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51 Organick, Elliott I.Characteristics of a functional programming languageA programming language kernel is presented where an algorithm is a function defined through a functional expression. The only data structure introduced is an object that may be an atom or a sequence of objects. A number of functional forms are defined, with a notation close to ordinary mathematical ...1980
52 Parker, Steven G.; Hansen, Charles D.Distributed interactive ray tracing for large volume visualizationWe have constructed a distributed parallel ray tracing system that interactively produces isosurface renderings from large data sets on a cluster of commodity PCs. The program was derived from the SCI Institute's interactive ray tracer (*-Ray), which utilizes small to large shared memory platforms, ...Ray tracing; Volume rendering; Large data; Cluster computing; Distributed shared memory2003
53 Regehr, John; Eide, Eric NormanMemory safety and untrusted extensions for TinyOSSensor network applications should be reliable. However, TinyOS, the dominant sensor net OS, lacks basic building blocks for reliable software systems: memory protection, isolation, and safe termination. These features are typically found in general-purpose operating systems but are believed to b...TinyOS2006-06-30
54 Hansen, Charles D.; Whitaker, Ross T.Interactive deformation and visualization of level set surfaces using graphics hardwareDeformable isosurfaces, implemented with level-set methods, have demonstrated a great potential in visualization for applications such as segmentation, surface processing, and surface reconstruction. Their usefulness has been limited, however, by their high computational cost and and reliance on sig...Deformation; Level sets; Deformable models; Image segmentation; Volume visualization; GPU; Streaming computation; Isosurfaces2003
55 Johnson, Robert R.Patterns of patternsPurpose of this Poster is to demonstrate that it takes the patterns of values in all the many dimensions to place each patient in the final patterns shown in each of the 5 charts. The final patterns determine the ability of each technology to identify or distinguish patients in each class. It is p...Gene patterns; Colon cancer; Trapeze Interactive poster2010-03-15
56 Kasera, Sneha K.; Patwari, NealMobility Assisted Secret Key GenerationSignature Based Key Generation. Wireless link signature; multiple paths caused by radio waves; their measurements are good signatures of links; link signatures measured almost symmetrically at two ends of wireless link, but cannot be measured from another location; use for secret key establishment;...
57 Evans, DavidGraphical man/machine communications: May 1967Semiannual technical report for period ending 15 May, 1967.1967-05
58 Freire, JulianaParallelizing tabled evaluationsSLG is a table-oriented resolution method that extends SLD evaluation in two ways. It computes the well-founded model for logic programs with negation with polynomial data complexity,and it terminates for programs with the bounded-term-size property. Furthermore SLG has an efficient sequential imple...Parallel logic programming; Tabling; Table parallelism; SLG; XSB1994
59 Seeley, DonnPassword cracking: a game of witsA password cracking algorithm seems like a slow and bulky item to put in a worm, but the worm makes this work by being persistent and efficient. The worm is aided by some unfortunate statistics about typical password choices.Password cracking algorithm; Computer worms1989
60 Cohen, ElaineA new local basis for designing with tensioned splinesRecently there has been a great deal of interest in the use of "tension" parameters to augment control mesh vertices as design handles for piecewise polynomials. A particular local cubic basis called p-splines, which has been termed a "generalization of B-splines", has been proposed as an appropriat...Tensioned splines1985
61 Kniss, Joe; Ikits, Milan; Lefohn, Aaron; Hansen, Charles D.Closed-form approximations to the volume rendering integral with Gaussian transfer functionsIn direct volume rendering, transfer functions map data points to optical properties such as color and opacity. We have found transfer functions based on the Gaussian primitive to be particularly useful for multivariate volumes, because they are simple and rely on a limited number of free paramet...Volume rendering2003-07-25
62 Balasubramonian, RajeevA case for increased operating system support in chip multi-processorsWe identify the operating system as one area where a novel architecture could significantly improve on current chip multi-processor designs, allowing increased performance and improved power efficiency. We first show that the operating system contributes a non-trivial overhead to even the most com...2005
63 Riloff, Ellen M.Exploiting role-identifying nouns and expressions for information extractionWe present a new approach for extraction pattern learning that exploits role-identifying nouns, which are nouns whose semantics reveal the role that they play in an event (e.g., an "assassin" is a perpetrator). Given a few seed nouns, a bootstrapping algorithm automatically learns role-identifying ...Information extraction; Role-identifying; Nouns; Expressions; Pattern learning; Basilisk bootstrapping algorithm2007
