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51 Rockwell, Kenneth W.Religious diversity in Salt Lake City: historical and conemporary photographs at the University of Utah's Marriott LibraryPowerPoint presentation for the Utah Library Association, presented on May 17, 2019. This presentation highlights historical and contemporary photographs in the Marriott Library's Digital Library showing churches and other religious structures in Salt Lake City. These photos reflect the history and...2019
52 Myntti, JeremyAudiovisual accessibility: Evaluating workflows for closed captioning and transcripts; ULA presentationPresentation given at the Utah Library Association Conference, Sandy, Utah.Accessibility; Audiovisual archives2019-05-16
53 Myntti, JeremySolving Family and Local History Mysteries Using Utah Digital NewspapersPresentation given at the Utah Library Association Conference, Sandy, Utah.Digital newspapers2019-05-17
54 Colbert, Jay L.; Myntti, JeremyDescribing Absence: An Analysis of the Utah American Indian Digital ArchivePresentation given at the Utah Library Association Conference, Sandy, Utah.Archival absence2019-05-17
55 Yamaguchi, AyakoDevelopment of an acute method to deliver transgenes into the brains of adult Xenopus laevisThe central vocal pathway of the African clawed frog, Xenopus laevis, is a powerful vertebrate model to understand mechanisms underlying central pattern generation. However, fast and efficient methods of introducing exogenous genes into the neurons of adult X. laevis are currently not available. Her...viral vector; vesicular stomatitis virus; Xenopus laevis; transgene; neurons; vocalizations; central pattern generator; electroporation2018
56 Lawton, Kristy J.Motor neurons tune premotor activity in a vertebrate central pattern generatorCentral patterns generators (CPGs) are neural circuits that drive rhythmic motor output without sensory feedback. Vertebrate CPGs are generally believed to operate in a top-down manner in which premotor interneurons activate motor neurons that in turn drive muscles. In contrast, the frog (Xenopus la...CPG; feed back; synchrony; vocal; vocalization; Xenopus2017
57 Yamaguchi, AyakoCall initiation in African clawed frogsSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2016vocalizations; Xenopus laevis2016
58 Yamaguchi, AyakoDevelopment of techniques to deliver transgenes into neurons of amphibiansSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2017viral vector; Xenopus laevis; vocalizations2017
59 Yamaguchi, AyakoSpeech-related gene foxp2 expression in the central vocal pathways of the African clawed frogsSociety for Neuroscience Meeting 2018foxp2; vocalizations; Xenopus laevis2018
60 Yamaguchi, AyakoRhythm generation, coordination, and initiation in the vocal pathways of male African clawed frogscentral pattern generator; vocalization; parabrachial area; hindbrain; bilateral coordination; motor programs2016
61 Myntti, Jeremy5 Photo Scanning TipsPresentation on digitizing photographs at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Digital images; Photographs2019-02-28
62 Myntti, JeremyPersonal Digital ArchivingPresentation on personal digital archiving for family history work at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Personal digital archiving2019-03-01
63 Myntti, JeremyDiscovering Your Family in Digital LibrariesPresentation on using digital libraries in family history research at the RootsTech Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Family history; Digital libraries2019-02-28
64 Chrysler, AndrewEffect of material properties on a subdermal UHF RFID antennaThis paper explores a subdermal RFID antenna at 918 MHz. The antenna, made from ink encapsulated in thin sheets of biocompatible PET, is designed to be implanted in the fat layer just below the skin, with the muscle acting as a lossy ground plane. The antenna is a patch that uses a T-slot for matchi...Implantable Antennas; Subdermal antennas; Tattoo Antennas; Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); Conductivity2018
65 Malinowski, NicholasImproving water heaters for sustainabilityBuildings use about 40% of the total U.S. energy demand. Water heaters provide hot water for a variety of building uses including sinks, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, and space heating. Water heaters are the second most energy intensive appliances in a common household. Typically a home...Water heaters; Energy efficiency; Electricity; Emissions; Natural gas2018
66 Steed, Molly Rose; Myntti, Jeremy; Kinkade, StefanoAudiovisual accessibility: Evaluating workflows for closed captioning and transcripts; AMIA posterThe University of Utah's J. Willard Marriott Library is working on a grant funded project to explore methods for generating and displaying closed captions and transcripts for digital audiovisual resources. Without a text analog available for this type of content, users with a disability such as hear...Closed captioning; Transcripts; Audiovisual resources; Accessibility2018
67 Keller, Tawnya Mosier; Myntti, JeremyChapter 9: "What were we thinking?" Successes and lessons learned after going live with our digital preservation programThe J. Willard Marriott Library at the University of Utah began to seriously investigate preserving its digital assets in 2008 and went live with a digital preservation system (DPS) in 2014. This chapter serves as a case study of the library's overall digital preservation program, and discusses the ...Digital preservation; Higher education programs; Workflow2019
68 Neatrour, Anna L.Kindles, card catalogs, and the future of libraries: A collaborative digital humanities projectLibrarianship is a profession that often inspires commentary both from practitioners within the profession and the public who use libraries. For librarians keeping up with the field, the literature is often engaged with predicting the effects of culture, policy or technology on libraries, sometimes ...library, future, topic modeling, digital humanities2018-04
69 Jacob, C.C.Report on seepage losses from state reservoir on Logan River, UtahThe data secured from the gaging stations above and below the State Reservoir on Logan River from 1913 to 1916 indicated a variable loss of water which has been held by certain parties to result directly from the storage of water in the reservoir. To determine more definitely the extent and probabl...Logan River (Utah); Seepage - Reservoir1916-11-30
70 Bianchi, CarloCoupling of building and vegetation resolving urban microclimate model with a building energy simulation programThe objective of this work is to develop and validate a coupled fast-running Building Energy Modeling/Microclimate model for use in developing site-specific design strategies which minimize energy and water use All the micro-climate variables affecting the building energy consumption, such as solar ...Building energy modeling; Urban; Microclimate; Simulation; Energy; Environment2018-08
71 Legorburu, GabrielEnergy modeling framework for optimizing heat recovery in a seasonal food processing facilitySocietal, cultural and economic factors are driving food processors to reduce energy consumed per unit mass of food. This presents a unique problem because time variant batch processing using low to medium grade heat is common in food production facilities. Heat recovery methods may be implemented b...Energy efficiency; Food industry; Heat recovery; Optimization; Simulation2018-07-20
72 Gibson, BryanUsing a Patient Safety Organization to Sharing Real-Time Safety Information with Patients and FamiliesThis project will address [the problem of patient harm] with the effective use of existing health IT to provide a way for patients to view real-time patient safety…Using an existing Patient Safety Organization (PSO) platform, patients will be engaged in the use of real-time safety information and ...Real-time safety; Patient care; Patient Safety Organization2016
73 Gibson, BryanWireframes for Patient Facing Real Time Safety DashboardPresentation developed to 1) prevent safety issues whenever possible, and 2) react quickly and effectively when safety issues occur.Safety record; Patient care2017
74 Myntti, JeremyUtah Digital Newspapers: The past, present, and futurePresentation on the development of Utah Digital Newspapers in the Digital Library at the Mountain West Digital Library Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.Digital newspapers; Digital Library2018-07-11
75 Nesdill, DaureenElectronic Lab Notebooks on CampusElectronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) were first developed for pharmacy and corporate research. Numerous ELNs were developed. These ELNs were complex and very expensive - $40,000 to set up one lab and $1000 per person per year to maintain. They were not appropriate for university research groups. Eventual...Electron Lab Notebooks; Labguru; Lab Archives; Collaboration; REDCap; Campus site license2016
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