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26 Factorial ecology: A study of the spatial distribution of social characteristics in the Salt Lake City Urban Area1973Textir_etd
27 Familial predisposition to developmental dysplasia of the hip2009Textir_uspace
28 Family relations and the experience of loneliness among older adults in Eastern Europe2009Textir_uspace
29 Family size and support of older adults in urban and rural China: current effects and future implications2003Textir_uspace
30 Feeling lonely vs. being alone: loneliness and social support among recently bereaved persons2014-01-01Textir_uspace
31 Female inmate sexual health literacy and disparities in the Salt Lake County jail2014-05Textir_htoa
32 Female labor force participation : Economic and religious trends in Utah, 1940-1970.1974Textir_etd
33 Foreign direct investment and well-being, 1985-2010: a structural approach2016Textir_etd
34 Gender and health in abusive relationships2011-05Textir_etd
35 Globalization and obesity: a logitudinal, cross-national examination of a global epidemic2014-05Textir_etd
36 Gray agendas: interest groups and public pensions in Canada, Britain, and the United States, by Henry J. Pratt1995Textir_uspace
37 Grief, depressive symptoms, and physical health among recently bereaved spouses2012-01-01Textir_uspace
38 HIV/AIDS and the living arrangements of older persons across the Sub-Saharan African region2007-11-08Textir_uspace
39 History of the Utah State Hospital, Provo : a study of the evolution of public care for the mentally ill1948Textir_etd
40 How indicators of socioeconomic status relate to physical functioning of older adults in three Asian societies2003Textir_uspace
41 Humor, laughter, and happiness in the daily lives of recently bereaved spouses2008-01-01Textir_uspace
42 Impact of past conflicts and social disruption on the elderly in Cambodia2006-06Textir_uspace
43 Importance of human capital and infrastructure for Turkish regions2009-06-19Textir_etd
44 Indirect health consequences of war2016Textir_etd
45 Indirect health consequences of war: cardiovascular disease2009-10-20Textir_etd
46 Institutionalization among the elderly in Japan and China: a comparative study2013Text; Imageir_uspace
47 Intergenerational relationships: How norms relate to intergenerational support and well-being2016Textir_etd
48 Intergenerational support in urban Latin America and the Caribbean: perspectives of older adults and their children2014-12Textir_etd
49 Intergenerational transmission of relative fertility and life course patterns1987Textir_uspace
50 Invisible bodies: LGBTQIA youth in the juvenile legal system2015-09Textir_htoa
26 - 50 of 120