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51 A comparison of organized, team based, intravenous therapy with conventional care methods.The objectives of this investigation were to determine the incidence of various complications of infusion therapy in patients treated by a trained intravenous therapy team as compared to those which occurred when the conventional approach of disseminated professional personnel was utilized. Specifi...Pharmaceuticals; Nursing Team1979-08
52 A comparison of personal value patterns of medical-surgical nurses with the ratings given them by supervisors.The findings of this study were very similar to those of other studies in relation to a description of nurses with the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule. The sample of nurses used in this study showed many of the same value patters as did college women, but they also showed some marked variation...Nursing; Personality1963-06
53 A comparison of plasma concentration arrhythmia response and electrocardiographic changes in patients requiring quinidine therapyQuinidine is a naturally occurring substance used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. It may be administered orally or parenterally to control both ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias. Because of its low therapeutic index, it is rational to obtain plasma concentrations of quinidine as ...1983-05
54 A Comparison of Public Education in the Philippines and Puerto Rico during American RuleThe purpose of this thesis is to provide a comparative study of American public education strategies in two of its colonial possessions at the beginning of the 20th century. The United States defeated the Spanish in 1899 and took over the Philippines and Puerto Rico, both of which shared a long hist...History; World history; Education history; Spanish-American War2018
55 A Comparison of the Characteristics of 259 Alaskan Native Students who Dropped out of School during the academic year 1969-1970The Problem and Purpose Very little research had been done related to the Alaska native student who dropped out of school. The Bureau of Indian Affairs had noted a growing number of native student dropouts in recent years. That lack of current research together with the growing number of natives lea...1971
56 A comparison of the cyclone and the horizontal elutriator for sampling respirable dust in a Utah coal mine.A field investigation was conducted comparing proposed optimizing parameters for estimating respirable dust according to British Medical Research Council (BMRC) criteria using a Dorr-Oliver 10 mn cyclone and the parameters presently applied under federal law. Side-by-side samples were collected in ...Dust Control; Mine Safety1982-06
57 A comparison of the effects of colchicine and some purified vera, trum alkaloids on nuclear division in roots of allium cepa: L; with preliminary observations on germination root length and environmental factorsThis study represents an investigation and comparison of the effects of various Veratrum alkaloids on nuclear mitotic division in an effort to determine 1. whether some purified alkaloidal mixtures or crystalline alkaloids possess the ability to modify the cycle of nuclear and cellular division, and...Pharmacology; Colchicine1956-08
58 A comparison of the performance of Ute Indian and White children on verbal and non-verbal testsAs the American Indian has been crowded out of the thousands of acres required by his primitive methods of wresting a living from the earth, 1 t has gradually become apparent even to the Indian that he must adapt to the white man's culture or be gradually extinguished. Trends of the last several dec...Ute Children - Intelligence testing; Children - Intelligence testing1960
59 A comparison of two schools with additional training in evidence-based practices to two schools without added training: effects, student outcomes, and teacher perceptions of skills and practicesThrough providing support with training, coaching, and funding, Utah‘s Academic, Behavior & Coaching Initiative (ABC-UBI) program strives to assist schools with the implementation of evidence-based practices for both positive behavior support as well as academic instruction. As an increasing numbe...ABC-UBI; Evidence-based practices; Positive behavior support; Response to intervention; School climate; School psychology2011-08
60 A composable static analysis framework for program analysisA major source of complexity in static analysis arises from application developers use of a wide range of programming constructs within a single application. This makes it important to combine multiple analyses that focus on di↵erent classes of programming constructs (e.g., control flow, data flow...Computer Science; Applied Sciences; Compositional Analysis2016
61 A Computer system for measurement of systolic time intervals.Systolic time internal (STI) tests are a noninvasive technique for evaluation of left ventricular heart function. Manual methods for calculating STI are time consuming, very tedious, and require, lengthy mathematical calculations which are prone to error. A computerized method for measuring STIs u...Heart Beat; Data Processing; Medicine1982-03
62 A computer-based model for providing empiric antibiotic therapy in a hospital.A new model for computer-based medical decision making, called QID for Quick Infectious Disease, is described. It is based on the principles of decision analysis, using probabilities and utilities. In this study, QID was applied to the problem of recognition and empiric treatment of hospital-acquire...Antibiotics; Hospital Acquired Infections1999-12
