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26 Wu, Yong-ShiAlgebraic solution for a two-level atom in radiation fields and the Freeman resonancesUsing techniques of complex analysis in an algebraic approach, we solve the wave equation for a two-level atom interacting with a monochromatic light field exactly. A closed-form expression for the quasienergies is obtained, which shows that the Bloch-Siegert shift is always finite, regardless of ...Bloch-Siegert shift; Freeman resonances; Quasienergies2006-02
27 Mattis, Daniel C.; Sutherland, BillAmbiguities with the relativistic δ-function potentialIn many cases of physical interest, the 6-function potential is a very convenient approximation to more structured, and more difficult, short-ranged potentials. In relativistic theories, its use is often mandated because only a mathematical point has a relativistically invariant shape. Neverthele...Delta function; Energy states1981-09
28 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Gellermann, WernerAmplified resonant Raman scattering in conducting polymer thin filmsUsing picosecond pulsed laser excitation, we investigate the optical emission characteristics of poly(2,5-dioctyloxy-p-phenylenevinylene), (DOO-PPV), thin films at high excitation intensities (~1-90 MW/cm2). We observe the presence of amplified resonance Raman scattering in the emission spectra of c...Amplified resonant Raman scattering; High excitation intensities; pi-conjugated polymers1998
29 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineAmplified spontaneous emission and lasing in conducting polymers and fluorescent dyes in opals as photonic crystalsSpectral narrowing of photoluminescence (PL) and evolution of sharp emission lines upon optical excitation have been observed in opals made of SiO2 spheres infiltrated with conducting polymers such as OOPPV and MDDOPPV and also fluorescent dyes such as rhodamine 6G, NK-3483, and coumarin 120. Their ...Amplified spontaneous emission; Lasing; Fluorescent dyes1999
30 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Ehrenfreund, Eitan A.Amplitude and phase modes in trans-polyacetylene: resonant Raman scattering and induced infrared activityThe resonant Raman scattering (RRS) from the three Ag modes of trans-polyacetylene and the charged-induced ir modes are analyzed with use of the amplitude- and phase-mode theories. It is shown that the observed phonon frequencies and the relative intensities of all modes obtained at various laser ex...Induced infrared activity; Ag modes; Amplitude modes; Phase modes; Trans-polyacetylene1987-07
31 Sokolsky, PierreAn analog light scattering experiment of hexagonal icelike particles. part I: experimental apparatus and test measurementsAn experimental apparatus to measure the scattering properties of hexagonal icelike particles in the analog manner at the helium neon laser wavelength of 0.633 mm has been designed and built. The instrument consists of an array of 36 highly sensitive and linear photodiode detectors that are positi...1999
32 Sokolsky, PierreAn analog light scattering experiment of hexagonal icelike particles. part II: experimental and theoretical resultsThe scattering properties of hexagonal icelike crystals as measured in the analog manner by the experimental apparatus described in Part I are presented. The crystals are made out of sodium fluoride (NaF), which has an index of refraction similar to that of water ice. The experimentally determined...1999
33 Mattis, Daniel C.An expanded Luttinger modelThis paper generalizes Luttinger's model by introducing curvature (d2ε (k) dk2 ≠ 0 ) into the kinetic energy. An exact solution for arbitrary interactions is still possible in principle, but it now requires disentangling the eigenvalue spectrum of an harmonic string of interacting boson fields at...2012-01-01
34 Wu, Yong-ShiAnalyzing powers for ∏±-13C scattering at T∏=100 MeVMeasurements of the analyzing power for the nC(rr±,rr±) reaction at Trr = 100 MeV have been made at TRIUMF using a polarized target consisting of 99% 1 3C enriched butanol. Data were obtained for the ground and 3.68 MeV excited states at angles from 110° to 150° in 10° steps. The data are con...1992-02
35 Gondolo, PaoloAnnual modulation of dark matter in the presence of streamsIn addition to a smooth component of weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP) dark matter in galaxies, there may be streams of material; the effects of WIMP streams on direct detection experiments is examined in this paper. The contribution to the count rate due to the stream cuts off at some char...WIMP streams; Weakly interacting massive particles; Cutoff energy; Halo models; Sagittarius dwarf galaxy; Recoil energy; Sgr stream2006-08
36 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Raikh, Mikhail E.Anomalous coherent backscattering of light from opal photonic crystalsWe studied coherent backscattering (CBS) of light from opal photonic crystals with incomplete band gaps. We observed a dramatic broadening of the CBS cone for incident angles close to the Bragg condition in the crystals. We modify the conventional CBS theory to incorporate Bragg attenuation resultin...Coherent backscattering; Bragg condition2001-05
37 Vardeny, Zeev ValentineAnomalous optical and ESR properties of doped polydiethynylsilanesThe optical, transport, and ESR properties of soluble conducting four-membered polydiethynylsilane heterocycles are described. The undoped one-dimensional gap is 2.0 eV in both films and solutions; no photoluminescence is observed. I2 doping induces a single absorption band at -1.05 eV in solutions...Polydiethynylsilane; Doped polydiethynylsilanes1991-09
