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26 Hoxb8 is required for normal grooming behavior in mice.2002-01-03Textir_uspace
27 Uninterrupted translation through putative 12-nucleotide coding gap in sequence of carA: business as usual1994Textir_uspace
28 Paralogous mouse Hox genes, Hoxa9, Hoxb9, and Hoxd9, function together to control development of the mammary gland in response to pregnancy.1999-01Textir_uspace
29 Genetic Basis of Distal Arthrogryposes2006-12Textir_etd
30 Jun Signaling During Drosophila Development2016-05Textir_etd
31 Functional Analysis of the Mitochondrial Proteome in Drosophila2014-05Textir_etd
32 Improved Methods for Next Generation Sequencing-Based Conotoxin Discovery2017Textir_etd
33 Developmental defects of the ear, cranial nerves and hindbrain resulting from targeted disruption of the mouse homeobox gene Hox-1.6.2002-06-27Textir_uspace
34 Mice with targeted disruptions in the paralogous genes hoxa-3 and hoxd-3 reveal synergistic interactions.1994-07-28Textir_uspace
35 Lack of angiotensin II-facilitated erythropoiesis causes anemia in angiotensin-converting enzyme-deficient mice2000-10-31Textir_uspace
36 Mutational analyses of members of the fibroblast growth factor family and Hoxa-9 during mouse development1997-06Textir_etd
37 Molecular studies of familial adult myoclonic epilepsy and Andersen's syndrome2001-12Textir_etd
38 Thomas D. Dee Presidential Chair in Genetics: A proposal to Mr. Thomas D. Dee from the University of Utah College of Medicine1980-03Textir_eua
39 Thomas D. Dee Endowed Chair in Genetics: A proposal to Mr. Thomas D. Dee from the University School of Medicine1982-07Textir_eua
40 University of Utah news: Endowed chair in genetics spurs U. research program1982-09-20Textir_eua
41 P-site tRNA is a crucial initiator of ribosomal frameshifting2004Textir_uspace
42 High efficiency transformation by direct microinjection of DNA into cultured mammalian cells.1980-11-22Textir_uspace
43 Mouse model for the delta F508 allele of cystic fibrosis1995-10Textir_uspace
44 How close are we to implementing gene targeting in animals other than the mouse?2000-02-01Textir_uspace
45 Evolutionary specialization of recoding: frameshifting in the expression of S. cerevisiae antizyme mRNA is via an atypical antizyme shift site but is still +12006Textir_uspace
46 Sociobiology of sex and sexes (comment)1984-04Textir_uspace
47 Genotype-phenotype analysis of ABCR variants in macular degeneration probands and siblings2002Textir_uspace
48 Roles of Fgf4 and Fgf8 in limb bud initiation and outgrowth.2004-09Textir_uspace
49 Hoxc13 mutant mice lack external hair1998-01-01Textir_uspace
50 Upstream stimulators for recoding1995Textir_uspace
26 - 50 of 240