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51 Zhu, JudyAnalysis of the pH-dependent equilibrium relationship between the guanine oxidation products 5-guanidinohydantoin and iminoallantoinOxidation of 2'-deoxyguanosine (dG) results in the major two-electron product 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine (dOG) that can undergo further oxidation to other products. One such product is 5-guanidinohydantoin (dGh) that is highly mutagenic and has been found in vivo. The ring architecture of d...Oxidation; guanine oxidation products; 5-guanidinohydantoin; Iminoallantoin; Equilibrium relationship2015-05
52 Uchida, AllisonAnalyzing the implications of the accounting standard update, topic 842In 2010 the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) made a proposal to modify the current United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) rules in regard to leases, summarized in ASC 840. The proposed changes would alter the entire way in which companies reporting in accordanc...Accounting statements and guidelines; Accounting standards update2016-05
53 Sharma, KapilAnalyzing the relationship between PDM2 and B-catenin proteins in human cancersTumorigenesis is promoted by the manipulation of several co-factors and pathways, in which PKM2 and P-catenin proteins play a significant role in a variety of cancers. New research states that these two hegemonic cancer proteins directly bind with each other and may provide a new angle for cance...Pyruvate kinase - Research; Tumorigensis - Research2016-04
54 Frank, MonetAntecedents to Social Media Influencer EffectiventessMarketing is extremely susceptible to shifts within industry techniques, consumer receptivity, and general trends within the consumer-based world in which we live. It is therefore vital for businesses and their marketing applications to respond to the everchanging dynamics within the industry in ord...2020
55 Hammock, ChrisAnthropology, Ethnography, and Documentary Film: Reflecting on a Documentary JourneyA comparative analysis of underlying ethical dilemmas in anthropology and documentary work, founded on the production of a short student documentary highlighting an ethnographic anthropology research project. The documentary studies academic field, classic ethnographic documentaries, and personal ac...2018
56 Edwards, Jennifer LynnApplication of a TBHP-mediated Wacker-type oxidation to internal alkenesThe Wacker oxidation allows access to methyl ketones from terminal alkenes. This transformation is important for industrial, synthetic, and medicinal chemists, as carbonyls are present in many natural and pharmaceutical products. With the carbonyl, a wide variety of reactions become available, such ...Wacker-type oxidatioin - Research; TBHP2013-05
57 Pecchia-Bekkum, AnnikaApplications of controlled DNA assembly and disassembly in biosensing and responsive drug deliveryDeoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) provides many exciting functions outside of simply encoding genetic information. Herein, we report two techniques to control the assembly and disassembly of nucleic acids. Within these techniques, DNA is used as a programmable material for biosensing and drug delivery. In...Nucleic acids - Biotechnology2013-08
58 Mann, SaraApplying the theory of planned behavior to aggressive treatments at the end-of-lifePhysicians and other health care experts are continuously studying the efficacy of treatments and their long-term effects. For instance, research has shown that aggressive end-of-life care could be potentially more harmful to the patient than previously known. Naturally, this has led to a wave of ...Terminal care; Death2016-04
59 Townsend, ColbyAppropriation and adaptation of J material in the Book of MormonThis study explores the influence of the King James Bible (KJV) on the Book of Mormon (BM) by examining how the BM appropriates and adapts the text of the J source of the Pentateuch-a narrative strand from Genesis to Deuteronomy-and weaves phrases, ideas, motifs, and characters into the text. I iden...Book of Mormon - Criticism, Textual2016-05
60 Oman, CandaceArt's "background of flame" and the Paterian temperament of artThis thesis examines how Walter Pater uses hot and cold imagery in his descriptions to further his understanding of art, arguing that it contains both beauty and commentary, whether social, political, etc. Beginning with Studies in the History of the Renaissance, Pater associates heat with the sensu...English2014-05
61 Jensen, Sierra A.Assessing Utah's 90th Percentile storm to understand bioretention design and cost to meet Utah's Modified stormwater mangeement rulehis research dissects and improves understanding of the implications of Utah's modified stormwater permit rule. By analyzing the 90th percentile (90th-P) storm depth calculation and modeling an urban watershed on the foothills of Salt Lake City, Utah; this project provides initial guidance to local ...2018
62 Kozlowski, ZoeAssessing the Contraceptive Needs of Homeless Women in Salt Lake City, UtahBackground: Homeless women across the US have reduced access to contraception and reproductive healthcare. They are at especially high risk for sexual trauma, contracting HIV or other sexually transmitted infections, and suffering from mental and physical conditions and substance use disorders. The ...2018
63 Brandt, Ellissa KathrynAssessment of bilateral muscle function symmetry in female alpine skiersA recent theory for the high occurrence of ACL injuries in female athletes is the presence of asymmetric leg muscle function. Unfortunately, information relative to the bilateral muscle function for the legs of female alpine skiers is lacking. Therefore the primary aim of this project is to examine ...Anterior Cruciate Ligament - injuries; Skiers, Female; Single leg counter movement jump - Research; Single leg time to stabilization - Research2012-05
