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26 The planisphere of Copernicus, or Copernicus' hypothesis of the entire universe, in a planar view1661uum_rbcImage
27 The planisphere of Ptolemy, or Ptolemy's hypothesis of the movement of the planets in a planar view.1661uum_rbcImage
28 Ptolemy's hypothosis concerning planatary motion.1661uum_rbcImage
29 Ptolemy's view of the universe1661uum_rbcImage
30 Second hemisphere with the Christian constellations.1661uum_rbcImage
31 Selenographic diagram of phases and appearances of the Moon.1661uum_rbcImage
32 The sizes of the celestial bodies.1661uum_rbcImage
33 The southern constellations with the earth underneath.1661uum_rbcImage
34 Southern Hemisphere with constellations in equal proportion to the globes.1661uum_rbcImage
35 Spherical view of the celestial and terrestrial northern hemispheres.1661uum_rbcImage
36 The spiral revolution of the Sun around the Earth.1661uum_rbcImage
37 Sun in an eccentric orbit without epicycles.1661uum_rbcImage
38 Tycho Brahe's calculation of the planets' orbits and distances.1661uum_rbcImage
39 Indian Emperour, or, The conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards1667uum_rbcText
40 Embassy from the East-India company of the United Provinces, to the Grand Tartar Cham : Emperour of China1669uum_rbcText
41 Journal des sçavans 16731673uum_rbcText
42 C. Julii Caesaris quae exstant / interpretatione et notis illustravit Joannes Goduinus ... in vsvm serenissimi Delphini ...1678uum_rbcText
43 Secret-love, or The Maiden-Queen1679uum_rbcText
44 Atheist: or, The second part of the Souldiers fortune1684uum_rbcText
45 Constantine the Great; a Tragedy1684uum_rbcText
46 Sophonisba : or, Hannibal's overthrow1685uum_rbcText
47 Spanish Fryar, or, The double discovery ...1686uum_rbcText
48 Epsom-wells : a comedy acted at the Duke's Theatre1687uum_rbcText
49 Oedipus : a tragedy. As it is acted at His Royal Highness the Duke's theatre1687uum_rbcText
50 Souldiers Fortune. A comedy. Acted by their Majesties servants at the Theatre Royal.1687uum_rbcText
26 - 50 of 260