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51 Marion County Urban Growth Management Project: Phase I and II Report2001-06Text
52 Martin and St. Lucie Counties Regional Land Use Study Final Report2002-01Text
53 Metropolitan Washington Regional Mobility and Accessibility Study2006-11-17Text
54 Minnesota Transportation-Related Impacts of Different Regional Land-Use Scenarios, Final Report2003-09Text
55 Modeling Analysis of Willamette Valley Transportation and Land Use Alternatives2001-06Text
56 Montgomery County Comprehensive Growth Policy Study1989-08Text
57 Montgomery County Transportation Policy Task Force Final Report2002-02-28Text
58 Mountain View Corridor Overview of Scenarios: Growth Choice PhaseText
59 The Nature of 2040: the Region's 50-Year Plan for Managing GrowthText
60 North Land Use Plan1997-05Text
61 North Livermore: Last Chance for Smart Growth2000-06Text
62 Northern Sub-Area GA 4002001Text
63 Oregon Region 2040 Recommended Alternative Decision Kit1994-09Text
64 Orlando, Community Connections: A Transportation Vision for the Next 25 Years2003-08Text
65 Our Region's Future: Envision Central Texas Briefing Packet2003-07Text
66 Placemaking for Prosperity: the Transportation Plan for Greater Binghamton2005-09-21Text
67 PlanCheyenne: Cheyenne Area Master Plan2006-11Text
68 Planned Growth Stratagy1997-06Text
69 Planning Implications of Alternative Development Patterns on Infrastructure and Existing Planning PoliciesText
70 Puget Sound Council of Governments_Summary and Comparisons between Alternatives1990-09Text
71 Puget Sound Regional Council, Vision 2040 Final Environmental Impact StatementText
72 Quality Growth Efficiency Tools: Information Brief1998-12Text
73 Region 2040 Concepts for Growth: Report to Council1994-06Text
74 Region 2040 Preferred Alternative1994-09-02Text
75 Region at a Crossroads:_The Preferred Choice1990-09Text
51 - 75 of 114