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51 Ground-water resources of the Middle Rio Grande Basin2002Text
52 The U.S. Geological Survey recent highlights; natural resources1997Text
53 Water-quality trends in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo Basin using sediment cores from reservoirs1997Text
54 Questa Baseline and Pre-Mining Ground-Water Quality Investigation. 5. Well Installation, Water-Level Data, and Surface- and Ground-Water Geochemistry in the Straight Creek Drainage Basin, Red River Valley, New Mexico, 2001-032005Text
55 U. S. Geological Survey Middle Rio Grande basin study; proceedings of the Fourth annual workshop, Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 15-16, 20002001Text
56 Numerical simulation of vertical ground-water flux of the Rio Grande from ground-water temperature profiles, central New Mexico1999Text
57 Monitoring and Assessing our Nation's Water Quality2002Text
58 Water resources data Texas, water year 2004, volume 5. Guadalupe River basin, Nueces River basin, Rio Grande basin, and intervening coastal basins2004Text
59 Sources of water to the Rio Grande upstream from San Marcial, New Mexico2004Text
60 Rio Grande Delta in Texas-Sea-Level, Climate, Neotectonic and Anthropogenic Effects1999Text
61 New Mexico; Middle Rio Grande basin study1999Text
62 Nutrient dynamics in five off-stream reservoirs in the lower South Platte River basin, March-September 19952002Text
63 Priority Ecosystem Study - Platte River Program2004Text
64 Changes in nutrient and pesticide concentrations in urban and agricultural areas of the South Platte River Basin, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska, 1994-20002003Text
65 Water-quality assessment of the central Nebraska basins : entering a new decade2003Text
66 Occurrence of Pesticides in Ground Water of the North Platte Natural Resources District, Nebraska, 20022003Text
67 Water resources data, Nebraska, water year 20042005Text
68 Are streams in agricultural and urban areas contaminated by pesticides?1995Text
69 Science for a Sustainable Future of the Great Plains: Water-Quality Assessment in Central Nebraska1996Text
70 Some bacteria are beneficial!1995Text
71 Transboundary Water Resources Management in the Upper Rio Grande Basin2003Text
72 Distribution and mass of nitrate in the unconfined aquifer beneath the intensively cultivated area north of the Rio Grande, San Luis Valley, Colorado, 1997 through 20012005Text
73 Review of Knowledge on the Occurrence, Chemical Composition, and Potential Use for Desalination of Saline Ground Water in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas with a Discussion of Potential Future Study Needs2004Text
74 Chemistry and age of ground water in the southwestern Hueco Bolson, New Mexico and Texas2003Text
75 Heat as a tool for studying the movement of ground water near streams2003Text
51 - 75 of 270