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51 Co-firing Pulverized Coal with Pinion Pine/Juniper Wood in Raw, Torrefied and Pyrolyzed Forms2012-09-07uu_afrcText
52 Large Eddy Simulation of a 15MW Tangentially Oxy-Fired Pulverized Coal Boiler: Ignitor2012-09-06uu_afrcText
53 OH* Imaging in Large Industrial Oxy-Fuel Flames with Flue Gas Recirculation2012-09-07uu_afrcText
54 Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) Studies at the University of Utah2012-09-07uu_afrcText
55 Co-Axial Turbulent Diffusion Flames with Directed Oxygen Injection2012-09-06uu_afrcText
56 Investigation of Particulate Emission from a Malaysian Power Plant Firing Australian Coal2012-09-07uu_afrcText
57 Using On-Line Coal Analysis to Optimize Combustion in Utility Boilers: a 10-yr Program at Monroe Power Plant2012-09-07uu_afrcText
58 Conversion of Tangential Fired Utility Furnaces from Oil to Gas2012-09-07uu_afrcText
59 Practical Application of Large Eddy Simulation to Accessible Combustion Chemistry Physics2012-09-06uu_afrcText
60 Early-Stage Development of an Advanced Industrial Scale Multipoint Flare Burner2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
61 Linde's Combustion Test Facility2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
62 Improved Burner Air Inlet Design & Control2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
63 Flameless Oxidation in a Wide Variety of Applications2013-09-23uu_afrcEvent
64 Predicting Detailed Product Distributions For Pyrolysis of Diverse Forms of Biomass2013-09-23uu_afrcEvent
65 Practical Use of Computation Fluid Dynamics to Industrial Combustion Applications2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
66 Experimental study on preheating and combustion characteristics of pulverized anthracite coal2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
67 Analysis of Combustion Efficiencies for Industrial Steam-Assisted Flares2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
68 Controlling Steam-Assisted Flare Operations in Light of Federal Regulations2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
69 Use of Variable Frequency Drives for Better Destruction Efficiency of Air-Assisted Flares2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
70 Autoignition Characteristics of Silane-Oxygen-Diluent Mixtures in a Practical Burner2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
71 21 Years of Real-World Low NOx Injection ("LNI")2013-09-23uu_afrcEvent
72 Oxy-Flameless Combustion Heaters for Refinery Process2013-09-23uu_afrcEvent
73 Evaluation of a Technical Basis for Setting Firebox Pressure Oscillation Alarm in Fired Heaters2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
74 Achieving Ultra-Low NOx Emissions in Methanol Downfired Reformer Applications2013-09-24uu_afrcEvent
75 Modeling Combustion Efficiency for Industrial Flares: Implementation of RCCE in LES for a better CE prediction2013-09-25uu_afrcEvent
51 - 75 of 994