHO, 2012). Depression has been shown to increase morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs while delaying recover...Yardley, TawniAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Signs and Symptoms; Depressive Disorder; Anxiety Disorders; Suicide; Comorbidity; Risk Factors; Health Promotion; Aged; Mass Screening; Patient Outcome Assessment; Elderly Depression
57 Preconception Health Education and Web Site Development for Brigham Young University-Idaho StudentsPreconception health care focuses on the health of the female from menses through menopause. When a woman is attentive to addressing possible chronic health concerns, knowledgeable about her medications, and up-to-date on her immunizations; understands her genetic risk factors; and refrains from alc...Baron, KathleenAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Internet; Search Engine; Data Display; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice; Health Education; Software Design; Information Literacy; Women's Health; Students
58 Clinical Recommendations for Patients with Coronary Heart Disease Traveling to AltitudeNewly expanding infrastructure including roads, railroads and airways has made high altitude travel possible and readily accessible for all individuals with varying levels of health and fitness (Mieske, Flaherty, & O'Brien, 2010). The environmental changes that occur at altitude cause stress to the ...Tramburg, Cecelia A.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Coronary Artery Disease; Altitude; Travel; Patient Care Management; Cardiovascular Physiological Processes; Monitoring, Physiologic; Anoxia; Acclimatization; Altitude Sickness; Practice Guidelines as Topic
59 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Management in the Antepartum SettingThe aim of the project is to develop a plan for consistent, evidence-based clinical management of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) using a multidisciplinary team approach in order to improve patient outcomes in the Birth Care Health Care setting. The goal is to assemble an algorithm of comprehens...Blair, TeresaAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Systems Analysis; Diabetes, Gestational; Pregnancy Complications; Prenatal Care; Behavior Therapy; Food Habits; Self Care; Patient Education as Topic; Practice Guidelines as Topic
60 Non-Pharmacological Prevention of Postpartum DepressionPostpartum depression (PPD) is a debilitating disorder affecting approximately 13% of women in the first year following delivery of a child (O'Hara & Swain, 1996). It can persist for long periods of time (Goodman, 2004) and have adverse effects on partners (Areias, Kumar, Barros, & Figueredo, 1996a,...Burton, ChristinaAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Depression, Postpartum; Primary Prevention; Complementary Therapies; Delivery of Health Care; Intervention Studies
61 Best Practice Recommendations for Transitioning Adolescent Foster GirlsGirls that are emancipated from foster care upon reaching adulthood represent an underserved U.S. population. Acute and chronic health disparities seen among emancipated girls include increased rates of unplanned and early pregnancy, STIs, intimate partner violence, mental illness, and substance abu...Butters, CindyAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Foster Home Care; Practice Guidelines as Topic; Vulnerable Populations; Adolescent; Women; Women's Health; Health Services Accessibility; Transition to Adult Care; Eligibility Determination; Primary Health Care; Medicaid; Int...
62 Feasibility Study on Establishing a Nursing Policy Think Tank at the University of Utah College of Nursing: A Policy PaperThis paper tells the cautionary tale of what happened when an overly ambitious doctoral project collided with structural and political realities in a college of nursing. The project as proposed would have undertaken a pilot feasibility study to explore the possibility of establishing a dedicated nur...Kapsa, ChristineAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Feasibility Studies; Schools, Nursing; Health Policy; Nursing Theory; Nursing Research; Nursing Policy; Think Tanks
63 Certified Nurse Midwife First Assisting: Benefits, Barriers and Future EducationMany Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) in the United States have expanded their practice as surgical first assistant beyond their basic midwifery education. In February 2012, the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) issued a proposal statement change regarding the Advanced Practice Re...Cook, Jennifer A.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Nurse Midwives; Certification; Obstetric Surgical Procedures; Gynecologic Surgical Procedures; Perioperative Nursing; Scope of Practice; Surgical First Assistants
64 Evaluating a Tailored Stress-Reduction Program Through the Lens of Mindfulness: A Component of Group Prenatal Care for TeensStrong evidence demonstrates the association between maternal psychological stress and preterm birth, showing that mind-body interventions that emphasize the "connectedness" between our psychological and biological health are needed. Currently, there are only few interventional stress reduction prog...Reno, MonicaAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Stress, Psychological; Risk Reduction Behavior; Pregnancy in Adolescence; Premature Birth; Adaptation, Psychological; Mindfulness; Self-Help Groups
65 I'm Not Diabetic, I Have Diabetes: Creating an eBook for Pediatric Diabetes EducationType 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) can be particularly overwhelming for a young child whose world has just been turned upside down following diagnosis. The child experiences a myriad of emotions and at some point must accept the disease and its management. If not well controlled throughout the child's ...Gessell, Christopher C.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Diabetes Mellitus, Type 1; Patient Education as Topic; Health Education; Self Care; Activities of Daily Living; Disease Management; Electronic Books
