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26 Implementation and evaluation of a real-time syndromic surveillance system for automatic detection of disease outbreaks in UtahGesteland, Per HansThe key to minimizing the effects of an intentionally caused disease outbreaks is early detection of the attack, rapid identification of the affected individuals and rapid initiafion of treatment. The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, and the Anthrax release in October 2001 made the establish...Biomedical Informatics
27 Computerized reminder for prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis in surgical patientsPatterson, RobertThe objective of the study was to develop a computerized reminder system to ensure that preoperative deep vein thrombosis (DVT) prophylaxis (anticoagulation or compression devices) was provided for eligible patients. The study design was a prospective trial with historic controls. The setting was LD...Biomedical Informatics
28 Nursing informatics competencies required of nurses in TaiwanChang, JiehThe rate of development and change in information technology is accelerating. This has a great effect on nursing. In today's workplace, nurses are required to be highly skilled professionals with both information technology and nursing expertise. Health educators and administrators have encouraged t...Nursing
29 Species and strain differences in xenobiotic-mediated induction of hepatic drug metabolizing enzymesManning, Bradford W.The nature of extent of drug metabolizing enzyme induction by exogenous compounds is often dependent on the animal being investigated, the chemical nature of the xenobiotic and the specific dosing protocol. Herein, the effects of both traditional and nontraditional inducing agents on the biotransfor...Pharmacology & Toxicology
30 Genetic analysis of celiac diseaseFeolo, Michael L.Celiac disease (CD) is an immunologically mediated inflamatory disorder of the small intestine. CD is induced by dietary exposure to the gluten proteins found in wheat, rye and barley. This disorder affects as many as 1 in 300 people of European descent, in whom it is associated with, the HLA-DQA1*0...Biomedical Informatics
31 Variables affecting children's blood pressuresWilliams, Lora Jean GardinerThe blood pressures of fifty hospitalized school age children were measured at interval to determine if the variables age, weight, sex, and the passage of time between readings have a significant effect on the systolic and diastolic blood pressures and the pulse pressure. The variables age, weight,...Nursing
32 Methodology for data set developmentLangford, Laura K. HeermannThe use of computers for multidisciplinary patient documentation has increased rapidly over the last 15 years. Each computerized patient care documentation system includes a predetermined set of data that is collected and stored based on the individual patient's clinical course and needs. To make th...Nursing
33 Relationship between chronic anxiety and perceptions of illness behavior in latency-aged childrenFerrari, PatriciaA primary mental health coal is helping children to develop self-esteem and the ability to cop with stress and anxiety. A preventive approach could foster an awareness of children at risk for chronic anxiety and in need of assistance, particularly in situations perceived to be unusually stressful. ...Nursing
34 Quantum yield and inhibition studies of the dye-sensitized photodynamic inactivation of trypsinGlad, Blaine WilliamWhen enzymes are illuminated with visible light in the presence of and appropriate sensitizing dye and oxygen, a loss of enzymatic activity is observed. This phenomenon is called photodynamic action or inactivation. Oxygen is consumed in the process. The present work, quantum yield determinations ...Biochemistry
35 History and development of nurse-midwifery education in Utah, 1965-1985Brugel, Janis Louis.; Litton, Lisa Jo.The Master of Science in Nursing, Parent-Child Program, Nurse Midwifery tract at the University of Utah was established in 1965. A review of relevant literature, written communications and extensive interviews with 13 faculty and graduates of the program reveals the following ingredients for its su...Nursing
36 The effects of a nutrition intervention program during pregnancySmith, Helen Louise; Sweeney, Carol ElaineThe problem of the study was to identify the effects of an individual prescription for protein and calorie requirements during pregnancy on subsequent maternal and infant outcomes. This study was a replication of Agnes Higgins' work at the Montreal Diet Dispensary using an experimental control grou...Nursing
37 Toward a model for reimbursing professional services in community pharmacy practiceStilling, William J.Over the last thirty years increasing numbers of patients have been insured by benefit plans that include prepayment of prescription medications as part of their health care coverage. This has occurred at the same time that the focus of pharmacist has shifted from an emphasis on compounding and dis...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
