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26 A biomechanical analysis of seating stresses based upon wheelchair propulsionThis thesis aims to measure th e difference in sea ted normal and sh e a r stre sse s based upon different types of wheelchair propulsion types. Previous studies have me asured biomechanical influence of wheelchair propulsion a t the u p p e r extremities. This study intends to measure the biomechan...Pressure; Pressure Ulcer Prevention; Shear Stress; Wheelchair Propulsion2013-05
27 A Candidate Gene Analysis of Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Elderly Women and the Nursing Implications of Personalized MedicineFunctional vitamin B12 (cobalamin) deficiency is a subtle, progressive clinical disorder affecting 6-23% of elderly adults. Its symptoms, including fatigue, mood disturbances, and decreased strength, are vague and erroneously attributed to aging. Detection of cobalamin deficiency in elderly adults i...2010-12
28 A case study of community cultural wealth among "mountain west" chicana/o college studentsThe purpose of this qualitative study was to identify some of the cultural wealth and resources that Chicano/Latino college students, families, and communities hold and share. By using Latino critical race theory (LatCrit) to conceptualize cultural wealth, it was possible to focus this study on an ...Chicana and Chicano; Community cultural wealth; Critical race theory; Cultural capital; Cultural wealth; Latina/o critical race theory2015-05
29 A cellularized biomaterial model of cardiac fibroblasts for evaluation of fibroblast induced changes in stiffnessChronic heart failure (CHF) is a life-altering long-term condition that contributes a substantial burden to our healthcare system. It is caused by a maladaptive remodeling of the heart mediated through fibroblast synthesis, degradation, and modification of extracellular matrix (ECM). It is currently...bioreactor; cardiac fibroblasts; perfusion; scaffold2013-05
30 A Characterization of NR0B1 in the Pathogenesis of Ewing's SarcomaEwing's sarcoma is a devastating pediatric malignancy. Current treatments are highly toxic, invasive, and not sufficiently targeted or efficacious. It is hoped that knowledge of the molecular mechanisms required for disease development and maintenance willl assist in the generation of more direct...Ewing's Sarcoma2010-04
31 A chemical biology approach towards the development of strategies to target drug refractory breast cancerThe occurrence of treatment refractory tumors contributes significantly to the morbidity of cancer. Clinical treatment with chemotherapeutics frequently results in robust initial responses but the majority of patients relapse with drug-insensitive forms of the disease. Considering the lack of ther...Breast cancer; Chemical biology; Chemoresistance; Small molecule; Zinc2015
32 A collaboration: dance and theatreThis thesis explores the potential and the origin of dance and theatre as performing arts. I examine the relationship of the audience to performers, discuss the possibility for ritual and the sacred, and develop ideas for meaningful and effective collaboration of theatre and dance. It is through th...Audience; Collaboration; Dance; Performance; Theatre2011-05
33 A collective approach to harness idle resources of end nodesWe propose a collective approach for harnessing the idle resources (cpu, storage, and bandwidth) of nodes (e.g., home desktops) distributed across the Internet. Instead of a purely peer-to-peer (P2P) approach, we organize participating nodes to act collectively using collective managers (CMs). Part...Idle resources; End nodes; Collective managers2011-08
34 A Communication Ontology for Improving Quality and Safety Management in Air Medical TransportAir medical transport (AMT) is a complex process that requires coordination of aircraft and highly skilled professionals to transport critically ill patients to definitive care. To achieve optimal performance, medical transport services employ quality and safety management systems (QSMS) to report e...2015-05
35 A Comparative analysis of two computerized methods for patient history collection.The goal of this thesis is to compare a decision-driven data acquisition questionnaire (DDA) and a hierarchical branching questionnaire to see which format can obtain a history more effectively. Both questionnaires start with a few broad questions relevant to presenting the patient's region of illn...HELP (Computer File); Medical Records1987-08
36 A comparative grammar of XinkanThis dissertation is a comparative grammar of the four known Xinkan languages of southeastern Guatemala (Guazacapán, Chiquimulilla, Jumaytepeque, and Yupiltepeque). The goal of this grammar is twofold: to provide a thorough description of the Xinkan languages and to reconstruct Proto-Xinkan from wh...Endangered languages; Grammar; Language documentation; Mesoamerica; Xinkan; Xinca2010-08
37 A Comparative study of assertiveness characteristics among female nursing graduate students and other female graduate students at the University of Utah.The purpose of this master's thesis research project was to compare the assertiveness scores of graduate nursing students with other women graduate students at The University of Utah to determine if there was any significant difference. The problem was to describe and define the difference, in any,...Utah; Graduate Srudents; University of Utah1980-12
