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51 Anderson, Grant SeamanIntegrated low noise, low power amplifiers, and control for the recording of electrocorticogramsBrain-computer interfacesElectrical & Computer Engineering2009-08-05
52 Fox, Aimee LynnElementary school food environment and child food purchasing behaviorNutrition; Obesity in childrenFamily & Consumer Studies2009-07-19
53 Barakat, MerateScope on the Siwan culture: community center, Siwah, EgyptIslamic culture; Egyptian cultureArchitecture & Planning (College of)2006
54 Yeh, Tsung-Yin JosephDevelopment of fluorescence-based techniques to study protein kinase activity and subunit interactions.Protein Kinases; Peptide SynthesisPharmacology & Toxicology2003-12
55 Cappelletti, CorinneDance as a place-making device: examining environmental psychology and place-identity through choreography and performanceDance; Place identity; Place attachmentModern Dance2009-05
56 Abaya, Tanya Vanessa F.Implantable light delivery interfaces for optical neural stimulationInfrared neural stimulation; Neural array; Optical stimulation; Optogenetics; Optrodes; WaveguidesElectrical & Computer Engineering2013-12
57 Abo, Ryan PBioinformatic tools for genetic epidemiology: application to candidate gene analysis in breast cancerBioinformatics; Gene-gene interactions; Genetic epidemiology; HaplotypesBiomedical Informatics2010
58 Abouzelof, MichaelTheories of value and economic crises: revisiting Maurice DobbFinancial crisesEconomics2010-02-18
59 Abousleman, Tamara MarieSafety and trust are so sacred: a qualitative study of women clients in feminist multicultural therapyClient; Counseling; Feminist; Multicultural; Qualitative research; TherapyEducational Psychology2010
60 Abraham, Jacob Isaac KalunakaaheleFeasibility study of a natural gas storage prospect reservoir using decline curve and hysteresis analysisDecline; Deliverability; Engineering; Hysteresis; Reservoir; StorageChemical Engineering2015-05
61 Adams, BrookeThe theory of collective memory and the 1953 Short Creek raidCollective memory; Content analysis; Fundamentalist Mormon; Memory; Polygamy; TraumaFamily & Consumer Studies2012-05
62 Adams, Bryan KeithInterrater reliability of the Utah ergo analyzerHuman engineering; Overuse injuriesMechanical Engineering2009-03-10
63 Adams, Megan DuncanPredictors of Malaria Prevention and Case Management Among Children Under Five in Three African Countries: Analysis of Demographic Health Surveys (DHS) Malaria Indicator SurveysFamily & Preventive Medicine2015-08
64 Adjei, Christian AmeviMCNP5 and GEANT4 comparisons for preliminary fast neutron pencil beam design at the University of Utah TRIGA systemCivil & Environmental Engineering2012-12
65 Agrawal, PiyushIncorporating link correlations in models and algorithms for localization in wireless sensor networksKernel methods for localization; Localization; Network distance estimation; Shadowing; Correlations; Statistical channel modeling; Wireless sensor ad hoc networks; Linkers (Computer programs); Wireless sensor networksElectrical & Computer Engineering2012-05
66 Adolphson, S. LillianDocumenting the implementation and effects of positive behavior support in an alternative educational settingAlternative education; Applied behavior analysis; Behavior intervention; Juvenile justice; Positive behavior supportSpecial Education2013-08
67 Airth, Paula SueBelongings: a material lineageArt/Art History2007-12
68 Alexander, Jason SmithThe American experience in irregular war: from practice to policy, and back againConflict; Counterinsurgency; Stability operations; U.S. Government; Guerrila warfareLanguages and Literature2011-08
69 Albarzinji, Zaid JamalDeposit dollarization dynamics in a model of network externalities and hysteresis: the cases of Argentina and BoliviaAsset substitution; Currency competition; Currency substitution; Dollarization; Hysteresis; Network externalitiesEconomics2011-05
70 Algom-Kfir, YaelLipschitz metric on outer spaceGeometry; Outer Space; Lipschitz metric; Asymmetry theorem; Contracting geodesics theoremMathematics2010-05
71 Alger, Garrison DakotaEvaluation of Eight Assays for the Detection of Campylobacter SSP in the Intermountain WestPathology2012-12
72 Bealer, Adele HavertyInterface: connecting the work of Gregory Bateson, Deleuze and Guattari, and Alain BadiouBateson, Gregory; Deleuze, Gilles; Guattari, FĂ©lix, 1930-1992; Badiou, Alain;Environmental sciences, PhilosophyCommunication2008-08
73 Beardsley, Amanda KayThis is the place: site-specificity in Ernesto Pujol's Awaiting (2010)Awaiting; Ernesto Pujol; Performance art; Place; Site-specificity; SituationismArt & Art History2011-08
74 Beeman, Michael GDesign and evaluation of an advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage system at the Michigan-Utah mineAdiabatic; Advanced; Air; Compressed; Energy; StorageMechanical Engineering2010
75 Beh, DavidCorrosion resistant concrete using corrosion resistant steelConcrete; CorrosionCivil & Environmental Engineering2013-08
51 - 75 of 6,252