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26 Young, John CGeology of the Southern Lakeside Mountains, UtahGeology; Utah; Lakeside mountains; Stratigraphic; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1953-08
27 Setzer, Henry W.A distributional and taxonomic study of the kangaroo rats (genus dipodomys) of UtahKangroo rats; UtahBiology1944-08-15
28 White, Harold LeroyThe social significance of the industrial revolutionIndustrial revolutionSociology1931-05
29 Lauritzen, James ScottRefactoring the Retina with ConnectomicsNeuroscience Program2013-05
30 Walton, AnnMarie LeeBehaviors Among Latino Migrant and Seasonal FarmworkersNursing (College of)2015-08
31 Kwak, SeokhwanHydrotreating heavy oils over a commercial hydrodemetallation catalystHydrotreating heavy oils; Heavy oils; Commercial hydrodemetallation catalyst; Uinta Basin; BitumenChemical and Fuels Engineering1994-08
32 Lin, Liang ChingThe kinetics of the pyrolysis of tar sands and of the combustion of coked sandsTar sands; Coked sands; Pyrolysis; Uinta Basin; UtahFuels Engineering1988-12
33 Venkatesan, Valadi N.Fluid bed thermal recovery of synthetic crude from bituminous sands of UtahFluid bed thermal recovery; Synthetic crude; Bituminous sandsMining and Fuels Engineering1980-03
34 Chu, Kuang-ShingEffect of bitumen-derived coke on deactivation of hydrodemetallation catalyst (Abstract)Hydrodemetallation catalyst; Bitumen-derived coke; Chemical and fuels engineeringChemical and Fuels Engineering1995-06
35 Smith, Royce JayAsphalt ridge tar sands - flotation behavior and process design (Abstract)Tar sands; UtahMetallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering1980-12
36 Deshpande, Deepak AnantApplication of three phase ebullited bed reactors to petroleum upgradingThree phase ebullieted bed reactors; Petroleum; BitumenFuels Engineering1992-08
37 Hwang, JongsicApplication of dynamic supercritical fluid extraction to the recovery and upgrading of complex hydrocarbon mixturesFluid extraction; Hexadecane; Crude oil; Hydrocarbon mixturesChemical and Fuels Engineering1993-03
38 Subramanian, MurugesanSupercritical fluid extraction of oil sand bitumens from the Uinta Basin, UtahSupercritical fluid extraction; Uinta Basin; BitumensChemical and Fuels Engineering1996-12
39 Banks, Elizabeth YoungPetrographic characteristics and provenance of fluvial sandstone, sunnyside oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, Carbon County, UtahFluvial sandstone; Uinta Basin; Sunnyside oil-impregnated sandstoneGeology & Geophysics1981-12
40 Tang, HOng QingCombustion of carbonaceous residues on spent oil sands in a transport reactor (Abstract)Carbonaceous residues; Spent oil sands; Transport reactorChemical and Fuels Engineering1995-08
41 Peck, Judith R.A multitrait-multimethod investigation of depression and disability in rheumatoid arthritisDepression; Rheumatoid arthritis; disabilityPsychology1988-12
42 Limbos, Tomas ZamoraAmerican colonial policy in the Philippines (1916-1932)Philippines; American colonial policy; Jones actHistory; Political Science1933-05-15
43 Elnathan, FrancisThe effect of activated carbon particle size on gold cyanide adsorption and elutionCarbon particle size; Gold cyanide adsorptionMetallurgical Engineering2007-08
44 Schick, Robert BryantGeology of the Morgan-Henefer Area Morgan and Summit Counties, UtahGeology; Utah; Morgan County; Summit County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1955-05
45 Buist, Samuel IInduced polarization effect in land and marine CSEM data: applications for hydrocarbon explorationPetroleum prospecting; Electric prospectingGeology & Geophysics2009-08-27
46 Bengel, StefanieEffect of motor imagery on the neurological activation of the immobilized soleus muscleAnkle injuries; ImageryExercise & Sport Science2009-12-03
47 Orton, LarryUrban food productionFood; Schools; Designs; PlansArchitecture & Planning (College of)2006-05
48 Lowder, Bryan JeffreyProtein arrangement in the bacterial flagellar motor probed by site directed cross-linkingFlagella; Bacterial proteinsBiology2007-05-03
49 Kardas, SabanRegions, powers and secondary state bandwagoning under unipolarity: the case of Turkish-American relationsAlliances; Bandwagoning; Indirect threats; Regional security complexes; Turkish-American relations; UnipolarityPolitical Science2010
50 Nelson, Matthew APlease feel free: sensation, awareness, and choreographyChoreography; Mind and bodyModern Dance2008-05
26 - 50 of 6,252