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26 Madsen, Allen AndrewHollywood film music in the secondary performing ensemble: Utah music educators' attitudes and teaching practicesThe purpose of this study was to determine the impact of Hollywood film music on the secondary instrumental music educator in Utah. Ensemble directors must take many factors into account before selecting the pieces they will perform with their students each year. One genre of music that is increasin...Motion picture music2010
27 Bickmore, Isaac LamontFunctions of popular music in the lives of adolescentsThis study determines that a specified group of adolescents' favorite songs fulfill Frith's functions of popular music; (a) to create a type of self-definition; (b) to provide a way of managing the relationship between one's private and public emotional lives; (c) to shape popular memory, organiz...Music and youth; Group identity2010-02-10
28 Iachimciuc, IgorPart I: Sound color in the music of Gyorgy Kurtag, Part II: Leopard's path, thirteen visions for chamber ensembleThe dissertation is in two parts, a theoretical study and a musical composition. In Part I the music of György Kurtág is analyzed from the point of view of sound color. A brief description of what is understood by the term sound color, and various ways of achieving specific coloristic effects, are...Gyorgy Kurtag; Music; Sonorism; Sound color; Timbre; Tone color2010
29 Daily, Nels DrueSpheresSpheres in three movements. Convex, Core, Concave by Nels Drue Daily 2008. For 2 Violins, 2 Violas, 2 Cellos, B-flat Clarinet and Bass Trombone.2009-05
30 Bidwell, Benjamin RobertThe magician's follyA music score of a ballet for orchestra based on C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.Ballet; orchestral music2010
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