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26 Employment benefits from rural industrializatio1977uu_gcText
27 Navajo participation in labor unions1975uu_gcText
28 Some social consequences of boomtowns1977uu_gcText
29 Legal-political history of water resources development in the upper Colorado River Basin1974uu_gcText
30 The effects of power production and strip mining on local Navajo populations1976uu_gcText
31 Major element geochemistry of Lake Powell1974uu_gcText
32 The Navajo Environmental Protection Commission and the environmental impact statement1976uu_gcText
33 Boomtown impacts of energy development in the Lake Powell region1976uu_gcText
34 Sedimentation in Lake Powell1978uu_gcText
35 The prospects for Navajo taxation of non-Indians1976uu_gcText
36 The effect of Lake Powell on dissolved silica cycling in the Colorado River1977uu_gcText
37 Predicted transport of air pollutants from the Navajo and Kaiparowits Generating Stations into Lake Powell1976uu_gcText
38 The macroeconomic impact of energy development in the Lake Powell area1975uu_gcText
39 Survey of Navajo community studies, 1936-19741975uu_gcText
40 Prehistoric and historic steps and trails of Glen Canyon - Lake Powell1977uu_gcText
41 The role of transportation of energy in the development of the Southwest1977uu_gcText
42 Scientific information in the decision to dam Glen Canyon1975uu_gcText
26 - 50 of 42