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26 Chan, Ka HoA survey of exchange rate systems with focus on currency boards and on Hong Kong's experience in particularThe choice of an exchange rate regime can make or break a regional economy. While a stable currency is useful to businesses, exchange rate flexibility also has its proponents. This thesis will first describe a brief history of exchange rate systems. Then, it will provide a survey and analysis of the...Foreign exchange rates - China - Hong Kong; Currency boards - China - Hong Kong2014-05
27 Sullivan, Steven M.A trace formula for G2An n-dimensional matrix representation of a group G on a vector space V is a homomorphism from G to GL(V). For our purposes, we consider an irreducible representation to be a representation which cannot be decomposed into the direct sum of smaller-dimensional representations. Let H be a subgroup of ...Trace formulas2013-05
28 Wall, AlyssaA tradition of appropriation of culture for political gain: Music in KoreaAlthough appropriation of music by political organizations and individuals is a practice in no way unique to Korea, analysis of the phenomenon on the peninsula provides valuable insight its strength in real-world political arenas. This project provides an analysis of the appropriation of music for ...Music - Korea - History; Cultural property2016-05
29 Palomaki, KyaA world without nukes: International relations perspectivesWhat if nuclear weapons had been neither invented nor discovered? This is the question I take into consideration in this paper. This interesting scenario begs the answer parroted by bloggers and students of politics alike-without nuclear weapons, there would be nothing to stop belligerents from inva...Security, International; International relations; Nuclear weapons; World politics -- 21st century2015-05
30 Blanton, Joseph P.AC Magnetic Susceptibility of Sub-Millimeter Superconductor Samples at Extreme ConditionsSuperconductivity is a unique state of matter observed at cryogenic temperatures in many materials. Superconductors are defined as materials that have zero DC electrical resistance and perfect diamagnetism below a critical transition temperature, Tc. These properties are very useful for many applica...2018
31 Arave, Rowan A.AKT1 activation promotes the development of melanoma metastasisMetastases are the major cause of melanoma-related mortality. Previous studies implicating aberrant AKT (or protein kinase B) signaling in human melanoma metastases led to the evaluation of the effect of activated AKT1 expression in non-metastatic BRAFV600E/cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor 2a nu...Melanoma - Genetics - Research; Metastasis - Genetics - Research; Biochemistry; Genetics2015-12
32 Bowe, AbigailAbigail Bowe: Art Portfolio 2020 Life Drawings and Character DesignThis year, I've worked to improve my skillset in concept and character design. With my emphasis in animation and minor in drawing under my Film & Media Arts major. I've dedicated most of my coursework to learning about the elements of design, character appeal and artistic development. This part sem...2020
33 Kehr, DavidAbnormal Stock Returns and Venture Capital Funding Event Study of Six Down Round Venture Capital Funding Announcement DatesThis paper analyzes the reaction of stock prices to the announcement of a round of financing raised by a venture capital-backed firm at a valuation lower than in a previous round. The event study is performed to analyze short-term stock price reactions prior to and following the announcement of a do...2018
34 Hodgson, Keeton R.Accelerating DNA Sequence AlignmentPrecision medicine can provide breakthroughs in current medical technology and treatment. The ability to prescribe a speci c cure to a speci c disease for a spe- ci c person can greatly reduce the cost of medical treatments, reduce mistakes in the medical eld, and increase the e ectiveness of medic...2018
35 Oritt, MadeleineAccessibility to HIV/AIDS medications in resource-limited countriesThis research examines the impact of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) on accessibility to HIV/AIDS medications for populations in resource-limited countries. This World Trade Organization agreement created provisions by which these countries can obtain o...2013
36 Turner, JoselynAccurate communication : explaining a medical technology to a mass audienceThe purpose of this thesis project is to describe the process I have taken, and that others could follow, to use the written communication tecliniques that I have learned during my undergraduate career to accurately inform a non-medically trained mass audience of a medical technology. Clear communic...Medical technology; Communication and technology2013-05
37 Shapiro, DarienActivation of transient receptor potential ankyrin-1 by wood smoke particulate materialExposure to wood smoke particulate matter (WSPM) has been linked to exacerbation of pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma, development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and premature deaths. While it is clear that WSPM exposure is hazardous to human health, the molecular ...Smoke - Physiological effect2012-05
38 Pollock, ChanieceAddressing the emotional health of college students through a therapuetic cooking classThis study hypothesized that a unique cooking class, focusing on cooking and mindful eating to reduce stress, had the potential to improve the emotional health of college students. Cooking meals is shown to improve physical health, but there is a limited amount of research tying cooking skills to em...College students - emotional health; Cooking - Health aspects
