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26 Podcasts in higher education2010-05-27ir_uspaceText; Image
27 Predictors of sexual abuse investigation and substantiation by child protection services involving children less than three years old2010ir_etdText
28 Sexual assault prevention: a randomized controlled trial of a military intervention2016ir_etdText
29 Social determinants of health among older adults: evidence from the utah fertility, longevity, and aging (flag) study2015-08ir_etdText
30 Social security is not for babies: trends and policies affecting older women in the United States2001-01-01ir_uspaceText
31 Social, Vocational, and Family-Community influences on rehabilitated amputee clients from Utah Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 1949-19541959ir_etdText
32 The socio-economic impact of e-verify in an era of globalization: a scoping review and analyses of workforce outcomes2014ir_etdText
33 Targeting Biobehavioral Mechanisms in Obesity among Cancer Survivors with Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement2017ir_etdText
34 Traditional Navajo child rearing pattern: A survey of the traditional child rearing practices among elderly Navajo parents1976-08ir_etdText
35 What is recovery?: Understanding chemical dependency stakeholder expectations2016ir_etdText
36 The Wounded Heater: A Descriptive Analysis of the Thematic Material of the Wounded Healer Archetype in Connection with the The Therapeutic Healing Process2019ir_htoaText
37 Young Adults, the Impact and Experience of Commemorative Practices2019ir_htoaText
26 - 50 of 37