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51 Sobh, Tarek M.; Henderson, Thomas C.A dynamic framwork for intelligent inspectionCAD Computer Aided Design typically involves the design manufacture and inspection of a me chanical part. The problem of reverse engineering is to take an existing mechanical part as the point of departure and to inspect or produce a design and perhaps a manufacturing process for the part. ...CAD; Manufacture; Inspection; Intelligent inspection1992
52 Sobh, Tarek M.; Henderson, Thomas C.A dynamic recursive structure for intelligent explorationWe suggest a new approach for inspection and reverse engineering applications. In particular, we investigate the use of discrete event dynamic systems (DEDS) to guide and control the active exploration and sensing of mechanical parts for industrial inspection and reverse engineering. We introduce dy...Intelligent exploration; Discrete event dynamic systems; DEDS; Dynamic recursive finite state machines; DRFSM1992
53 Sobh, Tarek M.; Henderson, Thomas C.A dynamic recursive structure for intelligent inspectionWe suggest a new approach for inspection and reverse engineering applications. In particular we investigate the use of discrete event dynamic systems DEDS to guide and control the active exploration and sensing of mechanical parts for industrial inspection and reverse engineering?? We introduce...Intelligent inspection; Discrete event dynamic systems; DEDS; Industrial inspection; Dynamic recursive structure1992
54 Whitaker, Ross T.A fast iterative method for a class of Hamilton-Jacobi equations on parallel systemsIn this paper we propose a novel computational technique, which we call the Fast Iterative Method (FIM), to solve a class of Hamilton- Jacobi (H-J) equations on massively parallel systems. The proposed method manages the list of active nodes and iteratively updates the solutions on those nodes u...Fast Iterative Method; FIM; Parallel systems2007
55 Smith, Kent F.A fast parallel squarer based on divide-and-conquerFast and small squarers are needed in many applications such as image compression. A new family of high performance parallel squarers based on the divide-and-conquer method is reported. Our main result was realizing the basis cases of the divide-and-conquer recursion by using optimized n-bit primiti...Squarer; Parallel squarers; Divide-and-conquer; MOPS; CMOS1995
56 Mathews, V. JohnA fast recursive least-squares adaptive nonlinear filterThis paper presents a fast, recursive least-squares (RLS) adaptive nonlinear filter. The nonlinearity in the system is modeled using the Hammerstein model, which consists of a memoryless polynomial nonlinearity followed by a finite impulse response linear system. The complexity of our method is abou...1988
57 Mathews, V. JohnA fast recursive least-squares second order volterra filterABSTRACT This paper presents a fast, recursive least-squares (RLS) adaptive nonlinear filter. The nonlinearity is modelled using a second order Volterra series expansion. The structure presented in the paper makes use of the ideas of fast RLS multichannel filters and has a computational complexity ...1988
58 Henderson, Thomas C.; Hansen, Charles D.A fault tolerant sensor schemeMulti-sensor systems pose the problem of how to coherently and efficiently treat the data provided by the various sensors. However. the availability of greater numbers of sensors also broadens the ability to build fault tolerant sensor systems. We define a framework in which sensors can be abstractl...Multi-sensor systems; Logical sensors1983
59 Lenart, Joshua B.A Feasibility Study of a Transfer of Federal Lands: Assessing the Triple Bottom LineThis feasibility study identifies various aspects of the proposed transfer of public federal lands to individual states by characterizing the most significant challenges that the transfer entails for civil and environmental engineers.2016
60 Simpson, Jamesina J.A feasibility study of microjets applied to breast cancer detectionThe feasibility of detecting small tumors of diameter 0.5mm inside a human breast is demonstrated using microjets. Microjets are photonic nanojets scaled to microwave frequencies wherein a plane-wave-illuminated dielectric sphere produces a high-intensity, narrow beam of light extending from the sha...2012-01-01
61 Sutherland, James ClaytonA filter-independent model identification technique for turbulent combustion modelingIn this paper, we address a method to reduce the number of species equations that must be solved via application of Principal Component Analysis (PCA). This technique provides a robust methodology to reduce the number of species equations by identifying correlations in state-space and defining new v...2012-01-01
62 Lindstrom, Gary E.A framework for module-based language processorsA system composed of interconnected modules is a module-based system. We present an object-oriented (0-0) framework for the development of processors for module-based systems, such as compilers for 0-0 languages, linkers/loaders, and tools for user/system libraries. We claim t h a t this framework,...Language processors; Jigsaw; Module-based1993
63 Michell, NickA gallium arsenide mutual exclusion elementA mutual exclusion element is a key component in building asynchronous and self-timed circuits. As part of our effort to design high performance self-timed circuits, we have designed a mutual exclusion element in gallium arsenide. This circuit has been fabricated in a 1.2? process and tested. A test...Mutual exclusion element; Self-timed circuits1993
