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26 Moraine, Mt. Cook, N.Z.1916uum_mapImage
27 Museum in New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
28 Museum in New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
29 New Zealand countryside.1987-12uum_map_usa
30 New Zealand countryside.1987-12uum_map_usa
31 New Zealand countryside.1987-12uum_map_usa
32 New Zealand countryside.1987-12uum_map_usa
33 New Zealand harbor filled with boats.1987-12uum_map_usa
34 New Zealand hot pots blowing steam.1987-12uum_map_usa
35 New Zealand performers.1987-12uum_map_usa
36 New Zealand performers.1987-12uum_map_usa
37 Old and new lateral moraine below Tasman glacier, New Zealand, 19161916uum_mapImage
38 Paul W. Levorsen, Murray, Utah: an interview by Benjamin Bahlmann, September 21, 2002: Saving the Legacy tape no. 5412002-09-21uum_slohpText
39 Raised beach, Cook Straits,1916uum_mapImage
40 Raised marine beach, Cook Straits, New Zealand, 19161916uum_mapImage
41 Ross Fullmer, Salt Lake City, Utah: an interview by Becky B. Lloyd, April 12 and 15, 2002: Saving the legacy tape no. 4402002-04-12; 2002-04-15uum_slohpText
42 Sooty Shearwater2004-11-28uu_wssSound
43 Stream issuing from glacier, Mt. Cook, New Zealand, 19161916uum_mapImage
44 Terminal and lateral moraines, Hooker(?) glacier, Mt. Cook, New Zealand, 19161916uum_mapImage
45 View of New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
46 View of New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
47 Zoo in New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
48 Zoo in New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
49 Zoo in New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
50 Zoo in New Zealand.1987-12uum_map_usa
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