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51 Assessing clinical researchers information needs to create responsive portals and tools: my research assistant (MyRA) at the University of Utah: a case studyQuestion: How can health sciences librarians and biomedical informaticians offer relevant support to Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) personnel? Setting: The Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library and the associate vice president for information technology for the health sciences o...2013-01-01
52 Assessing the Behavioral Impact of a Diagnostic Decision Support SystemBiomedical Informatics1995
53 Assessing the Effectiveness of a Computerized Pharmacy SystemBiomedical Informatics1990
54 Assessment of Ventricular Function in Coronary Artery Disease Using Nitroglycerin and Computerized Analysis of Left VentriculogramsBiomedical Informatics1975
55 ATS Statement - Snowbird Workshop on Standardization of SpirometryBiomedical Informatics1979
56 Automated Interpretation of the Mackay-Marg Tonograph by Digital ComputerBiomedical Informatics1973
57 Automated Transformation of Probabilistic Knowledge for a Medical Diagnostic SystemBiomedical Informatics1994
58 Automated Transformation of Probablistic Knowledge for a Medical Diagnostic SystemBiomedical Informatics1994
59 Automatisierung der HerzkathetertechnikBiomedical Informatics1970
60 Beyond relevance--characteristics of key papers for clinicians: an exploratory study in an academic settingObjective: The purpose of this study was to determine what factors beyond relevance influence a clinician's decision to choose to read one journal article over another in satisfying an information need. Design: Seventeen health care providers were interviewed and then surveyed regarding the characte...1996-01-01
61 Bioinformatics linkage of heterogeneous clinical and genomic information in support of personalized medicineObjectives: Biomedical Informatics as a whole faces a difficult epistemological task, since there is no foundation to explain the complexities of modeling clinical medicine and the many relationships between genotype, phenotype, and environment. This paper discusses current efforts to investigate su...2007-01-01
62 Biological Signals and Small Voltages (Letter)Biomedical Informatics1994
63 Biomedical Instrumentation in the Soviet UnionBiomedical Informatics1977
64 Birth of identity: Understanding changes to birth certificates and their value for identity resolutionIntroduction Identity information is often used to link records within or among information systems in public health and clinical settings. The quality and stability of birth certificate identifiers impacts both the success of linkage efforts and the value of birth certificate registries for identit...2014-01-01
65 Blood Pressue MonitoringBiomedical Informatics1998
66 Blood Pressure Monitoring: Sharing Common Elements, ProblemsBiomedical Informatics1982
67 Bringing HELP to the Clinical Laboratory - Use of an Expert System to Provide Automatic Interpretation of Laboratory DataBiomedical Informatics1987
68 Building a Comprehensive Clinical Information System from Components: The Approach at Intermountain Health CareBiomedical Informatics2003
69 C subunits binding to the protein kinase A RI alpha dimer induce a large conformational change.We present structural data on the RI alpha isoform of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase A that reveal, for the first time, a large scale conformational change within the RI alpha homodimer upon catalytic subunit binding. This result infers that the inhibition of catalytic subunit activity is not the...Protein Kinase; cAMP2004-04-30
70 Calibration and Quality Control in the Pulmonary Laboratory - Why? (Editorial)Biomedical Informatics1983
71 Can Automation Make Interactive Medical History Taking Feasbile and Acceptable?Biomedical Informatics1974
72 Cardiovascular Effects of Glucagon Following Cardiac SurgeryBiomedical Informatics1970
73 The Central Arterial Pressure Pulse Contour as an Index to Left Ventricular Stroke Volume in ManBiomedical Informatics1953
74 Challenges and Opportunities for Computerizing the Anesthesia RecordBiomedical Informatics1994
75 Challenges and strategies of the Genetics Home ReferenceObjective: This paper focuses on the first two years of operation of Genetics Home Reference (GHR), a Web-based resource <http://www.ghr.nlm.nih.gov> for the general public that helps to explain the health implications of findings from the Human Genome Project. Methods and Findings: Key challenges o...2006-01-01
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