64 Mathew, Binu K.; Davis, Al; Fang, ZhenA Gaussian probability accelerator for SPHINX 3Accurate real-time speech recognition is not currently possible in the mobile embedded space where the need for natural voice interfaces is clearly important. The continuous nature of speech recognition coupled with an inherently large working set creates significant cache interference with other...Speech recognition; SPHINX 3; Speech recognizers2003-07-22
65 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshA general compositional approach to verifying hierarchical cache coherence protocolsModern chip multiprocessor (CMP) cache coherence protocols are extremely complex and error prone to design. Modern symbolic methods are unable to provide much leverage for this class of examples. In [1], we presented a method to verify hierarchical and inclusive versions of these protocols using ...Hierarchical cache coherence protocols; Verification2006-11-26
66 Yang, Yue; Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Lindstrom, Gary E.A generic operational memory model specification framework for multithreaded program verificationGiven the complicated nature of modern architectural and language level memory model designs, it is vital to have a systematic ap- proach for specifying memory consistency requirements that can support verification and promote understanding. In this paper, we develop a spec- ification methodolog...Multithreaded program verification2003
67 Tasdizen, Tolga; Whitaker, Ross T.A geometric multigrid approach to solving the 2D inhomogeneous laplace equation with internal drichlet boundary conditionsThe inhomogeneous Laplace (Poisson) equation with internal Dirichlet boundary conditions has recently appeared in several applications to image processing and analysis. Although these approaches have demonstrated quality results, the computational burden of solution demands an efficient solver. Desi...2005
68 Lefohn, Aaron; Whitaker, Ross T.A GPU-based, three-dimensional level set solver with curvature flowLevel set methods are a powerful tool for implicitly representing deformable surfaces. Since their inception, these techniques have been used to solve prob- lems in fields as varied as computer vision, scientific visualization, computer graphics and computational physics. With the power and flexi...GPU-based; Level set solver2002-12-11
69 Sobh, Tarek M.A graphical environment and applications for discrete event and hybrid systems in robotics and automationIn this paper we present an overview for the development of a graphical environment for simulating, analyzing, synthesizing, monitoring, and controlling complex discrete event and hybrid systems within the robotics, automation, and intelligent system domain. We start by presenting an overview of di...Intelligent system domain; Graphical environment1994
70 Warnock, John E.A hidden line algorithm for halftone picture representationIn exploring applications in computer graphics, one finds quickly that the representation of three dimensional objects in picture form is both a desirable and necessary capability. Applications dealing with any form of spatial design or with visual environment simulation need the ability to represen...Halftone picture representation; Spatial design1968
71 Khan, Faisal HabibA high-efficiency modular switched-capacitor converter with continuously variable conversion ratioThe multilevel modular capacitor clamped converter (MMCCC) topology overcomes the difficulties of the multilevel switched capacitor (SC) based dc-to-dc converters in high conversion ratio applications. MMCCC is completely modular and has many other advantageous features. Like most other SC converter...2012-01-01
72 Mastrangelo, Carlos H.A high-resolution flexible tactile imager system based on floating comb electrodesFlexible high-resolution contact force imagers are needed in many applications for robotic grippers and gait analysis, but its intrinsic intimate contact requirement often causes breaking of top metallization layers and failure in a short time. The use of floating electrodes has significantly improv...2012-01-01
73 Furse, Cynthia M.A history & future of implantable antennasImplantable antennas have been used for communication with medical implants for decades. This paper traces their roots from early transcutaneous inductively coupled devices to the microstrip and wire antennas in use today. A suggestion for where this technology may go in the future as medical device...2014-01-01
74 Cohen, ElaineA hole-filling algorithm for triangular meshesData obtained by scanning 3D models typically contains missing pieces and holes. These can be caused due to scanning artifacts or artifacts in the surface due to wear and tear. We provide a method based on the Moving Least Squares projection to fill holes in triangular meshes obtained during the ...Hole-filling algorithm; Triangular meshes; 3D models; Scanning2004-12-20
75 Starkey, MikeA lisp-based occam interpreterThe OCCAM programming language is an implementation of Communicating Sequential Processes and is used in a number of different areas. These areas usually require explicitly describing small-grain paralleslism. OCCAM programs formed by such descriptions can be tested for correctness by executing the...Lisp-based; Occam interpreter1991
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