38 Design and feasibility study of calcitonin and cathepsin K inhibitor for colon deliveryLu, Richard HaiThe degradation of human calcitonin (hCT) by enzymes and mucosa from different gastrointestinal (GI) compartments was studied. The data from these studies are essential for the development of a hydrogel based colon-specific hCT delivery system. Lulminal and brush border membrane (BBM) enzymes from...Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
39 Illness behaviors of the patient with chronic headachesEschenbacher, Helen ElainePersonal beliefs, illness behaviors, and present expectations were identified in a group of 43 chronic headache patients. History taking mirroring a patient explanatory model was used for the interview. These patients had minimal insight into mechanisms and trigger factors of headaches. Headaches...Nursing
40 Does mood state affect postoperative narcotic needs of acute and chronic pain patients?Walsh, Donna ByrnesClinical studies support a multidimensional framework for the experience of pain. This study explored the differences in mood profiles between chronic and acute pain patients. The Derogatis Affects Balance Scale was employed to assess changes in the preoperative and postoperative mood states of pati...Nursing
41 Experience of a sore mouth in cancer patients receiving outpatient chemotherapyBrown, Carlton GeneOral mucositis (OM) is the most debilitating and treatment interruptive symptom associated with cancer treatment. The unfortunate outcomes of OM are that patients experience pain and other possible associated symptoms, the placement of feeding tubes. hospitalization, inadvertent breaks in the treatm...Nursing
42 Alumina from coal wastes through the formation of aluminum nitrideDickson, Donna MyraThe carbothermal reduction of coal wastes under a nitrogen atmosphere to form aluminum nitride and silicon carbide was carried out in the present study. The leaching of the aluminum nitride to subsequently produce aluminum hydroxide was also investigated. Thermodynamic and kinetic factors such as ...Metallurgical Engineering
43 Isolation and characterization of vitilevuamide from the ascidians Didemnum cuculliferum and Polysyncraton lithostrotumFernandez, Annette M.This dissertation was oriented towards the isolation and structure elucidation of novel biologically active metabolites from marine organisms collected in the South Pacific. In this investigation I focused on the characterization and biological evaluation of vitilevuamide, a novel bicyclic depsipept...Medicinal Chemistry
44 KANES : knowledge acquisition for a neuroradiology expert systemChang, Shien-YoungOne of the most severe obstacles to applying medical informatics to solve practical medical problems is acquiring the knowledge base. The Iliad knowledge base is among the most comprehensive medical knowledge bases in existence. The amount of effort devoted to its creation and maintenance is a testi...Biomedical Informatics
45 Decision support system for the diagnosis and management of pneumonia patientsAronsky, DominikDiagnostic decision support systems have a long tradition in medicine, but have not typically been integrated with clinical information systems. I describe five studies that were performed during the development, implementation, and evaluation efforts for a real time diagnostic decision support syst...Biomedical Informatics
46 Quality care and financial viability of rural nursing homes.Towsley, Gail L.This sequential mixed methods study examined factors associated with quality care and financial viability of rural nursing homes in the Mountain West. Rural nursing homes were sampled from the Online Survey Certification and Reporting system and Skilled Nursing Facility cost report databases, resul...Nursing
47 The role of ubiquitin in ATP-dependent proteolysis.Chin, David Tung-ball.Radiolabeled ubiquitin was introduced into HeLa cells by red cell-mediated fusion procedure. The nuclei contained two major labeled proteins, ubiquitin and protein A24. The cytosol contained ubiquitin and a series of ubiquitin-protein conjugates. When the cotransferred hemoglobin was denatured by ph...Biochemistry
48 Stress and symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus.Patton, Rita Colicchia.The purpose of this study was to identify and examine the relationship between a set a predictor variables and the criterion of physical and psychological symptoms manifested in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus). The sample of 49 patients was obtained from the files of four physici...Nursing
49 The chemistry of the nucleic acids.Westcott, Wayne L.Much more is known about the components of pentose nucleic acid than is known about those of desoxypentose nucleic acid. However, the manner of the inter-nucleotide linkage of both is still unknown. An experimental approach was suggested in an attempt to settle this point for the pentose nucleic a...Biochemistry
50 Geology of the Cedar Mountains Tooele County, Utah Part1Maurer, Robert E.The writer wishes to express his sincere gratitude to Dr.Daniel J. Jones for helpful comments regarding problems of the field work, for critical reading and suggestions in preparation of the manuscript, and for many valuable suggestions during the course of the study. Dr. W. Lee Stokes identified mo...Geology & Geophysics
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