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26 Reconstruction of three-dimensional surfaces from two-dimensional projectionsAbstract: This thesis describes a method for determining the three-dimensional shape of an object from a set of photographs of the objects. For a non-glossy surface, the image brightness is, in theory, a function only of the normal to the surface and of the incident light direction. A reflectivity l...three-dimensional images; image brightness; reflectivity law1981-06
27 A cell-based approach to hierarchical interdomain VLSI designThis dissertation presents a new design environment for VLSI circuits that is based upon a unification of the physical and structural design domains. Unlike conventional design approaches that divide the VLSI design process into disjoint structural and physical design phases, this new environment is...1992-06
28 Digital image deblurring by nonlinear homomorphic fllteringAbstract: This dissertation is concerned with the digital estimation of the frequency response of a two-dimensional linear system through which images have been passed and blurred. Almost no a priori knowledge concerning the system is required, and only one blurred image is necessary for a successfu...Deblurring; nonlinear homomorphic filtering1974-08
29 Real-time measurement of multiple three-dimensional positionsAbstract: This paper describes a priori digital speech analysis. This method takes advantage of the quasi-periodic nature of voice speech sounds to reduce the amount of computation needed to obtain the analysis parameters. The vocal tract is modeled as an all-pole digital filter (predictive coding)...light-emitting diodes; photomultiplier1973-06
30 UNIDEC AssemblerThe report discusses the UNIDEC assembler which runs on the UNIVAC 1108 and passes assembled PDP-8 code over the electronic link between the two machines.1968-06-06
31 A Computer Program to Plot an Isometric Projection of a Solution Space SurfaceSubroutine ISOPLT was developed for the computer produced CALCOMP display of a solution space surface. The solution space, for the sample plots given in Appendix B, is that of various flow functions of a time dependent, viscous, incompressible fluid flow for various boundary configurations. Also sho...1968-08
32 3-D Design of Free-Form B-Spline SurfacesThis report describes an experimental system for designing free-form B-spline surfaces using a head-mounted display. In this system, the interaction with the surfaces takes place in three dimensions as the designed object's shape is updated in real-time. The report also examines some of the problems...1974-09
33 A Subdivision Algorithm for Computer Display of Curved SurfacesThis report presents a method for producing computer shaded pictures of curved surfaces. Three-dimensional curved patches are used, as contrasted with conventional methods using polygons. The method subdivides a patch into successively smaller subpatches until a subpatch is as small as a raster- ele...1974-12
34 Feature-based reverse engineering of mechanical parts: revisionReverse engineering of mechanical parts requires extraction of information about an instance of a particular part sufficient to replicate the part using appropriate manufacturing techniques. This is important in a wide variety of situations, since functional CAD models are often unavailable or unusa...1995-11-06
35 A Dynamic Model for Computer-Aided ChoreographyThe application of the digital computer in the field of dance choreography is a relatively unexplored area. The use of the computer in other arts is more widely known. The report describes an interactive, FORTRAN 5 UNIVAC 1108 computer which relates the angular movements of the joints of the display...1970-06
36 Discrete B-Splines as an Approach to Computer Aided Geometric DesignInvestigations have been made of many interesting problems deriving from the applications of discrete splines to the problems of computer aided geometric design. New theory and algorithms have been developed and support mechanisms based on the Oslo algorithm have been incorporated in order to help u...1985-09
37 Surface Representation-Symbolic ComputationRecent research in Computer Aided Geometric Design is surveyed in this paper. A DEMONSTRATION of the feasibility and utility of some of the new methods of curve and surface representation for interactive design is given in a movie which will be shown during the presentation. (Author)1978-04
38 A Java-based active network operating system (JANOS)The JANOS prqjects' primary objective was to develop a principle local operating system for active network nodes. The operating system is oriented toward executing untrusted Java bytecode, primarily for management and control.,The original document contains color images.2003-11
39 Noise Suppression Methods for Robust Speech ProcessingRobust speech processing in practical operating environments requires effective environmental and processor noise suppression. This report describes the technical findings and accomplishments to develop real time, compressed speech analysis-synthesis algorithms whose performance is invariant under s...1979-04
40 Look ahead in Parallel Discrete Event SimulationEmpirical performance evaluations of parallel, discrete event simulation algorithms using deadlock avoidance and deadlock detection and recovery techniques developed by Chandy and Misra have been performed using the BBN Butterfly multiprocessor. Experiments using synthetic workloads reveal that the ...1988-08
41 Interactive Spline ModellingThis contract has initiated explorations into the advantages of interactive environments for developing computer based spline representations and the types of moderately complex objects for which it might be suitable. Additionally mathematical tools for surface fitting and modification in an interac...1983-04-27
42 An Interactive Continuous Simulation LanguageComputer simulation has come into increasingly widespread use to study the behavior of systems of which the state of the system changes over time. There have been two main types of simulation languages developed to study these systems, continuous simulation languages to study continuous change model...1968-10
43 The Fluke Security ProjectThis document presents the final report of the University of Utah-based project officially titled ""Mach 4 Kernel and IDL Infrastructure for Security"" but often referred to as the ""Fluke Security"" Project. This project is noteworthy for the number diversity, scale, robustness, and documentation o...2000-04
44 Extraction of Micro-Terrain FeaturesMicro-terrain features are topographic structures relavent to the behavior of a simulation, but with a horizontal extent significantly less than the resolution of the base-level terrain data covering the area in which these structures occur. Thus, these features are not directly extractable from ele...1998-08
45 A Method for Extending FORTRAN V for the Interactive Graphical Solution of Numerical ProblemsInteractive computer graphics offers much in the way of bringing the program user closer to the problem solving algorithm. Techniques may be employed which provide for the execution of the program to be monitored and action taken to help the program find the solution, or to find it more quickly. Log...1968-12
46 Considerations for the Development of a Computer-Aided Electrical Design SystemThe specifications of a computer-aided design system are proposed based on the implementation of a prototype subsystem using UNIVAC 1108 and PDP-8 computers. The design system would aid a designer who wished to select and specify electrical fixtures, controls and circuits, and place them in a buildi...1969-09
47 Image Recognition Using Generalized CorrelationThis paper investigates the use of generalized cross-correlation in pattern matching when the objects may be of one or two dimensions. Generalized correlation can be used to determine the amount of dilatation and rotation between a given template and an object, in addition to determining the relativ...1977-08
48 FLEX - A Flexible Extendable LanguageThe FLEX system consists of merged 'hardware' and 'software' that is optimized towards handling algorithmic operations in an interactive, man-machine dialog. The basic form is that of a hardware implementation of a parametric compiler embedded in an environment that is well-suited for semantically d...1968-06
49 GS--Graphics SystemThe reference manual is intended for programmers working on the ARPA Project at the University of Utah who are familiar with the UNIVAC 1108, Exec 2, and FORTRAN or ALGOL. The following topics are discussed: On-line operation; Graphics system services; Information displays Inc. display codes; Tektro...1967-11-15
50 Space-Form. Computer-Aided Design for ArchitectureThe design approach proposed in the report is generated from basic space-forms. These three-dimensional forms are used by the designer as building blocks to design at every scale--from the most minute details of a given building to the eventual placement of the building in the context of its surroun...1968-09-01
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