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26 Lacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma (Kennerdell case 23, PPT)A 32-year-old woman referred with progressive right proptosis for at least one year duration. Referral was delayed by a pregnancy.Image
27 Lacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma (Kennerdell Case 28, PPT)A 34-year-old woman who presented with a one year history of a bulging right eye without pain or vision loss.Image
28 Lacrimal gland pleomorphic adenoma (Kennerdell Case 31, PPT)A 70-year-old woman who presented with a six month history of proptosis of the right eye without functional deficit.Image
29 Large cell follicular lymphoma (Kennerdell Case 4, PPT)A 45-year-old man referred with a 3 month history of progressive right proptosis with minimal discomfort and no functional deficit.Image
30 Liposarcoma (Kennerdell Case 33, PPT)A 46-year-old man who presented with a five week history of proptosis of the right eye accompanied by a moderate discomfort. There was no functional deficit.Image
31 Lymphangioma (Kennerdell Case 18, PPT)18-year-old man with painful 3 mm right proptosis for 24 hours.Image
32 Lymphangioma (Kennerdell Case 21, PPT)12-year-old boy referred with lymphangioma of the left lower lid previously biopsied. Left lower lid filled with lymphangiomatous tissue.Image
33 Lymphoma (Kennerdell Case 22, PPT)A 67-year-old man presented with a painless right proptosis and partial ptosis of three months duration.Image
34 Malignant adenoid cystic carcinoma of the lacrimal gland (Kennerdell Case 25, PPT)A 45-year-old man presented with a three month history of painless right proptosis without functional deficit.Image
35 Malignant fibrous histiocytoma (Kennerdell Case 36, PPT)A 52-year-old man who was referred with an eight month history of decreasing vision in the right eye. Visual acuity in the right eye was 20/20- and the left eye 20/20. He had an enlarged blind spot on right visual field testing and a 3 mm right proptosis.Image
36 Malignant Optic Nerve Glioma (Kennerdell Case 53, PPT)A 65-year-old man who presented with a three month history of blindness in the right eye, complaining of new vision loss in the left eye. He had no headache or eye pain.Image
37 Meningioma (Kennerdell Case 29, PPT)47-year-old woman who presented with a 1 to 2 year history of left proptosis with diplopia in the extreme left upward gaze position. There was no visual loss or discomfort.Image
38 Meningioma and blindness (Kennerdell Case 30, PPT)A 70-year-old man presenting with left proptosis and blindness in the left eye for over two years.Image
39 Metastatic Mucinous Adenocarcinoma (Kennerdell Case 38, PPT)Patient presented with painful left proptosis with a blind downward displaced eye for two weeks. He had a known history of gastric carcinoma with a gastric partial resection.Image
40 Neurofibromatosis (Kennerdell Case 19, PPT)A 10-year-old boy with neurofibromatosis with a progressively enlarging mass in the superior right upper lid causing ptosis and proptosis.Image
41 Optic nerve sheath meningioma (Kennerdell Case 34, PPT)A 54-year-old woman who presented with progressive painless right visual loss for several years. Visual acuity at presentation was counting fingers at one foot in the right eye and 20/20 in the left eye. She had a right afferent pupillary defect, but full motility.Image
42 Orbital lymphangioma (Kennerdell Case 2, PPT)A 56 year-old man with right proptosis of 5 mm with visual blurring on eccentric gaze.Image
43 Orbital lymphangioma (Kennerdell Case 3, PPT)A 52 year-old man who had right proptosis of 4 mm.Image
44 Orbital myositis (Kennerdell Case 42, PPT)A 45-year-old woman presenting with mild proptosis of the right eye with pain and double vision on medial rotation of the right eye.Image
45 Orbital varix (Kennerdell Case 17, PPT)A 14-year-old boy with a bluish, painful, variable swelling in the left lower lid worsening prior to our examination.Image
46 Orbital-intracranial abscess after dental procedure (Kennerdell Case 20, PPT)20-year-old woman who developed left orbital pain and swelling with complete ptosis, erythema and mild proptosis following an infection resulting from a left lower jaw wisdom tooth extraction. The infection gained access through the retropharyngeal space to the left orbit and intracranial space.Image
47 Ossifying Fibroma (Kennerdell Case 32, PPT)A 4-year-old girl presented with a 3 to 6 month history of drooping of the left upper lid together with bulging of the left eye. Visual acuity was grossly about 20/40 in each eye.Image
48 Osteoma of the ethmoid sinus (Kennerdell, Case 11, PPT)A 16 year old girl presented with a mild right proptosis and some discomfort of the right eye on adduction. The visual acuity and the visual field are intact. After operation, no complications and the slight proptosis was eliminated. The patient had no recurrence.Image
49 Proptosis and myopathy from dysthyroid orbitopathy (Kennerdell Case 47, PPT)A 48-year-old man was referred with marked proptosis in both eyes measuring approximately 27 mm by Hertel exophthalmometer. He also had severe myopathy with a left eye displaced nasally and superiorly. As a result he had inability to abduct and depress the left eye.Image
50 Proptosis and ptosis from lymphoma (Kennerdell Case 64, PPT)An 84-year-old woman was referred with a one-year history of left proptosis and ptosis. The upper lid had partially impaired vision. She was in good general health without evidence of a tumor elsewhere.Image
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