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51 Virtue and the American family: abortion and divorce in Western law by Mary Ann GlendonAbortion and Divorce in Western Law is seductive and dangerous. It is seductive because it is half right; it is dangerous because it is half wrong on many levels: the data assembled about abortion law, the comparative law methodology employed, and the conclusions drawn for American public policy abo...Abortion and divorce in American law; Book review; Glendon, Mary Ann1988
52 Contributions of aestheticsThe most tempting answer to the question posed as the topic for these remarks -- "what can aesthetics contribute to a young person's ability to understand and value art?" -- is "nothing", or, at least, "embarrassingly little". Aesthetics, after all, is a field of philosophy, and hence a field dedi...1988
53 Review of Suzanne Mansion, 'Etudes Aristoteliciennes: receuils d'articlesThis volume is a posthumous collection of articles, all previously published and almost all on Aristotle, by Suzanne Mansion, along with a list of her scholarly works (xviiixxi). The articles printed here are reproduced photographically along with their original pagination, and a continuous paginati...Aristotle; Plato; Ancient Philosophy1988
54 High-risk religionAmong some of the more colorful groups on the American religious spectrum, the religious faith of believers seems to involve a willingness to take substantial physical risks"risks to health, to physical functioning, even the risk of death. These groups include several in which the risks a believer ...Religion; Physical risk; Choice; Death1989
55 Hwa Yol Jung, Question of rationality and the basic grammar of intercultural textsHow can we understand other cultures? How can we talk and write about them without ethnocentric prejudice? These questions are as difficult as they are urgent. To begin with, we may say that to understand other cultures we must be objective. But if objectivity involves epistemological independence f...Lateral universal; Book review; Jung, Hwa Yol1989
56 Review article on A.C. Graham, Reason and SpontaneityThis is a book review of A. C. Graham's Reason and Spontaneity, a book that advances the proposal to ground all values, whether prudential, moral, or aesthetic, in the imperative 'Be aware'. The empirical thesis concerns causal connections between awareness and motivation.Book review; Values; Metaphysics1990
57 Stoic valuesRM: Copyright © 1990, The Monist: An International Journal of General Philosophical Inquiry, Peru, Illinois, U.S.A., 61354, reproduced by permission. Discusses the values of Stoicism which say noting concrete about how a virtuous person should go about making choices and examines the Stoics im...Virtuous; Indifferent; Worth1990
58 Review of M. Schofield and G. Striker, eds., 'The Norms of Nature'This is a review of of The Norms of Nature: Studies in Hellenistic Ethics, edited by Malcom Schofield and Gisela Striker. The book contains nine studies on Epicurean, Stoic, and Skeptic views on value and ethics.Book review; Values; Epicureans (Greek Philosophy;); Stoics; Philosophy;, Ancient1990
59 Herbert Simon's computational models of scientific discoveryHerbert Simon's work on scientific discovery deserves serious attention by philosophers of science for several reasons. First, Simon was an early advocate of rational scientific discovery, contra Popper and logical empiricist philosophers of science (Simon 1966). This proposal spurred on investigati...Android epistemology; Psychological processes; Cognitive individualism1990
60 Seven caveats concerning the discussion of euthanasia in HollandAs the discussion of voluntary active euthanasia heats up in the United States (indeed, I believe it will be the major social issue of the next decade, replacing abortion in that role), increasing attention is being given to its practice in the Netherlands. Proponents of the view that the United Sta...1990
61 Denver: Queen City of the Colorado realmIn the spring of 1921, William Joseph Simmons stepped from a train at Denver's Union Station. Dressed in a well-fitted suit emblazoned with lodge buttons, this tall, heavy-set man attracted little notice from the crowd. Few Denverites realized that on the train platform stood the self-proclaimed Imp...1991
62 Zion in Utah: the Clarion colony and Jewish agrarianismThe history of the Jewish agricultural colony at Clarion, Utah, presented by Robert A. Goldberg is somewhat special, for western Jewish history has been notably small town and urban. In painstakingly reconstructing the story of those who organized, settled, and finally failed at Clarion, Goldberg ...1991
