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51 Schussman, Lee CarlOutcomes of epidural anesthesia in low-risk obstetrical casesCost-Benefit Analysis; Postpartum HemorrhageFamily & Preventive Medicine1981-08
52 Margolis, AlvaroComputerized practice guidelines for heart failure management: potential impact on the quality of patient careTherapy; Practice Guidelines; HeartmanBiomedical Informatics1995-12
53 Schneider, Brian DouglasConsequences of iron regulatory protein regulation during hypoxiaMetabolism; PhysiologyOncological Sciences2004-05
54 Bennett, David BruceBiodegradable polymeric prodrugs of naltrexoneTherapeutic Use; Pharmacokinetics; Drug TherapyPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1990-03
55 Lu, YanxiangEffects of NOx compounds on heme-containing enzymesPhysiology; Drug EffectsBiochemistry1996-06
56 Dolana, Gary HarwardEffect of temperature on the infectivity and propagation of western equine encephalitis virusChick Embryo Cell Culture; Epidemiology; EpizoologyPathology1961-08
57 Martin, Sandra Elizabeth WebsterIsolation of the secretory component of immunoglobulin A and production of a specific antiserumAnalysis; Colostrum; AntibodiesNursing1975-03
58 Gociman, Barbu RazvanThe role of angiotensinogen in the pathophysiology of hypertensionPhysiopathology; KallikreinHuman Genetics2004-12
59 Chatelain, Janice ElizabethCurrent opinions toward the utilization of nurse-midwifery in the state of UtahUtah; Psychology; Maternity NursingNursing1972-06
60 Liu, PuchinInfluences of ethanol on simultaneous diffusion and metabolism of Beta-estradiol in skinMice, Inbred HRS; Models, Theoretical; SkinPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1989-03
61 Horne, Benjamin DaviesGenetic epidemiologic methods for common, complex diseases: application to cardiovascular diseaseGenetics; Cardiovascular SystemBiomedical Informatics2005-08
62 Lee, Han-ChenMechanisms of cholesterol monohydrate dissolution in aqueous bile salt-lecithin media: correlation between micellar species and dissolution ratesMetabolismPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1989-12
63 Li, XiaolingBiodegradable polymeric prodrugs of antihypertensive agentsDrug Carrierse; Drug Delivery Systems; Prodrugs; PolymersPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1991-08
64 Darlington, Ann Elizabeth; Lloyd, Thomas WalterPostpartum hemorrhage and its relationship to anemia and oxytocin stimulation among Navajo womenChildbirth; Navajo Indians; Mothers; HemorrhageNursing1981-06
65 Dohrmann, Paul RichardTranscriptional regulation by the ACE2 and SWI5 activators in yeastGenetics; Mutations; RNAPathology1994-12
66 Anderson, ArnetteFather-infant relationship becoming connectedFather and Child; Psychological; Social SupportNursing1994-06
67 Minaga, Karie LynnHyperglycemia and periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage in the preterm infantCerebral Hemorrhage; NursingNursing1984-03
68 Winters, SuzanneImmobilized heparin via a long chain poly(ethylene oxide) spacer for protein and platelet compatibilityPharmacokinetics; BiosynthesisPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1987-06
69 Brown, DanielDrug release mechanisms from heterogeneous interpenetrating networksPolymetic Drug Delivery Systems; Copolymer NetworksPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1994-06
70 Chien, Hsiu-ChuanPostnatal growth patterns of parenterally fed very-low-birth-weight infantsUniversity of Utah; Primary Children's Hospital; Low Birth WeightNursing1997-12
71 Cannon, Dale S.Comparison of the effect of computer and manual reminders of compliance with a mental health clinic practice guidelineCase Walker; Decision Support System; Major Depressive DisorderBiomedical Informatics1999-08
72 Randolph, Adrienne G.Computerized protocol for weaning patients from mechanical ventilation using pressure supportPressure Support; Computerized Protocol; Bedside TestingBiomedical Informatics1996-12
73 Chapman, Wendy WebberUsing natural language processing to assist automatic decision support systems and quality assurance in radiologyRadiology, Medical; Natural Language Processing (Computer Science)Biomedical Informatics2000-08
74 Cahoon-Metzger, Sharon M.Sensory axon guidance molecules in avian skinInnervationNeurobiology & Anatomy1999-12
75 Ley, Herbert LeonardEditing of hepatitis delta virus antigenomic RNA by recombinant human adenosine deaminases that act on RNAHepatitis Delta Virus; Saccharomyces Cerevisiae-based ProteinBiochemistry2001-05
51 - 75 of 6,534