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26 The Energy Yardstick: Using PLACE3S to Create More Sustainable Communities1996-06uu_lu_tspText
27 Environmental Assessment: 17th Street Extension and Atlantic Steel Redevelopment Project, Fulton County, Georgia2000-08uu_lu_tspText
28 Envision Cache Valley Final Report & Toolkit2010uu_lu_tspText
29 Envision Missoula Long Range Transportation Plan2008-04uu_lu_tspText
30 Euclid PLACE3S Revitilization Programuu_lu_tspText
31 Eureka Township Envisioning Task Force, Summary Report2003-10uu_lu_tspText
32 Evaluation of the Transportation Impacts of Land Use and Development Scenarios1995-10uu_lu_tspText
33 Fargo-Moorhead Area Short and Long Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan1998-10uu_lu_tspText
34 Final Report1999-06uu_lu_tspText
35 Fiscal Impacts of Alternative Land Development Patterns in Michigan: the costs of current development versus compact growth: summary of findings1997-06uu_lu_tspText
36 Flagstaff Area Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan2001uu_lu_tspText
37 Gainesville Urbanized Area 2020 Transportation Plan: Livable Community Reinvestment Plan2000-12uu_lu_tspText
38 Hampton Roads Smart Growth Analysis2003-04uu_lu_tspText
39 Highway 41 Corridor Master Plan: A Guide for Land Use and Transportation Improvements2002-04uu_lu_tspText
40 Hillsborough County Transit Concept for 20502007-11-30uu_lu_tspText
41 The History of Envision Utahuu_lu_tspText
42 How Shall We Grow? A Shared Vision for Central Florida2007-08-10uu_lu_tspText
43 Impact Assessment of the New Jersey Interim State Development and Redevelopment Plan, Executive Summary1992-02-28uu_lu_tspText
44 Integrated Infrastructure Planning Project2003-09uu_lu_tspText
45 Integrating Land Use Issues into Transportation Planning: Scenario Planninguu_lu_tspText
46 Interoffice Memorandum: Land Use Technical Memo1999-12-22uu_lu_tspText
47 Land Use Technical Report2002-09uu_lu_tspText
48 MAG Regional Transportation Plan, Phase 1: Analysis of Alternative Growth Concepts2003-02-07uu_lu_tspText
49 Making the Connections: a Summary of the LUTRAQ Project: Volume 71997-02uu_lu_tspText
50 Maricopa Regional Transportation Plan: Alternative Growth Concepts2003-02-01uu_lu_tspText
26 - 50 of 114