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26 Predicted transport of air pollutants from the Navajo and Kaiparowits Generating Stations into Lake Powell1976Text
27 The role of transportation of energy in the development of the Southwest1977Text
28 Kaiparowits handbook: coal resources: interim report1976Text
29 Employment benefits from rural industrializatio1977Text
30 The concentrations of ten heavy metals in some selected Lake Powell game fishes1976Text
31 Some social consequences of boomtowns1977Text
32 The effects of power production and strip mining on local Navajo populations1976Text
33 Major element geochemistry of Lake Powell1974Text
34 The Navajo Environmental Protection Commission and the environmental impact statement1976Text
35 Boomtown impacts of energy development in the Lake Powell region1976Text
36 Macroinvertebrates and diatoms on submerged bottom substrates, Lake Powell1977Text
37 Environmental impact assessment and review in energy decision making: state participation in the Lake Powell region1977Text
38 Toward a framework for evaluating the impact of procedural change upon policy: the case of the Kaiparowits environmental impact statement1977Text
39 The relationship of economic variations to mortality and fertility patterns on the Navajo reservation1976Text
40 A survey of fertility histories and contraceptive use among a group of Navajo women1976Text
41 Long-term surface-water supply and streamflow trends in the upper Colorado river basin: based on tree-ring analyses1976Text
42 Shoreline ecology of Lake Powell1976Text
26 - 50 of 42