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51 The influence of caring, curiosity, and knowledge on visitors' conservation intentions: an exploratory investigation at the Tracy AviaryRoa, Maria CarolinaRapid development and population growth challenges society to adopt behaviors that help conserve vital environmental resources. Zoos play an important role in this challenge because they receive millions of visitors annually and have opportunities to influence visitors' willingness to conserve impor...Parks, Recreation & Tourism
52 Evaluating the environmental impact of woody biomass removal for biofuel productionHasan, Mohammad MonirulBioenergy is necessary to meet future world-wide energy demands while helping to offset the global impacts of increased carbon dioxide from traditional fossil fuels. Options for producing bioenergy without adversely impacting food, water, and other environmental resources are currently being explore...Civil & Environmental Engineering
53 Economic development with unlimited supplies of energy: causes and consequences of industrial revolutionsBannister, Stephen CharlesThis dissertation contains two related chapters and an introduction. The common themes they explore are the unresolved questions surrounding the English Industrial Revolution (EIR). The questions include what happened, why did "it" happen first in England, why did it happen then in history, and what...Economics
54 Racial disparities and place effects for housing instability and homelessness in the u.s.Day, Jayme E.This dissertation examines the effects of race, neighborhood poverty, and racial segregation on homelessness and housing instability in the U.S. African Americans are disproportionately represented in the American homeless population, yet little research has explored this racial inequality. This st...Sociology
55 Bioactive metabolites from marine organisms.Biskupiak, Joseph EdwardThe marine molluscs Siphonaria pectinata, S. normalis, Onchidium verruculatum and Peronia peronii were investigated because they are trail following species, that are known to possess repugnatorial skin glands. Extraction of the skin glands of these organisms led to the isolation of the compounds, p...Medicinal Chemistry
56 Characterization of zeolite fibers using scanning electron microscopy.Wright, William EvanA synthetic zeolite and four natural zeolites were examined for fibers by scanning electron microscopy. Free fibers were detected in two samples of natural erionite, but no free fibers were present in two samples of natural mordenite or the sample of synthetic mordenite. The fiber size distributio...Family & Preventive Medicine
57 Physiological responses of myocardial infarction patients to transfer from the coronary care unit.Wood, Connie.This study investigated the immediate post-transfer phase of the recovery period of the myocardial infraction patient to determine if transfer from the coronary care unit to the general medial unit was associated with a physiological stress response. If such a response did occur, it could be a seri...Nursing
58 Regulation of steroid hormone action in lymphoid organs.Hennebold, Jon Douglas.The neuroendocrine system regulates a variety of lymphoid cell activities through the actions of steroid hormones, including dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and the glucocorticoids (GCS). This provides a linkage between the neuroendocrine and immune systems through the autocrine, paracrine, and endocr...Pathology
59 A Descriptive survey of maternal protein status and the course and outcome of pregnancy.Evans, Gail Crandall; Hasty, Jane ElizabethA descriptive survey of the Nutrition;al status of 27 pregnant women was conducted at Hill Air Force Base Hospital. Socioeconomic survey, three day diet history and laboratory assessment of blood and urine parameters of protein were used to determine Nutrition;al status and were related to maternal...Nursing
60 The Frame-based model of nursing care plans on the HELP system.Wang, PingThe computerized Nursing; care plan is an integral part of HELP Nursing; subsystem. The frame technology, which is a new architecture for implementing a knowledge driven hospital information system, has been used to computerize the Nursing; care plan on the HELP system. Different methods of data re...Biomedical Informatics
61 The diurnal variation of norepinephrine in the rat parotid glandSoderberg, Robert CarlThe parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems are both involved in the control of secretion of the major salivary glands although the parasympathetic system is more dominant. Previous work by Sreebny and Johnson (1969) has demonstrated a diurnal variation in three secretory enzymes of the rat...Pharmacology & Toxicology
62 Role of PapI in pyelonephritis-associated pili phase variation in Escherichia coliKaltenbach, Linda S.The expression of Pap pili alternates between ON (pili+) and OFF (pili-) states, a process called phase variation. Pap phase variation is controlled by Leucine responsive regulatory protein (Lrp), PapI, and Deoxyadenosine methylase (Dam). Methylation patterns of two GATC sites in the pap regulatory ...Pathology
