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26 Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC), Regional 2035 Transportation Planuu_lu_tspText
27 Fiscal Impacts of Alternative Land Development Patterns in Michigan: the costs of current development versus compact growth: summary of findings1997-06uu_lu_tspText
28 Region at a Crossroads:_The Preferred Choice1990-09uu_lu_tspText
29 Region 2040 Concepts for Growth: Report to Council1994-06uu_lu_tspText
30 San Luis Obispo 2035 Land Use and Traffic Modeling Report2010-01-11uu_lu_tspText
31 Waco Urban Transportation Study (WUTS), Future Land Use Study for McLennan Countyuu_lu_tspText
32 Smart Growth Twin Cities: Regional Dev Options Report2002-10uu_lu_tspText
33 Champaign Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study, Long Range Transportation Plan 20252004-12uu_lu_tspText
34 Durham-Chapel Hill-Carrboro 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan Alternatives Analysis Report2008-08-13uu_lu_tspText
35 San Francisco Bay Area Alternative Growth Scenarios2009uu_lu_tspText
36 Regional 2025 Transportation Plan2003-03-26uu_lu_tspText
37 Eureka Township Envisioning Task Force, Summary Report2003-10uu_lu_tspText
38 Shasta County Regional Transportation Planning Agency, Shasta Forward>>Regional Blueprint Projectuu_lu_tspText
39 Willamette Valley Summary Report2000-12uu_lu_tspText
40 Envision Cache Valley Final Report & Toolkit2010uu_lu_tspText
41 Hillsborough County Transit Concept for 20502007-11-30uu_lu_tspText
42 Montgomery County Comprehensive Growth Policy Study1989-08uu_lu_tspText
43 Oregon Region 2040 Recommended Alternative Decision Kit1994-09uu_lu_tspText
44 Atlanta Regional Transportation Plan, Volume 12007-08-31uu_lu_tspText
45 San Diego Land Use Alternatives - 2020 Cities/County Forecast1998-11uu_lu_tspText
46 Room for Growth, Room for Open Space: Planning for a Sustainable Future2002-10uu_lu_tspText
47 Puget Sound Regional Council, Vision 2040 Final Environmental Impact Statementuu_lu_tspText
48 Alternatives for Future Urban Growth in California's Central Valley1995-10uu_lu_tspText
49 Albany-Schenectady-Troy Metropolitan Area, New Visions 2030: The Plan for a Quality Region2007-08uu_lu_tspText
50 Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), Communities in Motion: Implementation Guide2007uu_lu_tspText
26 - 50 of 114