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51 New Member Orientation2014-07-14UUSAC new membersAgenda for the UUSAC new member orientation, with description of each agenda item.
52 Staff council votes (University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC))2014Votes; Staff councilVotes for individuals to serve on the staff council.
53 Budget (UUSAC 2014-09)2014-09Operating budget; Scholarship accountBudget and expenditures for operating and scholarship accounts.
54 Staff Council Applications 2013 (UUSAC)2013; 2014Staff applications; EmploymentApplications for positions on the Staff Council
55 Communication and selection notes2012Staff applications, ScholarshipsNotes on Staff Council, Staff Scholarships, and Staff Council call for applications.
56 Staff Council Annual Report 2013-2014 (University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee)2014Annual reportUniversity of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) annual report for fiscal year 2013-2014. Contents include Committee Highlights, Development Committee, Legislative Committee, EVents Committee, Communications & Selections Committee and Executive Board & Committee Chairs.
57 Retreat notes (UUSAC)2013University of Utah staffThe year in review, communication and selection.
58 Spring 2012 applications (UUSAC)2012University scholarshipsApplications for a scholarship
59 Staff Council applications (UUSAC)2012University of Utah staffApplications of individuals from areas across the University of Utah campus that are interested in becoming members of the University of Utah Staff Council.
60 Retreat notes: 2014 (UUSAC)2014University of Utah staffCommunication and selection.
61 Staff Council award templates 2010-2014 (UUSAC)2010Member service; University of Utah employeesTemplate for service awards to members of the University of Utah Staff Council.
62 Staff Council committee member award template 2009-2013 (UUSAC)2009Member service; University of Utah employeesTemplate for service awards to members of the University of Utah Staff Council.
63 Skyline 16 information2015-07Skyline 16; preliminary stratigraphy of Skyline 16; Green River Formation; Protecore samples
64 Survey Plat Skyline 162015-07survey plat; Skyline 16; well surveySurvey plat of Skyline 16 well.
65 University of Utah and Utah Geological Survey Green River coring project summary2015-07Green River coring project; Skyline 16; oil shale deposits; Green River FormationThe University of Utah's Institute for Clean and Secure Energy and the Utah Geological Survey teamed up to drill 1000 feet of 4-inch diameter core in the upper Green River Formation oil shale deposits in the eastern Uinta Basin, Utah. The purpose was to recover nearly the entire oil shale zone (Para...
66 Natural Gamma-Res Suite: Skyline 162010-05-28Gamma log; Skyline 16; natural gamma residue; NAT Gamma-RES SuiteLog concerning the natural gamma-res of Skyline 16.
67 Gamma-E-Log-CDL: Skyline 162010-05-28log; gamma log; Skyline 16; CDL-Cal-Res SuiteGamma E Log from Century Geophysical concerning Skyline 16.
68 Gamma-Res-Density-Cal: Skyline 162010-05-28Skyline 16; density log; CDL-CAL-RES(SG)Gamma-Res-Density-Cal log concerning Skyline 16
69 LEED 2009 for healthcare: new construction and major renovations (UUSAC)2009Healthcare; University of Utah staffProject checklist categories including: sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority credits.
70 President notes (UUSAC)University of Utah employeesNotes on committee seats and things done by the president.
71 2011 Group Ticket Pricing (UUSAC)2011Group ticket pricing for the Rio Tinto stadium in 2011
72 University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) minutes 19971997University of Utah employeesMinutes for the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee.
73 Votes (UUSAC)A list of the number of applicants and votes.
74 Komas (UUSAC)University of Utah campus buildingsAerial photograph of Komas including parking and entrance. It is shown in relation to the Ortho Hospital and Marriott Library.
75 Luncheon invitation (UUSAC)2013-09-18Luncheon; Staff CouncilAn invitation from President David W. Pershing and Dr. Sandi J. Pershing to the University of Utah Staff council to attend a luncheon at Eccles House. Included it a map and instructions for parking.
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