66 The Role of Serious Games in an Advanced Nursing EducationThe use of serious games as a teaching strategy in an advanced nursing education is supported by a growing body of evidence. Research suggests that serious games promote active student participation, meet student learning needs, encourage critical thinking and problem solving, and improve student an...Hazzard, SandraAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Problem-Based Learning; Games, Experimental; Education, Nursing; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Quality of Health Care; Clinical Competence; Gamification
67 Integrating Autism-Specific Screening in Primary CarelAutism spectrum disorders (ASD) are among the most commonly diagnosed childhood developmental disabilities. More children are diagnosed with ASD than AIDS, cancer and diabetes combined (Autism Speaks, 2013). There are three subtypes of ASD according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Menta...Allen, NatalieAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Child Development Disorders, Pervasive; Autistic Disorder; Mass Screening; Primary Health Care; Quality Control; M-CHAT
68 A Quality Assurance Program to Improve Referral Services in a Sleep Disorders Clinic in Southeast IdahoObstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep breathing disorder posing increased risk for morbidity and often associated with co-existing disorders, such as, diabetes, hypertension, and heart failure. While prevalence rates vary, it is proposed that 26-32% of the United States population has a high prob...Poulos-Edmo, HeleneAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Sleep Apnea, Obstructive; Sleep Disorders; Disease Management; Quality Assurance, Health Care; Referral and Consultation; Polysomnography
69 Timely Endocrine Referral for Short Stature Children Born Small For Gestational AgeApproximately 10% of children born small for gestational age (SGA) fail to achieve catch-up growth by two years of age. These children will remain with short stature throughout life without effective medical intervention. Sound research exists demonstrating the optimal treatment initiation period to...Mulleneaux, Sherrily BrownAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Infant, Small for Gestational Age; Referral and Consultation; Evidence-Based Practice; Growth Hormone Treatment; Short-Stature SGA
70 Positive Patient Identification (PPID)This paper examines the evidence related to Positive Patient Identification (PPID) in prevention of patient care errors. The PPID system is an automated integration system of wristband placement on a patient that uses an identifier to follow them through the entire admission/treatment/discharge proc...Bloss, MarienelleAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Patient Identification Systems; Medical Errors; Nursing Process; Decision Support Systems, Clinical; Wristbands
71 Use of Information Technology to Improve Asthma Care in the Pediatric PopulationIn 1998, the Instituted of Medicine (IOM) Committee on the Quality of Health Care in America was asked to identify strategies for improving the quality of health care in the United States. This Committee identified the role of information technology (IT) as critical in creating a health care system ...Zhao, JingAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Asthma; Quality of Health Care; Practice Guidelines as Topic; Disease Management; Decision Support Systems, Clinical
72 Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Employed In the Primary Care Setting to Treat Anxiety and DepressionMindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), a treatment for psychological distress, depressive symptoms, and anxiety for people with chronic disease, is rapidly growing in popularity in the United States (Bohlmeijer, Prenger, Taal, & Cuijpers, 2010). MBSR is a structured 8-10 week, group program with...Erickson, Sean MichaelAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Mindfulness; Stress, Psychological; Anxiety; Depression; Adaptation, Psychological; Health Promotion; Primary Health Care; Primary Prevention; Feedback, Psychological
73 A Wasted Seat: Preventing Attrition with Pre-­Nursing Students with Learning CommunitiesThe nursing shortage that has affected the United States since 2001 has been well-documented. The recent economic recession has relieved this shortage due to the surge of nurses returning to work from retirement and part-time nurses increasing work hours. However, this relief is only temporary as th...Jackson, AmberAdvanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Systems Analysis; Learning; Students, Nursing; Education, Nursing; Peer Group; Self-Help Groups; Student Dropouts; Learning Communities; Pre-nursing Students
74 Improving Opioid Prescribing to Limit Potential for Non-­Medical Opioid UsePrescription drug abuse is a significant problem, and is the fastest growing [drug] problem in the United States. More individuals use prescription drugs than heroin and cocaine combined. The increase in non-medical opioid use is directly correlate with the rate of opioid overdose death, which has i...Simons, Jennifer A.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Prescription Drug Misuse; Opioid-Related Disorders; Drug Overdose; Patient Medication Knowledge; Patient Education as Topic; Evidence-Based Practice; Chronic Disease; Anxiety; Pain
75 Educational Strategies to Prevent Medical Errors: A Description of the LiteratureMost patients hold a reasonable expectation that they will be healed, not harmed, during the process of receiving health care. Patients place an enormous amount of trust in the medical professionals caring for them, and the medical community has an obligation to ensure the safest possible care for t...Dawson, Stephanie L.Advanced Practice Nursing; Education, Nursing, Graduate; Systems Analysis; Medical Errors; Review Literature as Topic; Patient Simulation; Problem-Based Learning; Models, Theoretical; Educational Strategies
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