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51 Influence du systeme nerveux sur la dilation de la pupille by Kowalewsky -- Illustrations and AnnotationsPupillary dilation upon brain stimulation.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
52 Studies on the changes of intraocular pressure induced by electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus by Nagai, Ban & Kurotsu -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy using electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus to measure changes in intraocular pressure, pupillary dilation.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
53 The Luminous Efficiency of Rays Entering the Eye Pupil at Different Points by Stiles & Crawford -- Illustrations and AnnotationsThe assumption that the apparent brightness of an object is proportional to the pupil area is shown to be invalid, and measurements are described which give the relative luminous efficiencies of rays entering the pupil at different points. From these data the total efficiencies of eye pupils at diff...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
54 Experimentelle Untersuchungen uber die zentralen Wege der Pupillenfasern des Sympathicus by Trendelenburg & Bumke -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of unilateral section in medulla.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
55 Uber drei Falle von geschlitzter Pupille by Goto & Sibata -- Illustrations and AnnotationsCase studies of pupillary reaction, Wassermann test performed.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
56 Pupillary and Other Responses from Stimulation of the Frontal Cortex and Basal Telencephalon of the Cat by Hodes & Magoun -- Illustrations and Annotations"This study of the pupillary responses to excitations of the cat's cortex was undertaken because [...] work on the relationship of the cortex to pupillary activity was performed before the important role of the oculomotor nucleus in pupillary dilatation was recognized."Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
57 Apparent Shape and Size of the Pupil Viewed Obliquely by Spring & Stiles -- Illustrations and AnnotationsCase study of the response of the peripheral retina, apparent shape and size of the pupil for large angles of view. By photographing the pupil at various angles in the horizontal meridian from 20 degrees nasal to 105 degrees temporal the mean results were obtained for a group of 13 subjects.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
58 Des Fibres Pupillaires de la Bandelette Optique by Darkchevitch -- Illustrations and AnnotationsCase study demonstrating complete pupillary immobility to light.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
59 Variation of Pupil Size with Change in the Angle at Which the Light Stimulus Strikes the Retina by Spring & Stiles -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of the possibility of a variation in pupil size depending on the part of the natural pupil through which the light from the external field enters the eye. Measurements of the pupil made under conditions specially arranged to reveal any change of size with change in the point of entry of the li...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
60 The Anatomy of the Eye and Orbit. Including the Central Connections, Development, and Comparative Anatomy of the Visual Apparatus by Wolff -- Illustrations and AnnotationsBook containing description of the eye, its appendages, most of the nervous structures concerned in vision, and their anatomical relations. Two chapters are devoted to the development of the eye and comparative anatomy.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
61 A Record of Experiments upon the Functions of the Cerebral Cortex by Horsley & Schafer -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy involving experiments on the functions of the cerebral cortex, including pupil dilation with eye opening and head turning to opposite side upon stimulation of the frontal eye field of motor area.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
62 The Innervation of the Nictating Membrane in the Cat by Rosenblueth & Bard -- Illustrations and AnnotationsIn this study the nictitating membrane used as an indicator of adrenin, sympathin, and liver secretion resulting from sympathetic stimulation. Some preparations were unstable and presented spontaneous movements of the nictitating membrane, different from the frequent slight rhythmical contractions w...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
63 The Hypoglycemia of Asphyxia and the Part Played Therein by the Suprarenals by Kellaway -- Illustrations and Annotations"Investigation of the dependence of the pupillary paradox and hyperglycemia, as produced by asphyxia, on the integrity of the splanchnic nerves and the suprarenal glands." Used sensitized iris dilator as index of reactivity.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
64 The Development of the Third Nerve Nucleus and its Bearing on the Argyll-Robertson Pupil by Paton & Mann -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of the development of the third nerve nucleus and its bearing on the Argyll-Robertson pupil.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
65 Ascending Spinal Pathways of the Pupillo-dilator Fibres by Harper & McSwiney -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of afferent pathways in the spinal cord of pupillo-dilator fibres.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
66 Conditions Determining Adrenaline Secretion by Hartman, McCordock & Loder -- Illustrations and AnnotationsVarious stimuli applied to completely denervated pupil will cause dilation of the pupil. Similar stimuli cause little or no dilation of the completely denervated pupil after the adrenals are removed. The completely denervated pupil, therefore, can be used to indicate increased epinephrine discharge.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
67 Segmental Distribution of Certain Visceral Afferent Neurones on the Pupillo-dilator Reflex in the Cat by McSwiney & Suffolk -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of the segmental distribution of certain visceral afferent neurones of the pupillo-dilator reflex.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
68 Ein binoculares Pupillometer by Ohm -- Illustrations and AnnotationsDescription of creation of a pupillometer that enables pictures of both pupils to be close to each other, to be accurately measured by a system of tangents under varying conditions. A system of mirrors is also used for getting light reflexes, and could be used to obtain the hemianopic pupillary resp...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
69 Eine Neue Methode zur Stetigan Registrierung der Konsensuellen Pupillenreaktion by Cuppers -- Illustrations and AnnotationsA new method for steady registrations of the consensual pupil reaction. (trans.)Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
70 Zur vegetativen Innervation von Pupille und Netzhautgefassen by Seitz -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of "vegetative innervation" of the pupil and retinal vessels.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
71 The Functions of the Brain by Ferrier -- Illustrations and AnnotationsAnimals deprived of cortex respond to painful stimulation by groans and cries, instinctive emotional expression; true conscious feeling; 'the dilation of the pupils, which is readily induced by irritation of the corp.qu. is probably [...] an expression of sensory irritation'; painful stimulation of ...Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
72 The Relations of Pupil Size to Accommodation and Convergence by Fry -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy demonstrates pupil never contracts to accommodation without convergence.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
73 Zur naheren Kenntnis des Verlaufes der postganglionaren Sympathicusbahnen fur Pupillenerweiterung, Lidspaltenoffnung und Nickhautretraktion bei der Katze by de Kleijn & Socin -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of the course of the postganglionic sympathetic pathways for pupil dilation, eyelid opening and nictiteal retraction.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
74 Experimentalstudien am Nervensystem; Ueber die Beziehung des Pupillenreflexbogens zum Vorderen Vierhugel by Spiegel & Nagasaka -- Illustrations and AnnotationsExperimental studies on the nervous system and the relationship of the pupillary reflex arc to the front quadrangle.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
75 Die Pupillenweite beim Uebergang ins Hochgebirge by Wiesinger & Pluss -- Illustrations and AnnotationsStudy of pupil width, investigations using a photographic method.Notebook Illustrations and Annotations
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