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26 Gardner, Reed M.Analog Computer Simulation of Heart ResponseBiomedical Informatics1961
27 Gardner, Reed M.Analog Computer Simulates Heart Response to Nerve StimulationBiomedical Informatics1961
28 Warner, Homer R.Effect of Heart Rate on Aortic Insufficiency as Measured by a Dye-Diluation TechniqueBiomedical Informatics1961
29 Warner, Homer R.Medical Diagnosis Using a Digital Computer and Analog Computer Technics in Study of Control Mechanisms in the Circulatory SystemBiomedical Informatics1961
30 Warner, Homer R.Analysis of the Role of Indicator Technics in Quantitation of Valvular RegurgitationBiomedical Informatics1962
31 Warner, Homer R.Use of Analogue Computers in the Study of Control Mechanisms in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1962
32 Warner, Homer R.Evaluation of a Computer Program for Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1963
33 Warner, Homer R.A Study of Dispersion of an Indicator in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1964
34 Warner, Homer R.The Role of Peripheral Resistance in Controlling Cardiac Output During ExerciseBiomedical Informatics1964
35 Warner, Homer R.Experience with Baye's Theorem for Computer Diagnosis of Congenital Heart DiseaseBiomedical Informatics1964
36 Warner, Homer R.Probability Theory in the Diagnosis of Cushing's SyndromeBiomedical Informatics1964
37 Warner, Homer R.The Distribution and Disposal of Cortisol in HumansBiomedical Informatics1964
38 Warner, Homer R.An Analysis of Granulocyte Kinetics in Blood and Bone MarrowBiomedical Informatics1964
39 Warner, Homer R.Simulation as a Tool for Biological ResearchBiomedical Informatics1964
40 Warner, Homer R.Some Computer Techniques of Value for Study of CirculationBiomedical Informatics1965
41 Warner, Homer R.Indicator Dispersion in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1965
42 Warner, Homer R.Time-Sharing in Biomedical ResearchBiomedical Informatics1966
43 Warner, Homer R.Analog Computer Analysis of Dispersion of Indicator in the CirculationBiomedical Informatics1966
44 Warner, Homer R.A Transfer Function Analysis of Coronary and Renal Circulation Calculated from Upstream and Downstream Indicator-Dilution CurvesBiomedical Informatics1966
45 Warner, Homer R.An Evaluation of Radiosulfate as a Granulocyte Label in the DogBiomedical Informatics1966
46 Capecchi, Mario R.N-formylmethionyl-sRNA as the initiator of protein synthesis.A bizarre fast about Nterminal groups of bacterial proteins. Instead of a random mixture, that the great majority of N-terminal groups were either methionine or alanine. This finding suggested that methionine and alanine constituted start signals for the initiation of polypeptide chains. Alternative...Electrophoresis; Formates; In Vitro; Methionine1966-01-01
47 Capecchi, Mario R.Initiation of E. coli proteins.Recent experiments and theoretical arguments suggest that formylmethionyl sRNA is employed as an initiator of protein synthesis. Studies also indicated that other phage proteins synthesized in the in vitro system were initiated with formylmethionine. These observations provided a basis for believin...Alanine; Chromatography, Paper; Dipeptides1966-06
48 Warner, Homer R.Dynamic Aortic Diameter Measurements in vivoBiomedical Informatics1967
49 Warner, Homer R.Regulation of Cardiac Output During Transition From Rest to ExerciseBiomedical Informatics1967
50 Warner, Homer R.A Technique for the Quantitative Study of Carotid Sinus BehaviorBiomedical Informatics1967
26 - 50 of 1,140