64 Tasdizen, Tolga; Whitaker, Ross T.Geometric surface processing via normal mapsThe generalization of signal and image processing to surfaces entails filtering the normals of the surface, rather than filtering the positions of points on a mesh. Using a variational framework, smooth surfaces minimize the norm of the derivative of the surface normals? i.e. total curvature. Pen...Geometric surface processing; Surface models2002-01-17
65 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshAsynchronous circuit verification using trace theory and CCSWe investigate asynchronous circuit verification using Dill's trace theory as well as Milner's CCS (as mechanized by the Concurrency Workbench). Trace theory is a formalism specifically designed for asynchronous circuit specification and verification. CCS is a general purpose calculus of communicat...Trace theory; Verification; CCS1992
66 Zhang, LixinReference manual of impulse system callsThis document describes the Im pulse system calls. The Impulse system calls allow user applications to use remapping functionality provided by the Impulse Adaptive Memory System to remap their data structures. Impulse supports several remapping algorithms. User applications choose the desired remapp...Impulse system calls; Remapping functionality; Impulse Adaptive Memory System; Remapping algorithms1999
67 Cohen, ElaineError bounded variable distance offset operator for free from curves and surfacesMost offset approximation algorithms for freeform curves and surfaces may be classified into two main groups. The first approximates the curve using simple primitives such as piecewise arcs and lines and then calculates the (exact) offset operator to this approximation. The second offsets the contro...Error bounded; Freeform curves1991
68 Riloff, Ellen M.Corpus-based bootstrapping algorithm for semi-automated semantic lexicon constructionMany applications need a lexicon that represents semantic information but acquiring lexical information is time consuming. We present a corpus-based bootstrapping algorithm that assists users in creating domain-specifi c semantic lexicons quickly. Our algorithm uses a representative text corpus for ...Bootstrapping algorithm; Lexicon construction1999-06
69 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshTransaction ordering verification of the PCI 2.1 protocol using trace inclusion refinementWe define an abstract model of PCI, called PCIA, and show that PCI is a refinement of PCIA based on tract inclusion. We then show that no traces of PCIA violate the Producer/Consumer property using the mur? explicit state ennumeration model checker. Given that PCIA does not violate the Producer/Cons...PCI; PCIA; tract inclusion2000
70 Mates, Phillip Lopes; Silva, Claudio T.crowdLabs: a provenance enabled web repositoryThe National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction (CMPO) is a multi-institutional center dedicated to coastal margins, which are regions consisting of very productive ecosystems that play an important role in global elemental cycles. CMPO ma...CrowdLabs; Web repository; Coastal margins; Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-03-15
71 Zhao, Lu; Regehr, JohnComparing program logics for reasoning about safety propertiesTo prove memory write and controls transfers do not interfere with other programs in embedded systems. Hoare Logic with Bale Predicate; Hoare Logic with Separation Conjunction.2010-10-06
72 Susarla, Sai R.Flexible multi-policy scheduling based on CPU inheritanceTraditional processor scheduling mechanisms in operating systems are fairly rigid, often supporting only one fixed scheduling policy, or, at most, a few "scheduling classes" whose implementations are closely tied together in the OS kernel. This paper presents CPU inheritance scheduling, a novel p...CPU inheritance1996
73 Hansen, Charles D.Model for volume lighting and modelingAbstract-Direct volume rendering is a commonly used technique in visualization applications. Many of these applications require sophisticated shading models to capture subtle lighting effects and characteristics of volumetric data and materials. For many volumes, homogeneous regions pose problems f...2003-04
74 Brunvand, Erik L.Fred: an architecture for a self-timed decoupled computerDecoupled computer architectures provide an effective means of exploiting instruction level parallelism. Selftimed micropipeline systems are inherently decoupled due to the elastic nature of the basic FIFO structure, and may be ideally suited for constructing decoupled computer architectures. Fred ...1996
75 Peterson, John W.Distributed computation for computer animationComputer animation is a very computationally intensive task. Recent developments in image synthesis, such as shadows, reflections and motion blur enhance the quality of computer animation, but also dramatically increase the amount of CPU time needed to do it. Fortunately, the computations involved w...Distributed computation1987
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