63 A Computerized approach to dietary analysis.Adequate nutrition in world health and community medicine has been and will continue to be a subject of great humanitarian concern. Malnutrition has been known to occur in hospitals with complications varying from interference with wound healing to an increased susceptibility to infection. In part...Renal Dialysis; Nutrition1978-12
64 A Computerized data base resource for dermatoglyphics research.The study of the ridged skin on the plantar and palmar surfaces of man is termed "dermatoglyphics" and has been the subject of various scientific investigations particularly in medicine and human genetics. Since the dermal configurations are completely determined by the fourth moth of gestation and...Medicine; Data Processing; Dematoglyphics; Genetics1980-03
65 A Computerized radiology ordering/reporting system based on most likely diagnoses.This descriptive study (1) identified and compared the stress levels and coping mechanisms of 24 parents of pediatric heart transplant patients and pediatric patients with chronic heart disease and, (2) identified ways health care providers can assist these parents in the coping process. Both groups...Medicine; Data Processing; Radiology, Medical1980-03
66 A constructionist perspective on human rights tension between china and the u.s.Human rights are a controversial topic between U.S. and China. Although both countries embrace the concept of human rights, they have different understandings of what constitutes human rights. These differences derive from a variety of factors, including historical, cultural, and social contexts. Th...Human Rights; Social Construction; U.S.-China Communication2013
67 A continuous fluorescence assay for polymerase activityLittle is known about the kinetic limitations of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Advancements in chemistry and instrumentation have increased its speed and specificity. Further improvements will be facilitated by a more complete understanding of the rates of the individual reactions that compri...Activity assay; Extension rate; Intercalating dye; Polymerase activity2013-12
68 A control system for an active wearable lift assist deviceThe goal of this project was to study a control system and prototype for a wearable lift assist device. The purpose of this device is to support the upper body during torso flexion and extension to reduce the erector spinae muscle activity and decrease back compressive force. It could also be used i...Lifting and carrying -- Equipment and supplies; Lifting and carrying; Lift assist device; Control system2012-05
69 A Controlled Study of the Impact of a Poison Prevention Education Program on Parental Awareness and BehaviorsAn estimated one to two million accidental childhood poisonings occur yearly in the United States, primarily in children under five. The National Clearinghouse for Poison Control Centers (NCPCC) reported over 150,000 poisonings in 1978., 71 percent of which occurred in this age group. In the same ye...1981-08
70 A correlation of the bacterial flora of the nasopharynx and the urinary tract to "Bacterial Allergy."Twelve cases of clinically diagnosed "bacterial allergy" were studied to determine the bacterial flora of the nasopharynx and of the urinary tract. A comparison of the types of bacteria formed in nasopharyngeal secretions and in the urine was made. It was found that in the majority of cases the sa...Urinary Organs; Microbiology; Nasopharynx1951
71 A Cost Comparison of Two Systems for the Intermittent Intravenous Administration of Small Volume ParenteralsThe decision-making process of a hospital pharmacy administrator include the determination of the most advantageous mean by which intravenously administered drugs may be prepared and distributed. Systems to accomplish the have become increasingly more efficient, less hazardous to the patient, but mo...1984-06
72 A critical case study of peer mediation at an alternative high schoolAt the crossroad of peer mediation and alternative education, discursive and structural tensions emerge. Through critical discourse analysis of student discourse at one alternative school, the examination of the practice of peer mediation within the context of alternative schooling is centralized. S...Alternative; Conflict; Education; Mediation; Negotiation; Peer2014-05
73 A cross-sectional examination of the predictors of commitment in skateboardersApproximately 7.7 million athletes participate in the sport of skateboarding. Skateboarding is one of a collection of sports that are often termed lifestyle, action, or alternative sports. By definition, lifestyle sports are sports in which athletes form exclusive social identities with the culture ...Commitment; Skateboard2013-08
74 A crystal chemical classification of the chlorite mineralsThe chlorites are common minerals in many metamorphic ricks and in hydrothermal depostits where they are frequently associated with minerals of economic importance. As such, they represent a potential source of information about the minerals with which they are associated. Such use of the chlorites ...1954
75 A density functional theory study of dual surfactant effect in enhancing P-type doping in III-V semiconductorsSurfactant effects are usually achieved by the addition of a single surface element. We demonstrate by density functional theory calculations a dual-surfactant effect of Sb and H on enhancing Zn, Mg, Be and Cd incorporation in OMVPE grown GaP thin films. The combined effects of Sb and H lower signif...Materials science2010
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