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51 Downes, Stephen M.Disunity of science (book review)Review of the book `The Disunity of Science: Boundaries, Contexts, and Power,' edited by Peter Galison and David J. StumpBooks; Science; Disunity2001-09-24
52 Nichols, ShaunDo children think of the self as the soul?Bering's work provides new insight into the child's concept of the self. For his results indicate that children don't regard bodily identity as required for identity of self across time. Bering's methodology for investigating afterlife beliefs might also be exploited to explore the extent to which c...2006-10
53 Millgram, ElijahDoes the categorical imperative give rise to a contradiction in the will?The Brave New World-style utilitarian dystopia is a familiar feature of the cultural landscape; Kantian dystopias are harder to come by, perhaps because, until Rawls, Kantian morality presented itself as a primarily personal rather than political program. This asymmetry is peculiar for formal reas...Categorical imperative; Dystopia; Self-refutation2003
54 Goldberg, Robert A.Don't know much about historyMost of us have heard of the "Greatest Generation," those who weathered the storms of the Great Depression and World War II. Many of us are Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1965. Other are part of the cynical and worldly Generation X-arriving between the mid '60s and the early '80s-raised in the ...2003
55 Battin, Margaret P.Dreariness of aesthetics (continued), with a remedyIn 1951, J. A. Passmore shamelessly titled an essay "The Dreariness of Aesthetics." Drawing on John Wisdom's earlier complaints, he denounced aesthetics' dullness, its pretentiousness, and the fact that it was "peculiarly unilluminating." What Passmore had in mind were the vapid abstractions and m...Aesthetics; Aestheticians; Art; Beauty1986
56 Battin, Margaret P.Dying in 559 beds: efficiency, "best buys," and the ethics of standardization in national health careIn The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, the "heavy, difficult book" begun in Rome during the winter of 1903-4 and not finished until 1910 in Paris, Rilke employs a series of rapid, jolting impressions to express his pervasive concern with death and his distress about the institutional character o...1992
57 Parker, Bradley J.The early second millennium ceramic assemblage from Kenan Tepe, Southeastern Turkey: a preliminary assessmentIn the initial survey of the upper Tigris river valley the authors o f the survey report concluded that ‘either this portion o f the Tigris basin was bypassed entirely by Middle Bronze Age development attested to elsewhere or, more likely, it is characterised by a thus far unreported and unrecogni...2003-01-01
58 Holzner, Claudio A.; Jameson, Kenneth P.; Maloney, Thomas N.; Abebe, Berhanie; Lund, Matthew; Schaub, KristenEconomic impact of the Mexico-Utah relationshipThis study began during the Summer of 2005 and set out to examine the complexity of the globalized relation between Utah and Mexico, concentrating on broadly defined "economic linkages." It was designed to build upon earlier similar studies done in Arizona and in Texas on those states' relations wit...Economics, Utah; Migration; Immigration; Mexico; Undocumented immigrants2006-03-10
59 Hanna, Patricia LeeEducation, society, and human nature: an introduction to the Philosophy; of education (book review)A review of the book "Education, society, and human nature: an introduction to the Philosophy; of education" by Anthony O'Hear.Books, reviews; Education, Philosophy1982-07
60 Landesman, Bruce M.EgalitarianismDespite the popularity of equality as a political value, egalitarianism as a political theory has never, I think, been fully or successfully defended. I aim in this paper to begin the defense of such a view. The egalitarianism I have in mind has as its ideal a condition of equal wellbeing for all p...Equality; Equal; Theory1983
61 Francis, LeslieEminent domain compensation in the Western states: a critique of the fair market value modelBoth the United States Constitution and the constitutions of the states of the intermountain west and the Pacific Coast prohibit the state from taking property without paying just compensation. Thus, there are two basic issues in any eminent domain case. First, has governmental interference with pro...Eminent domain; Compensation; Governmental interference; Fair Market Value2006-06-16
62 Anderson, James A.Empirical theories in communication reported in 2014 & 2015All empirical articles in seven journals for the volume years 2014 and 2015 from: Communication Monographs Communication Research Human Communication Research Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media Journal of Communication Management Communication Quar...Empirical theories; Communication2015