38 Mattis, Daniel C.Anomalous skin effect in a magnetic fieldA classical and quantum mechanical derivation of cyclotron resonance in metals is given. The classical result differs slightly from that obtained by Azbel and Kaner. The quantum derivation yields the same result as the classical calculation except that in the limit of low quantum numbers or high m...Cyclotron resonance; Skin effect; Quantum transport1958-07
39 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Nahata, AjayAnomalous transmission through heavily doped conducting polymer films with periodic subwavelength hole arrayWe observed resonantly enhanced (or anomalous transmission) terahertz transmission through two-dimensional (2D) periodic arrays of subwavelength apertures with various periodicities fabricated on metallic organic conducting polymer films of polypyrrole heavily doped with PF6 molecules [PPy(PF6)]. Th...2006
40 Mattis, Daniel C.Anomaly in spin-wave spectrum of magnetic metalsIt is pointed out that in the band theory of magnetism the magnons have frequencies comparable to the Fermi energy. Therefore, in the calculation of the magnon spectrum of iron, nickel, cobalt, etc., it is the time- or frequency-dependent response function of the electrons which is used, and this ...Magnetic metals1966-11
41 Kieda, David B.Antarctic impulsive transient antenna (ANITA) instrumentationWe will report on the details of the ANITA instrument. This instrument is fundamentally a broadband antenna, which is arrayed and constructed in such a way as to be optimized for the detection and characterization of high-energy neutrino cascades [1]. The requirement to maximize the detector view of...ANITA; Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna; Neutrino; Balloon; Antarctica2003
42 Wu, Yong-ShiAnyons on a torus: braid group, Aharonov-Bohm period, and numerical studyWe present a careful construction of anyons on a torus starting with the braid-group analysis. The rules of Wen, Dagotto, and Fradkin for putting anyons on a torus are reproduced with some minor improvements. The existence of noncontractible loops leads to braid-group representations characterized n...Braid group; Magnetic flux1991-05
43 Gerton, JordanApertureless near-field fluorescence microscope for biological imagingWe measured the optical response of fluorescent beads to sharp metallic and semiconducting probes, revealing several underlying near-field interactions. Our results suggest that -10 nanometer optical resolution with spectroscopic chemical sensitivity is possible, and bear strongly on molecular-scal...2003-01-01
44 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Ehrenfreund, Eitan A.Apparent phonon side-band modes in π-conjugated systems: polymers, oligomers and crystalsThe emission spectra of many π-conjugated polymers and oligomers contain side-band replicas with apparent frequencies that do not match the Raman active mode frequencies. Using a time dependent model we show that in such many mode systems, the increased damping of the time dependent transition dipo...2005-11
45 Vardeny, Zeev Valentine; Ehrenfreund, Eitan A.Apparent vibrational side bands in rr-conjugated systems: the case of distyrylbenzeneThe photoluminescence sPLd spectra of dilute solution and single crystals of distyrylbenzene show unique temperature-dependent vibronic structures. The characteristic single frequency progression at high temperatures is modulated by a low-frequency progression series at low temperatures. None of th...pi-conjugated systems; Distyrylbenzene; Vibrational side-bands; Vibronic structures; DSB2005-02
46 Symko, Orest GeorgeApplication of SQUID magnetometer to nuclear magnetic thermometryThis paper presents an application of a SQUID magnetometer for low temperature thermometry using the magnetic properties of a nuclear paramagnet. The static magnetization of a material which obeys Curie's law provides a very sensitive means of thermometry. Also included in the device is the capabi...SQUID magnetometer; Nuclear magnetic thermometry; Low temperature thermometry1976
47 Mattis, Daniel C.Application of tridiagonalization to the many-body problemThe problem of a single magnetic, Wolff-model impurity in an otherwise ideal metallic host is investigated using the nonperturbative Lanczos method. Convergence is very rapid. The many-body ground-state energy is investigated and comparisons are made with Tomonaga operator theory and other weak-coup...Lattice; Electrons; Interaction; Ground-state energy; Tridiagonalization; Magnetic impurity; Nonmagnetic metals1983
48 Mattis, Daniel C.Application of tridiagonalization to the many-body problem. II. Finite TIn a previous paper of the same title, we obtained the ground-state energy of a magnetic (Wolff-model) impurity in a nonmagnetic metal. In the present Brief Report, we calculate the impurity's contribution to the density of states and heat capacity of the metal at low temperatures. Here, the Lancz...Ground-state energy; Tridiagonalization; Magnetic impurity; Nonmagnetic metals; Heat capacity1984-06
49 DeTar, CarletonAssorted weak matrix elements involving the bottom quarkAs part of a larger project to estimate the fB decay constant, we are recalculating fstatic B using a variational smearing method in an effort to improve accuracy. Preliminary results for the static BB parameter and HQET two point functions are also presented.Bottom quark; Decay constants; HQET; Effective field theory1997-02
50 Ailion, David Charles; Morris, Alan H.Asymmetric spin echo sequences. a simple new method for obtaining NMR 1H spectral imagesThe nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signal decay produced by reversible tissue-induced dephasing of the magnetization components in the transverse plane (reversible tissue-induced dephasing) was measured and expressed as a function of a new transverse relaxation time T'2 (T2 prime) for samples of ...Asymmetric spin echo; Signal decay; Chemical shift; Tissue characterization; Lung aeration; Fatty liver1985
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