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26 A visual Lisp debugging environmentGraphics provides a useful tool for visualizing the behavior of computer programs. Diagrams can be be used to illustrate both the control structure of the program and the data structures operated upon by the program.; The integration of graphics into two traditional debugging tools, a program steppe...debugging; computer science; LISP1989-12
27 A Visual Programming Environment for the Construction of Block DiagramsVisual programming is a broad term which is used to describe those languages which use graphics to construct visual representations of algorithms, documentation, and program execution. This thesis discusses the benefits and disadvantages of using a visual approach to programming. VIPER, the visual i...visual programming; viper; programming environment; block diagram1989-04
28 The A3000: An asynchronous version of the R3000This thesis presents the architectural design and implementation of an N-stage Self-Timed RISC processor based on a subset of the MIPS R3000. The goal is to lay the ground work to show it will be possible in the future to build an asynchoronous pipelined RISC processor that has the chance to to comm...A3000; asynchronous; computers1995-03
29 Accurate capacitance and resistance extractionA novel approach to solving the accurate capacitance and resistance extraction problem in integrated circuits is presented as a combination of a custom language and a kit of circuit analysis primitives. This approach is targeted toward the analysis of circuit interconnect and the determination of fr...integrated circuits; electric resistance1993-03
30 Adaptive image segmentationImage segmentation is an old and difficult problem. One of the fundamental weaknesses with current image segmentation systems is their inability to adapt the segmentation process as real-worldchanges occur in the image, This dissertation presents the first closed-loop image segmentation system that ...1992-03
31 An Analytical Approach to Computer Systems SchedulingThe report examines some aspects of the problem of allocating resources in a multi-programmed computer system. It first investigates to what extent the users might participate in resource allocation decisions; a system that dynamically determines the prices of services is advocated. A model is studi...1970-06
32 An asynchronous floating point unitAn asynchronous floating point unit (FPU) was designed using application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and very large scale integration (VLSI) technologies. The FPU is capable of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing single-precision format numbers as defined by The Institute of Electr...computer circuits; asynchronous circuits; floating-point arithmetic1994-08
33 An automated wire routing kernelThe kernel described here is based on using pattern matching techniques for describing algorithms. The use of patterns permits different physical constraints and properties to be considered. In addition, the abstraction provided by patterns allows the ability to transform oddly shaped routing areas ...computers; kernel functions1991-07
34 An Empirical Study of Persistent Object StoresPersistent object stores support the creation, manipulation, storage, and retrieval of objects. Other desirable features of persistent stores are protection, transaction management, version control and concurrency control. Due to a lack of complete understanding of the demands of applications, there...persistent object stores; CAGD; Alpha_1; ESM; Postgres; data clustering; object identifier1993-06
35 An Interactive Continuous Simulation LanguageComputer simulation has come into increasingly widespread use to study the behavior of systems of which the state of the system changes over time. There have been two main types of simulation languages developed to study these systems, continuous simulation languages to study continuous change model...1968-10
36 Analysis of Functional Programs using Attribute GrammarsAn attribute grammar combines the standard context-free grammar that defines the syntax of a programming language with attributes that define semantic aspects of the language. This information makes attribute grammars very useful for performing the semantic analysis of programs. Functional programmi...programming languages, functional programs; attributed grammar1985-08
37 Applicative updating and provisional computation in functional programmingLarge scale computing systems often consist of calculations which are repeated for many sets of input data. If the variance between the data sets is small, there may be portions of the computation which are not affected by the changes in the input values. The effort required for such systems can be ...recomputation; efficient recomputation; function graphs; computers1983-06
38 Approximating data with parametric B-splines for computer aided designThis thesis addresses some of the difficulties that can be encountered when approximation is used as a design tool. In many cases, it is most intuitive for a designer to specify points on or near a desired contour, and approximate them with a curve. Merely computing some approximation to a set of da...computer graphics; computer-aided design; approximation theory; B-splines1985-12