64 Renz, AndyAssessment of exercise-stimulated tissue oxygenation in calf muscle with functional MRIPeripheral artery disease (PAD) affects millions of patients in the USA, and effective diagnosis and management of PAD is a major clinical goal. One promising avenue of research towards the goal is through functional MRI, which provides non-invasive measurement of tissue oxygenation. For a group of ...Arteries - Diseases - Diagnosis; Magnetic resonance imaging - Research; Calf muscle; Peripheral arterial disease; MATLAB2016-04
65 Cordova, Lauren A.Associations Between Race, Education Level, Socioeconomic Status and Contraceptive Disontinucation after 1 year of Free Contraceptives in Salt Lake countyUnplanned pregnancies make up nearly half of all pregnancies. This prompted the HER Salt Lake Project to offer free contraceptives to women in Salt Lake County, Utah. Discontinuation or switching of free contraceptives is linked to race, education level, socioeconomic status, and the choice of contr...2020
66 Anjewierden, ScottAutomated kinematic analysis of pre-pluse inhibition in larval zebrafishAnimals differentially ignore or attend to sensory information depending on their immediate environment. A significant example of this phenomenon is audiomotorpre-pulse inhibition (PPI), in which the startle response to a loud noise is suppressed by a preceding stimulus of lower intensity. This a...Zebra danio - Development; Kinematics - Research; Kinematic parameters; Swim kinematics; Pre-pulse inhibition2014-12
67 Rasmussen, KatieAwareness and Access to Support Resources Among Refugee Women in Salt Lake City Experiencing Sexual and Gender-Based ViolenceThis paper addresses the complex issue of refugee women and their susceptibility to sexual and gender-based violence. Refugees are more susceptible to this violence as a result of their increased vulnerability when they are displaced, as well as changing gender roles and environments as they are for...2018
68 Esposito, CamilaAxl Inhibitors for Pancreatic Cancer TreatmentBackground: In the United States more than 46,000 people will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Although it is relatively rare, pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer death in men and women. Gemcitabine, the most common treatment for pancreatic cancer has less than 10% partial respo...Pancreas - Cancer - Research2016-05
69 Estrada, JohannaBCR-ABL1 compound mutations combining key kinase domain positions confer clinical resistance to ponatinib in Philadelphia cromosome-positive leukemiaCML 1s caused by a random reciprocal translocation that joins the ABL1 gene on chromosome 9, with the BCR gene on chromosome 22. The result is the formation of the oncogenic BCR-ABL1 gene. This derivative chromosome is widely known as the Philadelphia Chromosome (Ph+), and it encodes a deregulated, ...Leukemia -- Genetic aspects -- Research Leukemia -- Treatment -- Research2014-04
70 Atencio, Mitchell M.Back to Bagatelles: Realizing the Remainder of Ligett's Musica RicercataGyörgy Ligeti completed Musica Ricercata in 1953, and shortly thereafter transcribed six of the movements into the 6 Bagatelles for wind quintet. Much of the scholarship surrounding Ligeti's transitional period discusses Musical Ricercata, a pivotal work for Ligeti marking divergence in composition...2019
71 Venugopal, NikilaBaldwin in Conversation: Love and Black Lives MatterWith rising tensions surrounding racial inequality in the United States, and the national prominence of the Black Lives Matter Movement, it is hardly surprising that the works of James Baldwin have had a revival in popular culture and literature. Throughout his writings, Baldwin has advocated for Bl...2018
72 Enda, MichaelBayesianism in a Social ContextIn this paper I push for and defend the adoption of a Bayesianism belief structure. Bayesianism is a belief structure based on the probability axioms of Kolmogorov. Given this, Bayesianism inherits the mathematical formulations of its origin. In order to explain and motivate the adoption of Bayesian...2019
73 Ruiz, LorenBeneath the dark cloak of U.S. deportation: Bureaucratic distancing tactics employed by the deportation systemU.S. deportation policy is implemented behind a dark cloak of secrecy. Distancing tactics are employed throughout the deportation process to prevent those participating within the bureaucracy from feeling empathy for those they process. Pachirat (2011) provides a three-part template of analysis for ...Deportation -- United States2015-05
74 Rathbun, Lauren ElizabethBeyond classical: mixing in the belt. An exploration of musical theatre singingBelt, mix and classical are three terms for distinguishing the different sounds used in musical theatre vocal repertoire. Each requires different techniques regarding resonance space, vowels, laryngeal position, and breath management. For years, there has been a debate among vocal pedagogues questio...Voice type (Singing)2015-08
75 Hyde, Katie M.Bhutanese refugee women's lived reproductive health experience in Salt Lake City, UtahThis research project focused on family planning and reproductive health care access among Bhutanese refugees in Salt Lake City, Utah. Four questions guided this study: (1) What contraceptive methods do female Bhutanese refugees use to control fertility/space births? (2) What reproductive health car...Women refugees - Utah - Salt Lake City - Health and hygiene; Women refugees - Bhutan - Health and hygiene; Reproductive health services - Utah2014-05
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