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51 Inflammatory response of the urinary bladder wall to streptococcal infectionHarn, Stanton DouglasGroup A streptococci have been implicated as the etiological factor in certain disease processes and suggested in numerous others. One of the latter is a severe inflammation of the bladder, known as interstitial cystitis. The experiments reported in this thesis investigated the response of the bla...Neurobiology & Anatomy
52 Conditional mutators and tumorigenesisRichards, Burt T.The clonal population model of tumorigenesis depends on selection of genetically unstable cells with advantageous mutations. The number of mutations in tumor suppressor genes and proto-oncogenes in many cancers is much higher than can be accounted for by spontaneous mutation rates. This has lead to ...Oncological Sciences
53 Recent life stress and ego strength in hospitalized and non-hospitalized subjectsScheetz, Sandra LouiseThe focus of this study was to measure and describe the variables of recent life changes or stresses, and a measure of ego strength in a group of hospitalized subjects and a non-hospitalized group. This focus seemed relevant in light of increasing evidence which has suggested that a cluster of rece...Nursing
54 Dynamic aortic diameter measurements in vivo using Roentgen videometryGardner, Reed McArthurA technique for quantitation of the elastic characteristics of the aorta in vivo has been developed and tested in dogs and humans. The method depends upon angicardiographic data recorded with a video system to quantitative pulsatitel changes in vascular size. From such measurements of diameter and...Bioengineering
55 Computerized selection of pulse oximeter arterial oxygen saturation dataOniki, Thomas AlanIn recent years, technology has produced several new bedside patient monitors that continuously display important physiological parameters. Simply processing more monitoring data, however, does not automatically ensure better patient care. A selection process must be applied to the data to identif...Biomedical Informatics
56 Worker exposures during maintenance of ion implanters in the semiconductor industryMcCarthy, Colleen MargaretAn industrial hygiene survey of two semiconductor plants was performed in order to characterize and quantify toxic emissions during preventive maintenance of standard ion implantation machinery used in the semiconductor industry. Maintenance personnel at both plants were monitored during routine pr...Family & Preventive Medicine
57 Applying total quality management in healthcare information systemsOleson, Kathy J.Several methods exist for monitoring software development. Few formal evaluation methods have been applied to measure and improve clinical software application problems once the software has been implemented in the clinical setting. A standardized software problem classification system was develop...Biomedical Informatics
58 Study of acquisition of content knowledge during a listening-and-responding-skills workshop for nursesGlasheen, Kathleen Th©r©se BakewellThis study was conducted to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a workshop as a method of teaching appropriate listening and responding skills to seventeen selected nurses. Knowledge of facts and principles in effective communication and their application were measured by a specially desi...Nursing
59 Outcomes of epidural anesthesia in low-risk obstetrical casesSchussman, Lee CarlThe use of epidural anesthesia in obstetrics has increased markedly in the last decade, and some authorities are now stating that epidural block may be the delivery method of choice for most women. In spite of this growth in popularity, no studies have been reported which deal with the outcomes of ...Family & Preventive Medicine
60 Computerized practice guidelines for heart failure management: potential impact on the quality of patient careMargolis, AlvaroHeart failure is a common disorder, which is easy to diagnose, but remains potentially lethal. Effective therapy exists but is underused. Recognizing this problem, the Agency of Health Care Policy and Research published guidelines for heart failure management in June 1994. Practice guidelines hav...Biomedical Informatics
61 Consequences of iron regulatory protein regulation during hypoxiaSchneider, Brian DouglasIron is an essential element that is required for survival of all living organisms. Although all organism require iron, excess iron can be toxic through its ability to catalyze the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) via Fenton chemistry. Thus, the control of intracellular free ion levels ...Oncological Sciences
62 Biodegradable polymeric prodrugs of naltrexoneBennett, David BruceDevelopment of a polymeric naltrexone delivery system would give an effective means for treatment of opiate addiction. A novel approach involves synthesis and characterization of a biodegradable polymeric prodrug of naltrexone covalently coupled to poly(amino acids). Modification of the drug gave se...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
63 Effects of NOx compounds on heme-containing enzymesLu, YanxiangNitric oxide (NO) has been shown to be involved in many important biological processes. The biochemical pathways of these processes share two common features: the enzymatic synthesis of NO from L-arginine and the formation of an iron-nitrosyl complex in a target (heme) protein to evoke the function ...Biochemistry