63 Breaking the rules: transgression and carnival in Ultimas tardes con TeresaRituals and celebrations emerge as a central structuring device in the love story that forms the center of Ultimas tardes con Teresa, Juan Marse's prize-winning novel of 1965. The narrative begins with a couple, Manolo and Teresa, strolling through the center of Barcelona during Fiesta Mayor, one o...Rituals; Society; Culture1991
64 Some issues in Ortega y Gasset's critique of Heidegger's doctrine of SeinThe purpose of this paper is to propose a hypothesis to illuminate Ortega's critical response to Heidegger's question of being (Seinsfrage). While Ortega integrated the classical requirements for the idea of Being into his idea of human life as radical reality, Heidegger's delineation of human life...1991
65 Review of T. Penner, 'The ascent from nominalism'This is a review of Terry Penner's The Ascent from Nominalism. Penner's book is an attempt to reorient Platonic studies, not so much by raising new issues as by looking at the old ones differently.Book review; Platonism; Philosophy;, Greek1991
66 Harman's hardness argumentsIn "Change in View" Gilbert Harman produces arguments of the following pattern: Of two competing methods of belief revision, one is too hard; the other must therefore be the rational method. I will call arguments of this form hardness arguments. Hardness arguments are not, of course, peculiar to Har...Philosophy;; Rationality; Reason; Cognition1991-09
67 Marxism and philosophy in the twentieth century: a defense of vulgar Marxism (Book Review)A review of "Marxism and philosophy in the twentieth century: a defense of vulgar Marxism" by Richard Hudelson.Books; Marxism; Philosophy1991-10
68 Health care in a national health program: a fundamental rightDo or should Americans have a right to health care or some appropriate level of it? To explore this difficult and complex question, we must say something about rights and ways to justify them; about considerations which favor a right to health care; about what level and kind of care the right may in...Health care; Rights; Americans1992
69 Voluntary euthanasia and the risks of abuse: can we learn anything from the Netherlands?In the United Stares' quite volatile public debates over the legalization of voluntary active euthanasia and physician assisted suicide, much has been made of the risk of abuse. Indeed, it was probably tears of abuse that contributed more than any other single factor to the 1991 defeat of the Unite...Slippery slope; Deliberations; Scruples1992
70 Dying in 559 beds: efficiency, "best buys," and the ethics of standardization in national health careIn The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, the "heavy, difficult book" begun in Rome during the winter of 1903-4 and not finished until 1910 in Paris, Rilke employs a series of rapid, jolting impressions to express his pervasive concern with death and his distress about the institutional character o...1992
71 Importance of models in theorizing: a deflationary semantic viewIt is commonly acknowledged in science that model construction is one of the most important components of theorizing. Philosophers of science are gradually coming to acknowledge this situation, spurred on by holders of the semantic view of theories. In this paper I wish to defend a very deflationary...Theories; Mathematical; Scientific1992
72 Assisted suicide: can we learn from Germany?As the United States' public discussion of euthanasia and assisted suicide grows increasingly volatile, our interest in the Netherlands--the only country that openly permits the practice of euthanasia--has grown enormously. How do they do it? we ask. What drugs do they use? How many cases of euthan...Assisted suicide; Netherlands; Right to die1992
73 To die or not to die? cross-disciplinary, cultural, and legal perspectives on the right to choose deathOne things to lament, as public discussion of the right to die approaches a rolling boil, is the insularity of American View about withholding and with-drawing treatment, euthanasia and suicide. To Die or Not to Die? presents ten papers which challenge this insularity from the points of view of vary...1992
74 To die or not to die? (Book Review)Reviews the book `To Die or Not to Die? Cross-disciplinary, Cultural, and Legal Perspectives on the Right to Choose Death,' edited by Arthur S. Berger and Joyce Berger.Books; Law; Death1992-07
75 Law and Philosophy;: from skepticism to value theoryTo write about Philosophy; and law is both odd and daunting. It is odd because the topic seems to presuppose that the two fields are separate and that Philosophy; may be unfamiliar to legal practice and legal practitioners. Yet, recognized or not, Philosophy; is part of the ordinary life of law sch...1993
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