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51 British navy at war1917Text
52 Bucheron1763Text
53 Burhān al-taṣdīq fī al-radd ʻalá muddaʻī al-talfīq1894Text
54 By Severn Sea, and other poems1897Text
55 The California and Oregon trail: being sketches of prairie and Rocky mountain life1849Text
56 Calm address to the inhabitants of England1777Text
57 Catecismo Mexicano1758
58 Cathecismo Romano1723
59 Christmas1891Text
60 Christmas 18971897Text
61 Code of Terpsichore the art of dancing, comprising its theory and practice, and a history of its rise and progress, from the earliest times1831Text
62 Codex antiquissimus a Rufio Turcio Aproniano1741Text
63 Codex MagliabecchiText
64 Collectanea, volume 11, part 11977Text
65 Collectanea, volume 12, part 31986Text
66 Collectanea, volume 15, part 21994Text
67 Collectanea, volume 16, part 11996Text
68 Collection of music for two flutes1823Image
69 Collection of the Works of William Penn. To which is prefixed a journal of his life, with many original letters and papers not before published.1726Text
70 Comedies of Mr. George Farquhar: viz. love and a bottle; constant couple: or, a trip to the jubilee, Sir Harry Wildaire1707Text
71 Comedies, tragedies, and operas, vol.11701Text
72 Commentarii secvndo avcti : in libros sex pedacii dioscoridis anazarbei de medica materia ; Apologia adversvs Amanthvm Lusitanvm1558Text
73 Common sense: addressed to the inhabitants of America, on the following interesting subjects. I. Of the origin and design of government in general, with concise remarks on the English constitution. II. Of monarchy and hereditary succession. III. Thoughts on the present state of American affairs. IV. Of the present ability of America, with some miscellaneous reflections. A new edition, with several additions in the body of the work. To which is added an appendix; together with an address to the people called Quakers. N.B. The new addition here given increases the work upwards of one third.1776Text
74 Compendium of the Impending Crisis of the South1860Text
75 Complaint of James Alexander and William Smith to the Committee of the General Assembly of the Colony of New York, &c.1735Text
51 - 75 of 602