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26 Refinery Sector Rule Focus on Flare Combustion Control Parameters2016-09-13uu_afrcText
27 Conical Quarl Swirl Stabilized Non-premixed Flames: Flame and Flow Field Interaction2016-09-13uu_afrcText
28 New Approach to Improving Reliability of Crude Heaters2016-09-12uu_afrcText
29 Advantages of a Tangentially Fired Delayed Coker Heater (Conventional or Flameless) to Increase Run Lengths and Monitor Combustion2016-09-12uu_afrc
30 Narrow Angle Radiometer Instrument Model2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
31 Field Measurements of Flame Scanners in a Gas-Fired Boiler under Controlled Operation Charges2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
32 Lessons Learned-Mulitpoint Ground Flare Installation/Operation2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
33 Fired Heater Optimization using Dynamic Simulation for Transient Plant Operations2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
34 Experiences with the Digital Twin of a Depropanizer Reboiler2017-12-11uu_afrcEvent
35 Fired Heater Flooding2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
36 Forced Draft Firing vs Induced Draft2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
37 Industrial-Scale Development and Testing of an Elevated Flare Tip2017-12-12uu_afrcEvent
38 Industrial Boiler Troubleshooting Discussion2017-12-13uu_afrcEvent
39 AFRC 2012 Meeting Agenda2012-09-05uu_afrcText
40 Development of a Fuel-Flexible Burner for Process Plants2012-09-06uu_afrcText
41 Oxy-Firing Tests in a Simulated Process Heater2012-09-06uu_afrcText
42 Call for Papers2012-09-05uu_afrcText
43 Regenerative Heat Recovery/Burner System as a replacement for Conventional Recuperators2012-09-06uu_afrcText
44 Novel Methods for Measuring Heat Flux in Industrial Furnaces2012-09-06uu_afrcText
45 Heat transfer enhancement in a cracking furnace: radiant coil modification2012-09-06uu_afrcText
46 Radiant Flux Measurements in the Pilot-Scale IFRF-NFA Burner Operating in a High CO2 Environment at Different Swirl Settings2012-09-06uu_afrcText
47 Second Generation FurnaceMANAGER System Improves Furnace Monitoring2012-09-06uu_afrcText
48 Firing Alternative Fuels in a Utility Power Plant2012-09-07uu_afrcText
49 Evaluating the Impacts of an Oxy-­‐combustion Retrofit of Coal-­‐fired Utility Boilers using Advanced Modeling Techniques2012-09-06uu_afrcText
50 Mercury oxidation by halogens under air-fired and oxy-fuel conditions2012-09-06uu_afrcText
26 - 50 of 994