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51 Combustion Characteristics of Alternative Liquid Fuels-I: Fuel-Bound-Nitrogen-to-NOx Conversion Efficiency as a Function of Coal-Derived Liquid Fuel Boiling Rangeuu_afrcText
52 Measurement of Local Particle Velocities in the Freeboard of a Wood-Fueled Fluidized Bed by Laser Doppler Velocimetryuu_afrcText
53 Ignition Modes of PMMA Under Convective Heatinguu_afrcText
54 Applied Combustion Research at the Gas Research Instituteuu_afrcText
55 Kinetic Mechanism for Fuel Nitrogen Conversion in Lean to Rich Flamesuu_afrcText
56 Rheology and Combustion Characteristics of Coal-Water Mixturesuu_afrcText
57 Combustion Tests with Alternative Fuels in Oil-Designed Boilersuu_afrcText
58 Combustion Inhibition Physico Chemistry of Coal-Derived Syngas Air Flamesuu_afrcText
59 Fluidized Bed Combustion of Scrap Tiresuu_afrcText
60 Preliminary Investigation of Fine-Ground Coal Combustionuu_afrcText
61 Particulate Emission Control by the Application of Combustion Catalystuu_afrcText
62 American Flame Research Committee of the International Flame Research Foundationuu_afrcText
63 Toxic Metal Emissions Abatement From Combustion Processesuu_afrcText
64 Air Toxic Measurements in Different Model Industrial Applicationsuu_afrcText
65 Advanced Models for Predicting Carbon Burn Out and NOx Formation in Coal Combustionuu_afrcText
66 HAPs Generation from External Gaseous Hydrocarbon Combustionuu_afrcText
67 Demonstration of New Flame Monitoring System at a Pilot Scale Gas Fired Combustion Test Facilityuu_afrcText
68 Thermal and NOx Characteristics of High Performance Oxy Fuel Flamesuu_afrcText
69 NOx Emissions from a Commercial Hazardous Waste Incineratoruu_afrcText
70 Diagnostic Field Measurements in High Temperature Industrial Scale Process Equipmentuu_afrcText
71 The Changing Face of Power Generation in the United Statesuu_afrcText
72 Wood Fueled Pulsating Combustoruu_afrcText
73 Supported Continuous Fiber Burneruu_afrcText
74 Combustion Research Needs for Glass Industryuu_afrcText
75 CETC Canmet Energy Technology Centreuu_afrcText
51 - 75 of 890