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26 UUSAC newsletter and survey 1993-1994The faculty and staff newsletter FYI, as well as discussion of the staff survey and its results.Newsletter; University of Utah employees1994
27 UUSAC bylaws 1993-1994University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) bylaws for 1993-1994.Bylaws1994
28 UUSAC committee 1994-1995A list of committee members of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) in 1994-1995.Committees1995
29 UUSAC long range planning committee 1993-1994Memo concerning the University of Utah Long Range Planning Committee.Committees1994
30 UUSAC staff service and development 1993-1994Memos on the University of Utah policy and guidelines for community service.Community service; Policies1994
31 UUSAC semester and quarter 1993-1994A memo outlining the questions and concerns about the University of Utah changing from quarters to semesters.University of Utah classes; Policy1994
32 UUSAC UHESA 1997-1998Memos, bylaws, and policies of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA)Bylaws; Policies1998
33 UUSAC correspondance 1997-1998Letters and memos to and from UUSAC members to members of the campus community, to each other and to others.Letters, Memos, Correspondence1998
34 UUSAC SWAB 1997-1998Letters, memos, agendas and membership information for the Salaries, Wages and Benefits Subcommittee.Staff salaries; University of Utah benefits1998
35 UUSAC salary equity 1997-1998Letters and memos concerning University of Utah staff salary equity.Salary equity; University of Utah staff
36 UUSAC project 1997-1998University of Utah campus projects sponsored by UUSACFunding; University of Utah campus projects1998
37 UUSAC publications 1997-1998University of Utah newsletters including UUSAC News, Community Forum and FYIUniversity of Utah newsletter; publications1998
38 UUSAC Committees 1997-1998Variety of Universtity of Utah campus committes including membership and some minutesCommittees1998
39 UUSAC policy reviews 1997-1998Reports on University of Utah policies and their review by UUSACPolicies1998
40 UUSAC olympic oversight committee 1997-1998Agenda and organizational chart for the Olympic Oversight CommitteeCommittees1997-06-26
41 UUSAC legislature 1997-1998Notes on the University of Utah Staff Advisory Council members.UUSAC Legislature; UUSAC membership1998
42 UUSAC members 1997-1998Lists and notes of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) membership.UUSAC membership1998
43 UUSAC bylaws 1997-1998University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) bylaws.Bylaws1998
44 UUSAC faculty affirmative action committee 1997-1998Information onf the University of Utah campus Faculty Affirmative Action Committee.Committes; University of Utah faculty; Affirmative action1998
45 UUSAC wellness program 1997-1998Presentations and information on the University of Utah wellness programs.Wellness; University of Utah staff1998
46 Bylaws (May 2, 2012)University of Utah Staff Council Bylaws for 2012Bylaws2012-05-02
47 UUSAC Memorandum (Sept 8, 1995)Memorandum of UUSAC committee meetings, banking policy and copy of The Link: Quarterly Newsletter of the Retired Staff Employees Association / University of Utah (Fall 1995 v.1, no.1)UUSAC banking policy; Newsletter1995-09
48 UUSAC Staff Advisory Committee Membership (March 1992 & 1994-1995)Committee membership of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Commitee for the years 1992 and 10994-1995.UUSAC membership; University of Utah employees1992; 1995
49 UUSAC Memorandum (Sept. 11, 1995)Memorandum to Jim Sharp asking for him to step down from his postition on UUSAC. And, University of Utah staff advisory committee membership lists from 1992-1995.UUSAC committee membership1995-09-11
50 Annual Report: University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC), 2013-2014Annual report of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. The contents include the Development Committee, Legislative Committee, Events Committee, Communications & Selections Committee and the Executive Board & Committee Chairs.Annual report2014
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