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26 Landslides in the Coal Hill area, Kane County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1964-06ir_etdImage
27 Geology of the Picture Rock Hills quadrangle, Southwestern Keg Mountains, Juab County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1975ir_etdImage
28 Geology of the Paria Northwest quadrangle, Kane County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1970-08ir_etdImage
29 Subsurface stratigraphy of the Wasatch Formation of the Uinta Basin, Utah: Georeferenced map files1963-05ir_etdImage
30 A study of primary sedimentary structures around the Moab anticline, Grand County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1965-08ir_etdImage
31 Geology of the Terrace and Hogup Mountains, Box Elder County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1964-06ir_etdImage
32 Structural geology of the Willard Peak Area, North-Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah: Georeferenced map files1972-12ir_etdImage
33 Geology of the Soldier Summit quadrangle, Utah: Georeferenced map files1965-06ir_etdImage
34 Geology of the Davis Knolls and northern Big Davis Mountain area, Tooele County, Utah: Georeferenced map files1962-08ir_etdImage
35 Parunuweap formation in the vicinity of Zion National Park, Utah: Georeferenced map files1969-06ir_etdImage
36 Geology of the Wanship - Park City Region, Utah: Georeferenced map files1952-06ir_etdImage
37 Geology and structure of Stansbury Island: Georeferenced map files1969-06ir_etdImage
38 Clastic laramide sediments of the Wasatch Hinterland, Northeastern Utah: Georeferenced map files1974ir_etdImage
39 Salt Lake City, 1950: Sheet 1641950ir_uspaceImage
40 Salt Lake City, 1950: Sheet 1631950ir_uspaceImage
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