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51 Accuracy of Pulmonary Artery and Wedge Pressure Measurements (Letter)1984Textir_uspace
52 Advanced methods for detection of adverse drug events in clinical notes.2007-08Textir_etd
53 Advancing clinical decision support (CDS) and electronic clinical quality measurement (ECQM)2017Textir_etd
54 Aiding clinicians through summarization of perinatal data2009-09-23InteractiveResourceir_uspace
55 American Thoracic Society - Device Standards (Editorial)1975Textir_uspace
56 An Analysis of Granulocyte Kinetics in Blood and Bone Marrow1964Textir_uspace
57 An Analysis of Leukocyte Radioactivity Curves Obtained with Radioactive Disssopropylflourophosphate (DFP)1959Textir_uspace
58 An Analysis of knowledge engineering process.1991-06Textir_etd
59 An Application of automated decision logic in diagnostic radiology.1980-06Textir_etd
60 An Approach to Evaluating the Completeness of a Medical Knowledge Base1989Textir_uspace
61 An Evaluation of Radiosulfate as a Granulocyte Label in the Dog1966Textir_uspace
62 An Interlingua for Electronic Interchange of Medical Information: Using Fames to Map between Clinical Vocabularies1991Textir_uspace
63 An efficient pipeline for high-performance information extraction of support clinical natural language processing2019Textir_etd
64 An in silico method to compare and evaluate computer-based clinical protocols2017Textir_etd
65 An informatics approach to chronic disease management in primary care: blending business intelligence and care process models2013-05Textir_etd
66 Analog Computer Analysis of Dispersion of Indicator in the Circulation1966Textir_uspace
67 Analog Computer Simulates Heart Response to Nerve Stimulation1961Textir_uspace
68 Analog Computer Simulation of Heart Response1961Textir_uspace
69 Analysis of Extended Pedigrees Ascertained for Asthma2010-05-17Textir_etd
70 Analysis of extended pedigrees for localizing of genes in neuropyschiatric disorders2010Textir_etd
71 Analysis of the Role of Indicator Technics in Quantitation of Valvular Regurgitation1962Textir_uspace
72 Analysis, prioritization, and simulation of space station medical care1987-06Textir_etd
73 Anti-zona pellucida antibodies in the serum and the follicular fluid of infertility patients undergoing in vitro fertilization1984-12Textir_etd
74 Application of knowledge discovery in databases methodologies for predictive models for pregnancy adverse events2010-08Textir_etd
75 Applying total quality management in healthcare information systems2000-12Textir_etd
51 - 75 of 726