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26 Brain maturation of newborns and infants2011-01-01Text
27 Topology preserving atlas construction from shape data without correspondence using sparse parameters2012-01-01Text
28 Tumor-induced structural radiometric asymmetry in brain images2001-01-01Text
29 Modeling 4D changes in pathological anatomy using domain adaptation: analysis of TBI imaging using a tumor database2013-01-01Text
30 Mixed-effects shape models for estimating longitudinal changes in anatomy2012-01-01Text
31 Multiscale medial shape-based analysis of image objects2003-01-01Text
32 3D tensor normalization for improved accuracy in DTI tensor registration methods2012-01-01Text
33 Analysis of longitudinal shape variability via subject specific growth modeling2012-01-01Text
34 Closed and open source neuroimage analysis tools and libraries at UNC2006-01-01Text
35 Group mean differences of voxel and surface objects via nonlinear averaging2006-01-01Text
36 Statistical group differences in anatomical shape analysis using Hotelling T2 Metric2007-01-01Text
37 Statistical shape analysis of Multi-Object complexes2007-01-01Text
38 Statistics of populations of images and its embedded objects: driving applications in neuroimaging2006-01-01Text
39 Statistical shape analysis of brain structures using spherical wavelets2007-01-01Text
40 Regional gray matter growth, sexual dimorphism, and cerebral asymmetry in the Neonatal Brain2007-01-01Text
41 Computational anatomy to assess longitudinal trajectory of brain growth2006-01-01Text
42 Correspondence evaluation in local shape analysis and structural subdivision2007-01-01Text
43 Discrimination analysis using Multi-object statistics of shape and pose2007-01-01Text
44 Quality control of diffusion weighted images2010-01-01Text
45 Multivariate longitudinal statistics for neonatal-pediatric brain tissue development2008-01-01Text
46 Towards analysis of growth trajectory through multi-modal longitudinal MR imaging2010-01-01Text
47 Voxel-wise group analysis of DTI2009-01-01Text
48 Minimum description length with local geometry2008-01-01Text
49 Teasing apart the heterogeneity of autism: Same behavior, different brains in toddlers with fragile X syndrome and autism2009-01-01Text
50 Multi-object analysis of volume, pose, and shape using statistical discrimination2010-01-01Text
26 - 50 of 114