39 Zimmerman, Danielle N.Adherence engineering in a central line dressing changeInfections associated with Central Line Dressing Changes (CLDC) represent a significant cost in healthcare and human life, with approximately 250,000 cases a year and costs of up to $29,000 per single episode (OʼGrady et al., 2002; Shannon et al., 2006). The introduction of a kit designed in accord...Intravenous catheterization - Complications; Bandages and bandaging2014-05
40 Hardy, Clinton J.Adolescent perception of negative admission pressures and affective reactions in outdoor behavioral healthcareThis represents the first empirical inquiry into the perception of negative admission pressures (P-NAPs; e.g., perception of force or threat associated with entering treatment) among adolescents. Prior to this report, P-NAPs had only been studied within adult treatment contexts. In this study, P-NAP...Adventure therapy for teenagers - Psychological aspect; Teenagers - Counseling of2014-04
41 Jackson, Dale JayAerodynamic mixing losses and discharge coefficients due to film cooling from a symmetric turbine airfoil in transonic flowAerodynamic losses and discharge coefficients are obtained for two different Pratt and Whitney axisymetric turbine airfoils with film cooling holes. Blade 3 results are given for the blowing ratios, of 0.42, 0.73, and 1.28. The pressure ratios are 1.18, 1.45, and 2.07 for the "ambient" tests and 1.1...Mechanical Engineering1998-12
42 Pannier, SamanthaAfrican Americans, women, and the 1910 Flexner report: progressive medical reform and professional exclusionBetween the Civil War and the turn of the twentieth century the American medical profession expanded greatly both in size and in attention paid to scientific knowledge. During this time African Americans, women, and even African American women gained access to medical education through the prolifera...Medicine - Study and teaching - United States; Women in medicine - United States; African Americans in medicine - United States2016-04
43 Loftus, Patrick D.Agonist binding of herg K+ channels inhibits epithelial cell extrusion but not apoptosis in MDCK monolayers; providing possibilities to cancer metastasis regulationMetastasis is commonly referred to as cancerous cell movement from an original site to one or more sites elsewhere in the body. When these moving cancerous cells are malignant, an individual's chance of survival is decreased. In order for epithelial cells to move they are detached from the epitheliu...Biomedical Engineering2012-01
44 Kooyman, MakaelynAlarm fatigue: An alarming situationAs the healthcare system of the United States continues to advance technologically, it seems that one cannot enter an intensive care unit (ICU) without being inundated with alarms from various monitors and pumps. Alarm fatigue, defined as the lack of response to an alarm due to sensory overload and...Patient monitoring - Nursing; Monitor alarms (Medicine); Nurses - Attitudes; Medical instruments and apparatus; Alarm reaction2014-12
45 Kavalam, NishaAlternative breaks: The integration of community engagement and social justiceAlternative Breaks is a national practice among higher education institutions in the United States: programs vary in structures, but essentially students and staff/faculty participate in a week of service and education in another community, domestically or internationally, around a specific social i...Service learning; Alternative breaks2015-12
46 Stannius, Austin GunterAmerica's Jihad: The constructivist prescriptions for military strategy within the Islamic worldSince 2001, the United States of America has lead a frustrating and often complex Global War on Terror. Efforts have shown small effect in nation building and difficulty in obtaining longitudinal results from counter insurgency efforts. Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, conduct...Operation Iraqi Freedom - United States; Operation Enduring Freedom - United States; Iraq war, 2003-2011- Afghanistan2014-05
47 Gonzalez, Marcos DavidAn Analysis of the Court of Arbitration system: Status & Power Through the Lens of LaugtherLaughter is a nonverbal communication that demonstrates status and power across contexts such as hospital wards, fraternities, and even the United States Supreme Court. While it may be humorous in nature, the implications of laughter as a symbol that gathers perceived status, a mediator of social hi...2020
48 Seastrand-Bachynski, Sara JayneAn act to decrease childhood obesity rates in the U.S.The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 was signed into law in order to address alarming childhood obesity rates in the U.S. In this paper, I address the importance of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 and how it enhances child health by improving the food environment for children in public ...Childhood obesity - Utah2014-05
49 Gonzalez, Juan CarlosAn analysis of Utah's Chicano civil rights movement through S.O.C.I.O. and its involvement in affirmative action programs, 1964-1984Utah's Chicano Civil Rights Movement developed under unique circumstances in comparison to the greater Chicano Civil Rights Movement in the Southwestern States. While Chicanos outside of Utah chose to march, boycott and have sit-ins, those in Utah worked alongside government officials in order to ac...SOCIO; Hispanic Americans - Civil rights - Utah; Chicano movement - Utah - History; Affirmative action programs - Utah2013-05
50 Meier, John E.An evaluation of the quality of contemporary ray tracing methods on architectural materialsPredictive computer graphics can be used to visualize the appearance of an object or scene from a virtual design. A seminal experiment in that field was performed in 1984 to evaluate the perceptual quality of computer graphics images with a physical model of the scene. The original study was limited...Ray tracing algorithms2009-05
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