63 Data translation issues in a hospital information networkSawdey, Ronald JamesThis thesis describes the process used in linking the blood bank data found on a laboratory computer system with a central, hospital wide computer system. The problems encountered in creating a hierarchical, variable format data structure on the hospital computer system that would accommodate all o...Biomedical Informatics
64 Development, implementation, and evaluation of a computerized pediatric infection surveillance systemRocha, Beatriz Helena de Souza CamposThis project had two main objectives. The first objective was to determine if a computerized expert system could improve the detection of infections in hospitalized pediatric patients, and consequently help with the surveillance of hospital-acquired infections. The second objective was to analyze if...Biomedical Informatics
65 Speech function as a measure of egocentrism in preschool childrenJensen, Diane ElaineThe purpose of this study was to investigate the potential value of Piaget's (1959) method of assessing egocentrism and socialization through functional analysis in determining socializations lags in preschool children. Speech samples were collected from twenty children in the three to four year old...Nursing
66 Heat transfer and pressure drop in coal-air suspensions flowing downward through a vertical tubeBrewster, Brandon ScottCocurrent downflow is of major interest in gas-solids transport reactors, e.g. in the pyrolysis of coal particles, due to lower pressure drop than upflow and no minimum-gas-flow requirement. Pressure drop and rate of convective heat transfer in fully developed, downward flow of 100-micron and ...Chemical Engineering
67 Pharmacist instruction and patient compliance with medication therapyAllen, Kay HislopThis study was to determine the effect of a pharmacists' instruction on the ability of one hundred people to take their medication as their physician prescribed it. These people were patrons of a retail pharmacy, and patients of private physicians. Pour groups of twenty five were selected, and eac...Pharmacology & Toxicology
68 A diagnostic expert system, Iliad, as a quality review screen.Lau, Lee Min.A diagnostic expert system, Iliad, was evaluated as a quality review tool in the Medicare inpatient review performed by Peer Review Organizations (PROs). The current PRO review appeared to underdetect diagnostic errors. The PRO review started with a nurse review using generic quality screens. Only c...Biomedical Informatics
69 The effect of cortisol on bone cell differentiation.Schafer, Susan Ann.The literature contains inconsistencies concerning the effect of corticosteroids on skeletal tissues. An in vitro system was developed to isolate the effects of cortisol on bone cell populations from those effects due to a secondary hyperparathyroidism. One hour prior to sacrifice, newborn mice we...Neurobiology & Anatomy
70 The Efficacy of a nurse delivered exercise program on exercise adherence in overweight women.Gillett, Patricia ANursing; is concerned with health promotion and risk reduction. Participation in regular exercise of low to moderate intensity can positively influence coronary heart disease risk factors associated with being overweight. In spite of this, 50-68% of overweight individuals drop out of exercise progra...Nursing
71 Phase constitution and mechanical properties of carbides in the Ta-C systemHackett, Kenneth RobertCarbides in the Ta-C system were prepared by hot-pressing mixed powders of TaC and Ta in C/Ta atomic ratios of TaCo.6, TaCo.7, TaCu.8, TaCo.9, and TaCi.o at 1800 °C for 2 h. Rietveld analysis was performed on all compositions, and it was found that TaCo.6 was a mixture of 21% hexagonal close pac...Materials Science & Engineering
72 Sex differences in cognitive consistency and persuasibility with respect to real life issues.Werley, Harriet HelenAs the criterion portion of a larger predictive study, McGuire's logic model of cognitive consistency was tested for applicability to issues naturally salient to Ss, Crucial issues in Nursing; were used. Sex differences were examined. The basic instruments for data collection were two questionnair...Psychology
73 Methadone effect on pediatric opioid abstinence syndrome.Satterfield, Kristin Marie.Methadone is effective for preventing opioid abstinence syndrome (OAS). Understanding factors that impact this effectiveness is needed to optimize its use in pediatric patients. These factors vary significantly with patient demographics and pathophysiologic characteristics. Thus understanding both...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
74 The effect of a computerized nursing care plan model on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care.Wyatt, Cathy EllenThe Nursing; care plan is a tool which can be used by the professional nurse to direct patient care, guide documentation of care, and establish and promote continuity of care. The purpose of this study was to compare utilization of traditional and computerized Nursing; care plans and their effects ...Nursing
75 Changes in attachment, affect, and cognitionFagundes, Christopher PSixty young adults who had recently experienced a breakup were prospectively followed over a four-week period in order to access (a) the degree of change in individuals' conscious treatment and unconscious cognitive perceptions of ex-partners as attachment figures, (b) how these changes are associat...Psychology
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