39 ASSASSIN: an assembly, specification and analysis system for speed-independent control-unit design in integrated circuits using path-programmable logic (PPL)Abstract: Numerous efforts have been made to automatically implement the control-units and datapaths of synchronous systems in integrated circuits. Speed-independent systems have not yet been extensively explored in the context of the integrated circuit. Presented in this thesis is a software system...path-programmable logic; integrated circuits; Portable standard LISP; VLSI design1982-06
40 Asylim: A simulation and placement checking system for path-programmable logic integrated circuitsPresented in this thesis is a simulation/design checking system for PPL circuits. This system directly addresses the problems associated with the other simulators listed above. The circuit model employed by the system makes use of six logic values and a close correspondence between the PPL and simul...PPL circuits; PPL; computers; NMOS circuits; CMOS circuits; ASYLIM; simulation checking system; design checking system1983-06
41 Automated Detection of DeliriumThis dissertation developed computerized decision support for the recognition of delirium, a condition resulting in high morbidity and cost. The decision support required the development of pen-based graphical user interfaces and client server databases for nursing data and clinical studies, the exe...delirium; dhcp; graphical user interface1994-12
42 Automated Routing Tools for the PPL Design MethodologyA router, suitable to the needs of the PPL design methodology currently available at the Universsity of Uath, is described. The goal is to give the designer automatic routing capabilities, taking care of the often time consuming and messy aspect of point to point connection by hand, as is currently ...PPL design methodology; automated routing tools; computers; computer programming; automatic routing capabilities; Magic [14]; PPL router; PPL design environment1986-08
43 Behavioral simulation from high-level specificationsA validation tool for synchronous hardware systems based on process composition and symbolic simulation has been developed. The problems addressed are:; • effective evaluation of a design through high-level simulation • quick exploration of alternative designs • contraction of the I/O vector s...computer simulation; integrated circuits; large scale integration; behavioral simulation1989-06
44 Beta-spline: a local representation based on shape parameters and fundamental geometric measuresAbstract: A mathematical technique for curve and surface representation has been developed which reflects an underlying geometric, as opposed to algebraic nature. Elementary differential geometry concepts are reviewed and the unit tangent and curvature vectors are used as fundamental geometric meas...beta-spline; geometric curves; geometric surfaces; shape parameters1981-12
45 Blending parametric surfacesBlending parametric surfaces can be a valuable tool in sculptured surface modeling. In conventional approaches, the boundaries and the cross boundary tangents of the blending surface are obtained by approximating a discrete number of points and vectors that are evaluated along the blending boundarie...1992-12
46 CAD based biomedical modeling and visualizationA framework for the representation, modeling, visualization and static analysis of natural systems has been developed. This framework provides the following aspects of a system: geometry, function, simulation, and graphic visualization. This approach shows how it is possible to explore higher level ...1992-08
47 Carr-Distributed_C++
48 Computer display of curved surfacesAbstract: This thesis attacks the problem of generating computer synthesized images both more rapidly and more realistically. Increase in speed is achieved by a scan line based algorithm for drawing pictures of parametrically defined curved surfaces. Computation time is reduced by requiring calcula...computer images; computation time; surfaces1978
49 Computer graphics approach for understanding prosthetic heart valve characteristicsAbstract: Fluid dynamics principles and numerical analysis techniques are applied in a study of stress distribution in blood caused by the motion of the occluder within the cage of a prosthetic heart valve model. An interactive computer graphics program is developed for the simulation of the flow pr...Prosthetic heart valve; Disc occluder; hemolysis; thrombosis1972-06
50 Computer Illustration of Three Dimensional Sculptured SurfacesThe information content in computer generated images is often overwhelming to visually interpret. To better communicate the overall shape information of a given model, current techniques for creation of wireframes, shaded renderings. and painted images need to be augmented and used cooperatively. A ...computer graphics; computer generated image1990-08
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