63 Francis, LeslieEmployment and intellectual disabilityUnder recent decisions of the United States Supreme Court, people with disabilities alleging employment discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are caught in a vicious triangle. One vertex of the triangle is self-accommodation. Correcting for their impairments through effort,...Americans with Disabilities Act; ADA; Intellectual disability2004
64 Francis, LeslieEnd of life decision-making for patients with dementiaIn decision-making for patients with dementia, law and bioethics recognize two central goals: protecting the patient's autonomy and protecting the patient's best interests. These two objectives are not always consistent, however, nor easily applied over the long, downhill course experienced by mos...2001
65 Francis, LeslieEnsuring the privacy and confidentiality of electronic health recordsIn 2004, President Bush announced his plan to ensure that most Americans would have electronic health records within ten years. Although substantial progress has been made toward achieving that goal, this progress has primarily reflected institutional interests and priorities by focusing on system ...2007
66 Anderson, James A.Epistemological movements in communication: reference tablesThis publication supports the chapter EpistemologicalMovements in Communication: An Analysis o f Empirical and Rhetorical/Critical Scholarship to be published in the NCA Centennial Volume. It provides the extended data tables that could not be presented in the chapter because of space limitations. I...2014-01
67 Hanna, Patricia LeeEqual rights for children (book review)A review of the book "Equal Rights for Children" by Howard Cohen.Books, reviews; Equal rights; Children1982-04
68 Goldberg, Robert A.Esther Rosenblatt Landa: her price is far above rubiesDr. Robert Goldberg has been a professor of history at the University of Utah since 1980. His teaching and research field is twentieth-century America with a focus on the American West, social, and political history. He has won five teaching awards and is the author of four books: Hooded Empire: Th...Landa, Esther Rosenblatt1996
69 Plutynski, AnyaEthical issues in cancer screening and preventionNovember 2009's announcement of the USPSTF's recommendations for screening for breast cancer raised a firestorm of objections, Chief among them that the Panel bad insufficiently valued patients' lives or allowed cost considerations to influence recommendations. The publicity about the recommendation...2012-01-01
70 Landesman, Bruce M.Ethical Marxism and its radical criticsWilde defends what he calls Ethical Marxism. This is a familiar view, which many refer to as Marxist Humanism. According to Wilde, Marx holds that there is a human essence which involves freedom and the development of each individual's creative potential. This is achievable, however, only under cond...Marxism; Book review2000
71 Landesman, Bruce M.Ethical Marxism and its radical critics (book review)Reviews the book `Ethical Marxism and Its Radical Critics,' by Lawrence Wilde.Books; Marxism; Philosophy2000-01
72 Battin, Margaret P.Euthanasia in alzheimer's disease?Ought euthanasia be practiced for persons with advanced dementia? Although the issue of euthanasia is a topic of increasingly heated social debate, already tending to polarize those who support it as voluntary "aid-in-dying" and those who reject it as medical "killing," what is said about active eut...1933
73 Downes, Stephen M.Evolution of agency and other essays (book review)Reviews the book 'The Evolution of Agency and Other Essays,' by Kim Sterelny.Agent, Philosophy;; Books, nonfiction2002-11-13
74 Battin, Margaret P.Excellent palliative care as the standard, physician-assisted dying as a last resortTo understand the role of physician-assisted death as a last-resort option restricted to dying patients for whom palliative care or hospice has become ineffective or unacceptable, one must understand how frequently and under what circumstances that occurs. If all such cases are the result of inadequ...2004
75 Plutynski, AnyaExplanation in classical population geneticsThe recent literature in Philosophy; of biology has drawn attention to the different sorts of explanations proffered in the biological sciences--we have molecular, biomedical, and evolutionary explanations. Do these explanations all have a common structure or relation that they seek to capture? This...Biology, Philosophy;; Explanation; Genetics; Life sciences; Population genetics; Science2005-12
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