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26 Kinetics of hydrogen abstraction reactions from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by H atoms2004Textir_uspace
27 Kinetics of thermal decomposition of cubic ammonium perchlorate1999Textir_uspace
28 Mechanism reduction and generation using analysis of major fuel consumption pathways for n-heptane in premixed and diffusion flames2007Textir_uspace
29 Molecular dynamics of a 1,4-polybutadiene melt. Comparison of experiment and simulation1999Textir_uspace
30 NMR experiments and molecular dynamics simulations of the segmental dynamics of polystyrene2004Textir_uspace
31 Olefin chemistry in a premixed n-heptane flame2007Textir_uspace
32 Polarizable and nonpolarizable force fields for alkyl nitrates2007Textir_uspace
33 Pollutant emissions from gasoline combustion. 1. Dependence on fuel structural functionalities2008Textir_uspace
34 Prediction of the linear viscoelastic shear modulus of an entangled polybutadiene melt from simulation and theory2000Textir_uspace
35 Quantum chemistry based force field for simulations of HMX1999Textir_uspace
36 Quantum chemistry based force field for simulations of poly(vinylidene fluoride)2000Textir_uspace
37 Quantum-chemistry-based force field for simulations of dimethylnitramine1999Textir_uspace
38 Quantum-chemistry-based potential for poly(ester urethane)2003Textir_uspace
39 Systematic coarse-graining of nanoparticle interactions in molecular dynamics simulation2005Textir_uspace
40 Thermal activation of the high explosive NTO: sublimation, decomposition, and autocatalysis2002Textir_uspace
41 Thermal decomposition of a melt-castable high explosive: isoconversional analysis of TNAZ2002Textir_uspace
42 Thermal dissociation kinetics of solid and liquid ammonium nitrate2001Textir_uspace
43 Thermal rate constants of the NO2 fission reaction of gas phase ?-HMX: a direct ab initio dynamics study2000Textir_uspace
44 Undergraduate Research Abstract: Meeting the Needs of the Medically Underserved at the Hartland Apartments2005Textuu_np
45 University-Community Partnerships As Dialogue: A Critical Examination of University/Neighborhood Partners2005-12Textuu_np
46 Viscoelastic properties of polybutadiene in the glassy regime from molecular dynamic simulations2002Textir_uspace
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