64 Effect of temperature on the infectivity and propagation of western equine encephalitis virusDolana, Gary HarwardThe propagation of WEE virus variants L.P. #7 and S.P. #6 infected chick embryo cells maintained as monolayer and in suspension was studied at 25° and 37°C. The results may be summarized as follows: 1. The lag-period of the growth cycle for L.P. #6 and S.P. #7 was found to be 10 hours when the i...Pathology
65 Isolation of the secretory component of immunoglobulin A and production of a specific antiserumMartin, Sandra Elizabeth WebsterThis study was the initial step in a long range investigation of the local immune system of the urinary tract. The presence of secretory immunoglobulin A in external secretions exercises broad spectrum antimicrobial activity; the high incidence of chronic urinary tract infections, particularly among...Nursing
66 The role of angiotensinogen in the pathophysiology of hypertensionGociman, Barbu RazvanEssential hypertension is an important cause of human cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in most developed countries. Analysis of hypertensive siblings has revealed significant genetic linkage and alleilic association between angiotensinogen, the precursor of angiotensin II, and essential hypert...Human Genetics
67 Current opinions toward the utilization of nurse-midwifery in the state of UtahChatelain, Janice ElizabethThe purpose of this study was 1) to survey physicians' opinions toward the ability of the nurse-midwife to deliver normal obstetric care, and 2) to examine the relationship between their attitudes and other experience factors. From the more specific attitudes a general trend was identified regarding...Nursing
68 Influences of ethanol on simultaneous diffusion and metabolism of Beta-estradiol in skinLiu, PuchinThe influences of ethanol upon simultaneous diffusion and metabolism of beta-estradiol (E2beta) in skin have been systematically examined using a quantitative biophysical model approach. Baseline studies (in saline) with hairless mouse skin have been carried out using a two-chamber diffusion cell sy...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
69 Genetic epidemiologic methods for common, complex diseases: application to cardiovascular diseaseHorne, Benjamin DaviesHistorically, genes harboring causative mutations for rare Mendelian diseases have been relatively easy to identify. Recent attempts to discover the genetic causes of complex diseases that are relatively common in human populations have, however, not been as successful. The difficulties encountered ...Biomedical Informatics
70 Mechanisms of cholesterol monohydrate dissolution in aqueous bile salt-lecithin media: correlation between micellar species and dissolution ratesLee, Han-ChenA mechanistic study of cholesterol monohydrate (ChM) dissolution rates (J) was conducted in the aqueous taurocholate (TC)-, taurochenodeoxycholate (TCDC)-, and tauroursodeoxy-cholate (TUDC)-lecithin (L) solutions. Based on the simple micelle-mixed micelle coexistence behavior in concentration ranges...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
71 Biodegradable polymeric prodrugs of antihypertensive agentsLi, XiaolingBiodegradable polymeric prodrugs of antihypertensive agents were developed by covalently binding minoxidil, clonidine, prazosin, and CGS 16617 to poly(alpha-amino acids) via labile linkages. The amide bond was used to link minoxidil and clonidine onto poly(glutamic acid), while the carbamate linkag...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
72 Postpartum hemorrhage and its relationship to anemia and oxytocin stimulation among Navajo womenDarlington, Ann Elizabeth; Lloyd, Thomas WalterThe purpose of this study was to determine if relationships existed between iron deficiency anemia (diagnosed at labor onset) and postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and between oxytocin stimulation during labor and PPH among a select group of Navajo women. Data from the medical records of 563 Navajo Women...Nursing
73 Transcriptional regulation by the ACE2 and SWI5 activators in yeastDohrmann, Paul RichardTwo independent transcriptional pathways regulated by the ACE2 and SWI5 genes have been identified in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The CTSl and the HO pathways demonstrate remarkable similarity. Both genes are transcribed in the late Gl phase of the cell cycle. The HO gene encodes an endonucl...Pathology
74 Father-infant relationship becoming connectedAnderson, ArnetteThe purpose of this study was to describe and provide a theoretical analysis of 14 first-time fathers' experiences in developing a relationship with their infants during the infants' first 2 months of life. With the use of tape-recorded, semistructured interviews, fathers described perceptions of t...Nursing
75 Hyperglycemia and periventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage in the preterm infantMinaga, Karie LynnPeriventricular-intraventricular hemorrhage (PV-IVH) is a serious from of neonatal intracranial hemorrhage. This research was undertaken to determine the relationship between PV-IVH and hyperglycemia. Medical records of 57 preterm infants from the University of Utah Medical Center were examined. ...Nursing
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