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26 Tung, Wei-ChenExamination of the transtheoretical model and physical activity in family caregivers in Taiwan.Taiwan; Physical Activity; Family caregivers; Nursing; Public Health; Families and Family Life; Physical Fitness; Correlation AnalysisNursing2003-05
27 Khader, Joy Maxine.Factors which influence breastfeeding premature infants who require hospitalization in a neonatal intensive care unit.Mother-Child Relations; NursingNursing1979-12
28 Marchette, Nyven John.Experimental tularemia in wild animals.Microbiology; Natural InfectionPathology1960-08
29 Jama, Mohamed AbdiSequencing of Exon 28 of von Willebrand Factor and Glycoprotein IB Genes to Identify Type 2B von Willebrand Disease and Platelet Type-Von Willebrand Diseasevon Willebrand Disease; von Willebrand Factor; Nucleotide SequencePathology2010-03-17
30 Sims, Sharon L.On choosing: tenure decision making in academic nursing.Decision Making; Higher EducationNursing
31 deMontigny-Korb, MariaAnorexia nervosa from a socially contextual perspective: variables of vulnerability in a university population.Social Environment; Weight Perception; WomenNursing1991-08
32 Holden, Kathryn Irene.A Model for problem solving using computer-assisted instruction.Learning Theories; Instructional DesignBiomedical Informatics1980-12
33 Sadre-Bazzaz, KianoushStructural Studies of the Proteasome activator BLM10Proteolytic EnzymesBiochemistry2010-02-08
34 Kimmel, Joe RCrystalline Papain.Biochemistry; RecrystallizationBiochemistry1954-08
35 Wilson, Ursula Maria Knoki.Blood loss at delivery and serum calcium levels of Navajo women.Blood; Childbirth; Navajo IndiansNursing1997-06
36 Stevenson-Brim, Audrey M.The Relationship between maternal fitness level and length of active labor, use of analgesics, and incidence of perineal laceration in primiparas.Physical Fitness; Obstetrical Nursing; MidwiferyNursing1990-06
37 Cameron, D. Joshua.Functional and genetic studies in the macular degeneration genes ELOVL4 and HTRA1.Mice; ElectrophysiologyNeurology2007-08
38 Mulrooney, Tamsin.The lived experience of cognitive impairment in women treated with chemotherapy for breast cancer.Psychological Aspects; Breast CancerNursing2007-12
39 Westenskow, Peter DCritical Roles of WNT/B-Catenin Signaling During Development of the Retinal Pigment EpitheliumEye; EpitheliumNeurosurgery2010-04-21
40 Fewkes, Margaret SusanRelationship between birthday and deathday in the institutionalized elderly.Nursing; StatisticsNursing1982-08
41 Newton, Nicol NukuDesign and evaluation of an electrochemical bioreactor for water treatmentWater, Purification, Biological treatment;Bioreactors; Mine drainage, Waste minimizationMetallurgical Engineering2008-08
42 Spirio, Lisa NeanGenetic and molecular analysis of a variant form of adenomatous polyposis coliGenetics; Etiology; Adenomatous Polyposis ColiHuman Genetics1995-12
43 Harn, Stanton DouglasInflammatory response of the urinary bladder wall to streptococcal infectionStreptococcus; Autoimmune DiseaseNeurobiology & Anatomy1972-06
44 Richards, Burt T.Conditional mutators and tumorigenesisCancer; DNAOncological Sciences1999-08
45 Scheetz, Sandra LouiseRecent life stress and ego strength in hospitalized and non-hospitalized subjectsStress; Psychology; EgoNursing1974-06
46 Gardner, Reed McArthurDynamic aortic diameter measurements in vivo using Roentgen videometryPhysiologyBioengineering1968-06
47 Oniki, Thomas AlanComputerized selection of pulse oximeter arterial oxygen saturation dataData Processing; MedicineBiomedical Informatics1992-12
48 McCarthy, Colleen MargaretWorker exposures during maintenance of ion implanters in the semiconductor industryAir Contaminants; Arsenic; Phosphorous; MolybenumFamily & Preventive Medicine1984-06
49 Oleson, Kathy J.Applying total quality management in healthcare information systemsData Procesing; University of Utah Health Sciences CenterBiomedical Informatics2000-12
50 Glasheen, Kathleen Th©r©se BakewellStudy of acquisition of content knowledge during a listening-and-responding-skills workshop for nursesNurse and Patient; WorkshopsNursing1974-12
26 - 50 of 6,333