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51 Clinical Linkages: IAIMS at the University of UtahBiomedical Informatics1988
52 Computer Analysis of the Treadmill Exercise ECGBiomedical Informatics1976
53 HELP - A Medical Information System Which Combines Automated Medical Decision-Making With Clinical Data Review and Administrative SupportBiomedical Informatics1985
54 The HELP System for Medical Decision MakingBiomedical Informatics1974
55 HELP/PATHLAB Integration - A Decade of Experience Using an Expert System Interfaces to a Clinical Laboratory SystemBiomedical Informatics1985
56 Language and Programming for Computer Input, Filing, Retrieval and CommunicationBiomedical Informatics1971
57 Patient education workshop on CD-ROM: an innovative approach for staff educationThis article describes an innovative patient education workshop on CD-ROM for use by staff educators and patient education coordinators. The CD-ROM allows nurses to gain an in-depth understanding of patient education practice. With the interactive, computerized format, nurses can complete the worksh...Patient education; Staff education; Nursing2005
58 Personalized medicineWith the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, the world's attention has focused on converting this vast storehouse of information into innovative health care solutions. The ultimate promise, assuming we know everyone's genotype, is to ensure that every person has optimum health throughout...2007-01-01
59 Signal Processing for Computerized SpirometryBiomedical Informatics1983
60 Computer aided designThe report is based on the proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation in September 1981, as part of the Coordinated Experimental Computer Science Research Program. The sections covering the budget and biographical data on the senior research personnel have not been included. Also, the sec...1984
61 Surviving sensor network software faultsWe describe Neutron, a version of the TinyOS operating system that efficiently recovers from memory safety bugs. Where existing schemes reboot an entire node on an error, Neutron's compiler and runtime extensions divide programs into recovery units and reboot only the faulting unit. The TinyOS kerne...2009-01-01
62 Design and validation of a simultaneous multi-threaded DLX processorModern day computer systems rely on two forms of parallelism to achieve high performance, parallelism between individual instructions of a program (ILP) and parallelism between individual threads (TLP). Superscalar processors exploit ILP by issuing several instructions per clock, and multiprocessors...DLX processor; Validation1999
63 Graphical man/machine communications: May 1971Final technical report 1 December 1969 to 30 June 1970.1971-05
64 A characterization of visual feature recognitionNatural human interfaces are a key to realizing the dream of ubiquitous computing. This implies that embedded systems must be capable of sophisticated perception tasks. This paper analyzes the nature of a visual feature recognition workload. Visual feature recognition is a key component of a numb...Visual feature recognition; Human interfaces2003-09-03
65 Correctness proofs for device drivers in embedded systemsComputer systems do not exist in isolation: they must interact with the world through I/O devices. Our work, which focuses on constrained embedded systems, provides a framework for verifying device driver software at the machine code level. We created an abstract device model that can be plugged...2010
66 The design and implementation of partnetPartNet is a federated database for providing interactive online access to mechanical parts catalogs. The data contained in the vendor's product database is exported to the federated database using a networkbased distributed database protocol. A Single coherent view of these vendor databases is pro...1995
67 Message passing support in the Avalanche widgetMinimizing communication latency in message passing multiprocessing systems is critical. An emerging problem in these systems is the latency contribution costs caused by the need to percolate the message through the memory hierarchy (at both sending and receiving nodes) and the additional cost of ma...Avalanche widget; Message passing; Cache coherence; Message copying; Cache miss rates; Computer memory1996
68 The NSR processorThe NSR (Non-Synchronous RISC) processor is a general-purpose computer structured (IS U collection of self-timed blocks that operate concurrently and communicate over bundled data channels in the style of micropipelines [3, 16]. These blocks correspond to standard synchronous pipeline stages such ...1993
69 OMOS ? An object server for program executionThe benefits of object-oriented programming are well known but popular operating systems provide very few object oriented features to users and few are im plemented using object oriented techniques themselves In this paper we discuss a mechanism for apply ing object oriented programming co...OMOS; Object server1992
70 Practical advances in asynchronous designRecent practical advances in asynchronous circuit and system design have resulted in renewed interest by circuit designers. Asynchronous systems are being viewed as in increasingly viable alternative to globally synchronous system organization. This tutorial will present the current state of the art...1997
71 Practical advances in asynchronous design and in asynchronous/synchronous interfacesAsynchronous systems are being viewed as an increasingly viable alternative to purely synchronous systems. This paper gives an overview of the current state of the art in practical asynchronous circuit and system design in four areas: controllers, datapaths, processors, and the design of asynchr...1999
72 Technology mapping of timed circuitsAbstract This paper presents an automated procedure for the technology mapping of timed circuits to practical gate libraries. Timed circuits are a class of asynchronous circuits that incorporate explicit timing information in the specification which is used throughout the design process to optimi...1995
73 Technology Development Standardization and Evaluation in Pulmonary MedicineBiomedical Informatics1981
74 A Computer Program for Stress Test Data ProcessingBiomedical Informatics1974
75 Architectural synthesis of timed asynchronous systemsThis paper describes a new method for architectural synthesis of timed asynchronous systems. Due to the variable delays associated with asynchronous resources, implicit schedules are created by the addition of supplementary constraints between resources. Since the number of schedules grows exponenti...1999
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