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26 UUSAC president's staff awards 1993-19941994University of Utah staff awardsNotes, articles and memos on University of Utah presidential staff awards.
27 UUSAC UHESA 1993-19941994Bylaws; Univerity of Utah staff; MinutesUtah Higher Education Staff Association directory, meeting minutes, constitution and bylaws for 1993-1994.
28 UUSAC miscellaneous 1993-19941994Policies; University of Utah employeesMiscellaneous documents including policys, procedures and projects of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC).
29 UUSAC human resource concerns Fred Petersen 1993-19941994Policies; Conflict of interestMemos, articles and documents on the University of Utah conflict of interest policy.
30 UUSAC salary, wage and benefits 1993-19941994Salary; University of Utah employeesUniversity of Utah salary and wages information for campus employees for 1993-1994.
31 UUSAC newsletter and survey 1993-19941994Newsletter; University of Utah employeesThe faculty and staff newsletter FYI, as well as discussion of the staff survey and its results.
32 UUSAC UHESA 1997-19981998Bylaws; PoliciesMemos, bylaws, and policies of the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA)
33 UUSAC correspondance 1997-19981998Letters, Memos, CorrespondenceLetters and memos to and from UUSAC members to members of the campus community, to each other and to others.
34 UUSAC SWAB 1997-19981998Staff salaries; University of Utah benefitsLetters, memos, agendas and membership information for the Salaries, Wages and Benefits Subcommittee.
35 UUSAC salary equity 1997-1998Salary equity; University of Utah staffLetters and memos concerning University of Utah staff salary equity.
36 UUSAC project 1997-19981998Funding; University of Utah campus projectsUniversity of Utah campus projects sponsored by UUSAC
37 UUSAC publications 1997-19981998University of Utah newsletter; publicationsUniversity of Utah newsletters including UUSAC News, Community Forum and FYI
38 UUSAC Committees 1997-19981998CommitteesVariety of Universtity of Utah campus committes including membership and some minutes
39 UUSAC policy reviews 1997-19981998PoliciesReports on University of Utah policies and their review by UUSAC
40 UUSAC olympic oversight committee 1997-19981997-06-26CommitteesAgenda and organizational chart for the Olympic Oversight Committee
41 UUSAC legislature 1997-19981998UUSAC Legislature; UUSAC membershipNotes on the University of Utah Staff Advisory Council members.
42 UUSAC members 1997-19981998UUSAC membershipLists and notes of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) membership.
43 UUSAC bylaws 1997-19981998BylawsUniversity of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC) bylaws.
44 UUSAC faculty affirmative action committee 1997-19981998Committes; University of Utah faculty; Affirmative actionInformation onf the University of Utah campus Faculty Affirmative Action Committee.
45 UUSAC wellness program 1997-19981998Wellness; University of Utah staffPresentations and information on the University of Utah wellness programs.
46 Bylaws (May 2, 2012)2012-05-02BylawsUniversity of Utah Staff Council Bylaws for 2012
47 UUSAC Memorandum (Sept 8, 1995)1995-09UUSAC banking policy; NewsletterMemorandum of UUSAC committee meetings, banking policy and copy of The Link: Quarterly Newsletter of the Retired Staff Employees Association / University of Utah (Fall 1995 v.1, no.1)
48 UUSAC Staff Advisory Committee Membership (March 1992 & 1994-1995)1992; 1995UUSAC membership; University of Utah employeesCommittee membership of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Commitee for the years 1992 and 10994-1995.
49 UUSAC Memorandum (Sept. 11, 1995)1995-09-11UUSAC committee membershipMemorandum to Jim Sharp asking for him to step down from his postition on UUSAC. And, University of Utah staff advisory committee membership lists from 1992-1995.
50 Annual Report: University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee (UUSAC), 2013-20142014Annual reportAnnual report of the University of Utah Staff Advisory Committee for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. The contents include the Development Committee, Legislative Committee, Events Committee, Communications & Selections Committee and the Executive Board & Committee Chairs.
26 - 50 of 2,236