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51 Performance enhancement in the measurement of 5 endogenous steroids by LC-MS/MS combined with differential ion mobility spectrometryBackground: Challenges for steroid analysis by LC-MS/MS include low ionization efficiency, endogenous isobars with similar fragmentation patterns and chromatographic retention. Differential ion mobility spectrometry (DMS) provides an additional degree of separation prior to MS/MS detection, and show...2014-01-01
52 Quantitative real time PCR assay for detecting BK virus in serum, plasma and urine.BK is a non-enveloped virus in the Polyomavirus family, closely related to SV40 and JC virus. Primary infection with BK generally occurs during childhood without specific symptoms, and is widespread in the population, with approximately 80% of adults infected globally. The virus remains latent in th...Quantitative Tests; Linearity Studies; Oligonucleotides2005-05-02
53 Quantitative real time PCR assay for detecting EBV virus in multiple sample types.We are developing a real time quantitative PCR assay to detect EBV in serum, plasma, whole blood, tissue and spinal fluid. Real time PCR, with its intrinsic quantitative capacity, is an excellent method for measuring EBV viral load. Epstein Barr virus is a member of the Herpesvirus family, with a tr...Eclipse Probes; EBV Primer2005-08-11
54 Quantitative real time PCR assay for the detection of human herpes 6.Human herpes virus type 6 is a beta virus that occurs as two variants (A & B) and infects nearly 100% of the population before two years of age. Primary infections in children can produce fever and a unique lacy rash that gives the disease its name: roseola. The rare primary infection in adults can ...Probe Technology; Roseola Infantum2005-02-05
55 Real time PCR assay for the detection of CMV using eclipse hybridization probesWe developed a qualitative real time PCR assay to detect CMV in patient samples, using a novel hybridization probe termed the Eclipse probe (Epoch Biosciences). These are single probes with a fluorescent molecule attached to the 3' end and a dark quencher on the 5' end. Also conjugated to the 5' end...Tissues Analysis; Elegans2004-08-11
56 Real time PCR assays for the detection of viral pathogens - are they the gold standard?Over the past decade, PCR testing for infectious agents in the clinical laboratory has begun to replace other methods, such as culture. PCR is often now referred to as the 'gold standard' in this field. Further evolution of this technology has seen the introduction of real time PCR, replacing tradit...Polymorphism; Target DNA2003-11-11
57 Real time RT-PCR assay for norovirus detection with eclipse probes and a non-competitive internal control.Noroviruses are the major causative agents of nonbacterial gastroenteritis worldwide and are estimated to cause approximately 23 million cases in the United States annually. Real time RT-PCR is rapidly becoming the principle diagnostic means for norovirus detection due to its enhanced sensitivity an...Gastroenteritis; Eclipse Hybridization Probes; Norovirus2005-05-03
58 Role of the laboratory in diagnosis of influenza during seasonal epidemics and potential pandemicsLaboratory diagnosis of influenza is critical to its treatment and surveillance. With the emergence of novel and highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses, the role of the laboratory has been further extended to include isolation and subtyping of the virus to monitor its appearance and facilitate ap...Antibodies, Viral; Antigens, Viral; RNA, Viral2006
59 Sequence-based identification of gram negative nonfermenters using commercial 16S rDNA databasesThis poster presents a study assessing the validity of the databases from two commercial systems were compared for the identification of NF. Background: Identification of gram negative nonfermenters (NF) from cultured human specimens is often difficult using traditional phenotypic methods. Partial 1...MicroSeq500; Virodec2005-08-29
60 Single tube real-time RT-PCR Assay for the detection of enterovirusWe developed a rapid and sensitive method for the routine detection of enterovirus in CSF and plasma using a one tube, one step, real-time PCR assay. A primer set and an Eclipse probe were designed to target the highly conserved 5' untranslated region of the enterovirus genome. This assay was compar...MGB Eclipse; Viral RNA; Picornaviridae2004-09-11
61 Specificity characteristics of 7 commercial creatinine measurement procedures by enzymatic and jaffe method principlesStandardized calibration does not change a creatinine measurement procedure?s susceptibility to potentially interfering substances.2012
62 uAnalyze: web-based high-resolution DNA melting analysis with comparison to thermodynamic predictionsAbstract-uAnalyzeSM is a web-based tool for analyzing high-resolution melting data of PCR products. PCR product sequence is input by the user and recursive nearest neighbor thermodynamic calculations used to predict a melting curve similar to uMELT (http://www.dna.utah.edu/umelt/umelt.html). Unproce...2012-01-01
63 uMELT: prediction of high-resolution melting curves and dynamic melting profiles of PCR products in a rich web applicationuMeltSM is a flexible web-based tool for predicting DNA melting curves and denaturation profiles of PCR products. The user defines an amplicon sequence and chooses a set of thermodynamic and experimental parameters that include nearest-neighbor stacking energies, loop entropy effects, cation (mono...2011
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