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51 Sorcerer's apprentice: head-mounted display and wandSorcerer's Apprentice is an interactive computer graphics system utilizing a head-mounted display and at three-dimensional wand. The system allows three-dimensional interaction with line drawings which are displayed in real time, that is about 20 frames per second. The display, worn like a pair of e...Sorcerer's apprentice; Head-mounted display; Three-dimensional wand1974
52 A boolean sum interpolation scheme to random data for computer aided geometric designThis thesis presents a new imterpolation function for randomly distributed data. The new interpolation function is capable of exactly reproducing quadratic surfaces. The new function is developed, through boolean sum theory, from Shepard's two dimensional interpolation functions and the Barnhill-Gre...Computer-aided geometric design; CAGD; Barnhill-Gregory; Interpolation functions1975
53 A parametric model for human facesThis report presents a computer model for the representation of human faces. This three-dimensional, parametric model produces shaded facial images. The face, constructed of polygonal surfaces, is manipulated through the use of parameters which control interpolation, translation, rotation and scalin...Parametric model; Human face1975
54 Monaural sensitivity to dispersion in impulses and speechMonaural sensitivity; Dispersion; Impulses; Speech1975
55 Image processing in the human visual systemThis work extends the multiplicative visual model to include image texture as suggested by experiments [Campbell, Weisel] linking a low resolution Fourier analysis with neurons in certain parts of the visual cortex. The new model takes image texture into account in the sense that weak texture is acc...Human visual system; Image texture1975
56 Image transmission and coding based on human visionIn recent years more and more attention was paid to digital image processing especially as the result of the development of highly efficient algorithms and also because of technologically better facilities. Concurrently attempts were made to find a mathematical model for human vision to achieve a be...Image transmission; Image coding; Human vision1975
57 Log spectral estimation for stationary and nonstationary processesThis research is concerned with two log spectral estimators in the context of both stationary and nonstationary signals. They differ because in one smoothing is realized before the logarithmic transformation, while the other is smoothed in the logarithimc domain. It is shown that for stationary sign...Log spectral estimation; Nonstationary processes; Log spectral estimators1975
58 The aliasing problem in computer-synthesized shaded imagesThis paper describes work toward improving the quality of computer-synthesized shaded images. Current (practical) hidden-surface algorithms produce an image whose precision is strictly limited by the number of picture elements. Problems caused by this limitation are described and explained in the t...aliasing problem; shaded images; hidden-surface algorithms1976
59 Acoustic signal processing based on the short-time spectrumThe frequency domain representation of a time signal afforded by the Fourier transform is a powerful tool in acoustic signal processing. The usefulness of this representation is rooted in the mechanisms of sound production and perception. Many sources of sound exhibit normal modes or natural frequen...Acoustic signal processing1976
60 The utilization of procedure models in digital image synthesisMany algorithms have been developed for synthesizing shaded images of three dimensional objects modeled by computer. In spite of widely differing approaches the current state of the art algorithms are surprisingly similar with respect to the richness of the scenes they can process. One attribute the...Digital image synthesis; Procedure models; Shaded images; Three dimensional objects1976
61 Pole-Zero modeling and its applications to speech processingAutocorrelation Pole-Zero modeling identifies the parameters of a rational transfer function H(z) whose short time-lag autocorrelations either exactly match (Autocorrelation partial Realization) or closely approximate (Autocorrelation Prediction) those of a given spectrum. As a result, the spectrum...Pole-Zero modeling; Speech processing1976
62 Word recognition in continuous speech using linear prediction analysisA promising method of automatic word recognition in continuous speech, recently designated as word spotting, has been demonstrated. The method uses error residual ratios from LPC (Linear Predictive Coding) vocoder analysis for waveform comparison and a dynamic programming procedure for time regist...Word recognition; continuous speech; linear prediction analysis; word spotting; error residual ratios; LPC; Linear Predictive Coding; vocoder analysis1976
63 The automatic sensing and analysis of 3-D surface points from visual scenesDescribed are the design and implementation of a new range-measuring sensing device and an associated software algorithm for constructing surface descriptions of arbitrary three-dimensional objects from single or multiple views. The sensing device, which measures surface points from objects in its ...Range-measuring; Sensing device1976