38 A Comparative study of attitudes and anxieties concerning death and dying.Death is one of the most difficult areas with which a nurse must learn to cope as she must work with her own feelings about it before she can be of therapeutic value to the dying patient. This study was conduced to gain further understanding of the nurses' attitudes and anxieties about death and dy...Nurses; Attitude (Psychology)1970-05
39 A Comparative study of baseball deflection between horizontal bat bunting position and forty0five0degree bat angle bunting position using videotape analysisThe purpose of this study was to determine to what extent a bat held at a forty-five-degree angle, to the horizontal, for bunting deflects a pitched baseball that prohibits the defense from catching an airborne foul ball in a significantly greater percentage of trials than would a bat held at a hori...1969
40 A comparative study of selected secondary school preservice music teacher education programs in the republic of korea and the united statesIn this study, I investigated and compared secondary school preservice music teacher education programs in the Republic of Korea and in the United States of America. The purpose of this study was to identify similarities and differences between secondary school preservice music teacher education pro...Korea; Music Education; Music Teacher; Preservice Music Teacher Education; Teacher Education; The United States2015-12
41 A comparative study on the physical properties of several ATP-creatine transphosphorylases.An investigation of the physical properties of ATP-creatine transphosphorylase isoenzymes from rabbit, calf, and human has been made. The isoenzymes isolated from the same species differ widely in the net charge and is illustrated by liquid-boundary electrophoresis for the isoenzymes isolated from ...Enzymes; Biochemisty1968-06
42 A Comparison of Creatinine Measurement by the Jaffe and Enzymatic Methods in an Outpatient PopulationSerum creatinine concentrations and estimated glomerular filtration rates (eGFR) are widely used for the evaluation of renal function. The Jaffe and enzymatic methods are the most common methods for creatinine measurement. The Jaffe method is commonly less expensive than enzymatic methods but may be...2014-12
43 A comparison of detoxification strategies in two populations of bryant's woodrat (neotoma bryanti)Herbivorous mammals use liver biotransformation enzymes to manage the highly toxic plant secondary compounds (PSC's) in their diets. Novel diets may require the use of different enzymes depending on the PSC composition. Woodrats (genus Neotoma) provide an exemplary model system for dietary studies, ...2011-05
44 A comparison of fixation and fractal measures of eye movement when viewing pictures with affective valenceThe goal of this research was to evaluate fractal statistics as an alternative method of quantifying eye movement when viewing pictures of different affective valence. Eye movement researchers have traditionally used measures of fixations and saccade variability to differentiate viewing patterns acr...Affect; Eye movement; Fixations; Fractals2016
45 A Comparison of Good and Poor Readers among Full-Blood Ute Indian Children on Factors Relating to the Home and SchoolThis study is intended to compare a group of good readers and a group of poor readers among the full-blood Ute Indian children in 1964 on school and home variables for the purpose of determining if statistically significant relationships exist.Ute children--Education (Early childhood); Ute Indians--Education1965-06
46 A comparison of Gosiute material culture and the archaeology of Western UtahIn archeology and ethnology the Great Basin has been not only one of the last, but is also one o the least studied sections of the United States. Many reports in both archeology and ethnology have been presented within the past twenty years but few attempts have been made to carrelate the cultures o...Gosiute Indians; Gosiute Indians; Antiquities Utah; Antiquities1952
47 A comparison of Grillparzer's "Der Traum, Ein Leben" with Calderon's "La Vida es Sueno"In Calderon's !'Life is a Dream", Segismundo,the son of Basilio,king of Poland,has teen kept in a tower since his "birth, because,through astrology,his father has "been told that his son would become a tyrant* The king has arranged to leave his throne to Astolfo and Estrella,nephew and niece,who are...Literature1908
48 A Comparison of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Microbiological Assays for CeftazidimeCeftazidime is an investigational cephalosporin antibiotic with a broad spectrum of activity. In early in vitro studies, antibacterial activity has been demonstrated against most aeorbic gram-negative organism, including Pseudomonas aeriginosa. Before the pharmacokinetics of a new antibiotic such a...1983-06
49 A comparison of instructional methods used in college-based medical-technology programs.This study was concerned with comparing instructional methods used in three schools, the University of Utah, Utah State University and Weber State College, in training Medical technologists. The University of Utah medical technology group consisted of 28 students. The instructors were practicing m...Curricula; Teaching1973-12
50 A comparison of job content and job descriptions among Utah laboratorians.The need for well-trained personnel in the medical laboratory setting has created a job market for those persons trained as medical technologists. Medical laboratory technicians and certified laboratory assistants have also taken advantage of the job market and have gained employment in the clinica...Medical Technologists; Job Descriptions1982-06
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