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51 Controlling Greenhouse Gases from Highway VehiclesEnergy Conference2011
52 Anghi, AntonyThe Evolution of International Law: Colonial and Postcolonial RealitiesThe colonial and postcolonial realities of international law have been obscured by the analytical frameworks that governed traditional scholarship on the subject. This article sketches out a history of the evolution of international law that focuses in particular on the manner in which imperialism ...2006
53 Mallat, ChibliA legal manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet: Justice for Rafik Hariri and Moussa SadrLast week I pleaded for a legal manifesto for Irans Green Revolution. I am arguing this week for a judicial manifesto for the Lebanese Cabinet. I have no illusions. The turgid governmental manifesto, like the Arab Leagues declarations, will read as a litany of bullet points where each of the plet...2009-07-09
54 Mallat, Chibli'A conversation to be had' on war and law: Obama's Nobel speechEven more than in the Cairo address, the Nobel speech will mark the Obama legacy. The subject is pithy, combining defense, foreign affairs and international law on the most difficult subject that human kind has ever addressed: war. Thanks to the entreaty of the Nobel committee, which forced the US p...2009-12-24
55 Mallat, ChibliA Federal Israel-Palestine: Ending 100 Years of Civil War in the Holy Land?What if we substitute a federal Israel-Palestine for the two-state solution deadlock?2010-09-17
56 Mallat, ChibliA Federal Israel-Palestine: Nonviolence and Law to End the 100-year Civil WarIn the first part of this study, the deadlock in Israel-Palestine was presented as a 100-year civil war. New realities on the ground, as well as visionary calls for a united state, instead of partitioning the land at a heavy human cost, have come from leading US thinkers, notably Tony Judt and Seyla...2010-09-23
57 Mallat, ChibliSaving Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court from itself - Opinion - Ahram Online2012-06-14
58 Mallat, ChibliReconciliation in Iraq: Taking the Constitution SeriouslyReconciliation, which draws the necessary constitutional principles over which Iraqi parliamentarians are called on to vote, and the Iraqi citizens to endorse (or reject) in a national referendum, offers a far better way than any other type of reconciliation. An improved Iraqi constitution provid...2009-07-16
59 Chodosh, Hiram E.Mapping corruption: Why Words Make a DifferenceAs I observed two weeks ago in this column, the vernacular for corruption is rich, awareness increasingly acute and legal strategies increasingly aggressive; yet, accepted conceptions and definitions of corruption are far from universal. Why is this so? And why does it matter?2009-10-08
60 Craigle, ValeriLegal Scholarship in the Digital Domain: A Technical Roadmap for implementing the Durham StatementLegal Scholarship in the Digital Domain: A Technical Roadmap for implementing the Durham Statement2010-12
61 Adler, Robert W.The Legal and Ethical Case for a Conservation Pool for Great Salt LakeA Conservation pool is the minimum water levels necessary to support and maintain important public resources such as navigation, ecosystem components and services (including fish and wildlife), recreation, and aesthetic values.2010-04-28
62 Mallat, ChibliMadhat al-Mahmood, Chief Justice of Iraq: Portrait of the Judge as HeroIraqi judges have offered to their country in the past five years a dedication unmatched elsewhere on the planet. Nothing short of heroism. At the heart of all the work, and the dedication, is the leadership of Mahmood. Iraqis know, by and large, about this dedication, and call upon the court for re...2010-09-02
63 Chibli Wajdi Mallat 1960-March 2221 : Lebanon's Cedar Revolution : an essay on non-violence and justiceScanned book.2007
64 Reitze, Arnold W.Federal Control of Carbon Dioxide Emissions: What are the Options?The U.S. Supreme Court in Massachusetts v. EPA held that carbon dioxide is a pollutant under the Clean Air Act (CAA) and remanded the case to EPA. The Agency must decide whether CO2 emissions contribute to climate change. If the Agency responds affirmatively, it must meet other requirements of t...2009-08-01
65 Chodosh, Hiram E.Fighting Corruption: Identifying Foundational Obstacles and New DirectionsExploring the conceptual and practical weaknesses of efforts to combat corruption is not enough. The identification of obstacles alone, however useful in itself, would be insufficiently responsive to the considerable challenge of anti-corruption reform. This article takes stock of foundational ob...2009-11-09
66 Chodosh, Hiram E.; Holbrook, James R.Filling the Justice Capacity GapThe worlds justice systems are under stress. Political commitments to democratization and human rights protection, private economic transactions, counterterrorism, and globalization impose new burdens on justice institutions for more impartial and transparent conflict resolution. The intrinsic ...2008
67 Mallat, ChibliFederalism in the Middle East and EuropeFederalism is well know in its first, well-established dimension thanks to the extraordinary tradition this country has known. It is less known and is currently a big battle in process in Europe. It is completely unkown and is, I think, the intellectual battle to come in the Middle East. So, these w...2003
68 Guiora, Amos N.The Gate Keepers: Geopolitics and the Limits of PowerThe Gate Keepers: Geopolitics and the Limits of Power2013-03
69 Mallat, ChibliFrom Islamic to Middle Eastern Law A Restatement of the Field (Part I)Any approach to law in the region known as Near or Middle East is doubly selective, as the historical depth of the tradition enhances the diversity of cultures active in the contemporary world. Law is a particular example where the contrasted set-up which characterizes twenty-five or so modern Natio...2004
70 Chodosh, HiramFrom zero-sum conflicts to federalism: Iraqis offer an international community a road forwardThe future of federalism in Iraq is not only important to the peoples of that country who have struggled over so many decades for human rights and peace. It is an experiment of consequential interest to all of us, from North America to Europe, from Asia to the Middle East, to see if a society ridd...2009-07-09
71 Firmage, Edwin B.Judicial campaign against polygamy and the enduring legal questionsFor lay people the chief virtue of our Constitution is not in its distribution of power or in its guarantees of participation in governmental processes but in the protections it affords individual liberties, not least of which is freedom of conscience. Yet ratification of the Bill of Rights did not...Polygamists; Edmunds Act; Cohabitation1987
72 Firmage, Edwin B.Ends and means in conflictA great danger of our time is our intense preoccupation with the ends we seek, so much so that we have overlooked the effect, usually and perhaps always the determinative effect, that our choice of means will have made upon the nature of those ends. This problem is made more difficult in that our vi...Weapons proliferation; Arms race; Atomic weapons1988
73 Firmage, Edwin B.Church in politics?I BELIEVE that the Church has a right and in fact an obligation to speak out on issues which affect either the spiritual or the moral well-being of our Heavenly Father's children. As a constitutional lawyer, I do not believe that the religion clauses of the First Amendment were intended to elimin...First Amendment1981
74 Firmage, Edwin B.Shanties, symbolic speech, and the public forum: ramshackle protection for free expressionShanties, symbolizing student opposition to South African apartheid and the demand that United States universities divest from corporations doing business in South Africa, were the sit-ins of the 1980s. Silent but graphic, shanties challenged the established order and attracted media attention. Som...Civil demonstration; Civil protest; First Amendment; Civil liberties1990
75 Francis, Leslie; Battin, Margaret P.; Botkin, Jeffrey R.; Jacobson, Jay A.Quick easy questions for analyzing medical ethical casesSometimes, traditional philosophical ways of analyzing medical-ethics cases seem just too cumbersome, particularly to people without training in ethical theory. The issues are important, interesting, often compellingly engaging. But it isn't the time for heavy jargon, or terms like "deontology" or ...1997
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