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26 7th East - 17th South to 21st South -Shot 11959-07-28Image/StillImage
27 7th East 3rd South, looking north1957-04-26Image/StillImage
28 7th East 5th South -Shot 11957-04-26Image/StillImage
29 7th East Construction -Shot 11956-11-13Image/StillImage
30 7th East Construction -Shot 101956-11-13Image/StillImage
31 7th East Construction -Shot 21956-11-13Image/StillImage
32 7th East Construction -Shot 31956-11-13Image/StillImage
33 7th East Construction -Shot 41956-11-13Image/StillImage
34 7th East Construction -Shot 51956-11-13Image/StillImage
35 7th East Construction -Shot 61956-11-13Image/StillImage
36 7th East Construction -Shot 71956-11-13Image/StillImage
37 7th East Construction -Shot 81956-11-13Image/StillImage
38 7th East Construction -Shot 91956-11-13Image/StillImage
39 7th South 10th East Road Construction -Shot 11959-10-19Image/StillImage
40 Carr Fork Roadway in Bingham Canyon -Shot 11956-08-02Image/StillImage
41 Carr Fork Roadway in Bingham Canyon -Shot 21956-08-02Image/StillImage
42 Carr Fork Roadway in Bingham Canyon -Shot 31956-08-02Image/StillImage
43 City Creek Canyon Road -Shot 31955-09-15Image/StillImage
44 City Creek Canyon Road -Shot 41955-09-15Image/StillImage
45 City Creek Canyon Road -Shot 51955-09-15Image/StillImage
46 City Creek Canyon Road -Shot 61955-09-15Image/StillImage
47 East-West Freeway -Shot 11964-08-06Image/StillImage
48 East-West Freeway -Shot 11963-02-06Image/StillImage
49 East-West Freeway -Shot 21964-08-06Image/StillImage
50 East-West Freeway -Shot 21963-02-06Image/StillImage
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