64 Shared memory as a basis for conservative distributed architectural simulationThis paper describes experience in parallelizing an execution-driven architectural simulation system used in the development and evaluation of the Avalanche distributed architecture. It reports on a specific application of conservative distributed simulation on a shared memory platform. Various comm...Shared memory; Avalanche distributed architecture1977
65 Application of the saber method for improved spectral analysis of noisy speechA stand alone noise suppression algorithm is described for reducing the spectral effects of acoustically added noise in speech. A fundamental result is developed which shows that the spectral magnitude of speech plus noise can be effectively approximated as the sum of magnitudes of speech and noise....Noise suppression algorithm; SABER method1977
66 Sensory information processing (1 January 1976 - 30 June 1976)The removal of the effects of atmospheric turbulence from optical images is a significant problem of long standing. Recent investigations by Knox and Thompson have led to the development of a restoration procedure which shows considerable promise. This procedure has not been successfully applied to ...Removal; Atmospheric turbulence; Interference; Restoration procedure1977
67 Improving linear prediction analysis of noisy speech by predictive noise cancellationThe analysis of speech using Linear Prediction is reformulated to account for the presence of acoustically added noise and a technique is presented for reducing its effect on parameter estimation. The method, called Predictive Noise Cancellation (PNC), modifies the noisy speech autocorrelations ...Linear prediction; Predictive Noise Cancellation; Noisy speech; Sppech analysis1977
68 Sensory information processing (1 July 1976 - 31 March 1977)The student of human visual perception is often overwhelmed by the vast amount of data that has been accumulated from experiments performed within the last century or so. It is often difficult to understand why a certain experiment has been performed.Results from similar experiments sometimes seem t...Sensory information processing1977
69 Image recognition using generalized correlationThis paper investigates the use of generalized cross-correlation in pattern matching when the objects may be of one or two dimensions. Generalized correlation can be used to determine the amount of dilatation and rotation between a given template and an object, in addition to determining the relativ...Image recognition; Generalized correlation1977
70 CONSIM: a converstional simulation language implemented through interpretive control self-modelingThis paper describes an implementation technique termed interpretive control self-modeling (ICSM) and outlines its application in the implementation of CONSIM, a prototype conversational simulation language. ICSM may be defined as the use of a higher-level programming language (HLL) to specify its o...CONSIM; Converstional simulation language; Interpretive control self-modeling; ICSM1977
71 Sensory information processing (1 July 1975 - 31 December 1975)In the previous semi-annual report a new method was described for removing blur from photographic images. Several experiments are described here illustrating the effect of adjusting the cutoff frequency of filters used in the restoration scheme.Blur; Photographic images; Restoration scheme1977
72 Noise suppression methods for robust speech processing (1 Oct. 1976 - 31 March 1977)To develop robust speech processes, based upon the integration of digital noise suppression methods and narrow band speech analysis-synthesis methods, capable of realizing practical, real time methods for effectively processing speech recorded in practical operating environments.Digital noise suppression1977
73 Digital color image processing and psychophysics within the framework of a human visual modelA three-dimensional homomorphic model of human color vision based on neurophysiological and psychophysical evidence is presented. This model permits the quantitative definition of perceptually important parameters such as brightness. saturation, huo and strength. By modelling neural interaction in t...Human visual model; Neurophysiological evidence; Psychophysical evidence1977
74 Efficiency in nondeterministic control through non-forgetful backtrackingNondeterministic (ND) control has long been used to express elegant solutions to complex search problems. Programs using ND control can be executed on conventional machines through a systematic examination of trial execution paths. Among the many approaches to the enumeration of these paths is backt...Nondeterministic control; Non-forgetful backtracking; Search problems1977
75 Design and implementation of a relational data base system for a minicomputerA data base system provides the advantages of centralized control of data including increased data independence. Design specifications for a low level relational data base interface are given in the form of a formal description which separates the implementation details from the description of the ...Data base system1977
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