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26 Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Humphrey, Alan Parker; Derrick, Christopher GladeAn integration of dynamic MPI formal verification within eclipse PTPOur research goals were to verify practical MPI programs for deadlocks, resource leaks, and assertion violations at the push of a button and be able to easily visualize the results. We also sought to integrate these capabilities with the Eclipse IDE via an Eclipse plug-in for the Parallel Tools Plat...Verification; Graphical User Interfaces; Dynamic Interleaving Reduction; Message Passing; MPI; Multi-core; Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform; Trapeze Interactive Poster2010-03-15
27 Li, Guodong; Gopalakrishnan, Ganesh; Kirby, Robert Michael IiPUG : A Symbolic Verifier of GPU ProgramsPUG is a automated verifier for GPU programs written in C/CUDA. PUG verifies GPU kernels for Data Races, Barrier mismatches, Totally wrong results, and Weak memory model related bugs. SMT-based correctness checking methods for these error are often more scalable, general and modular.2010-10-06
28 Awasthi, Manu; Nellans, David W.; Sudan, Kshitij; Balasubramonian, RajeevABP : predictor based management of DRAM row buffersDRAM accesses are costly, especially in multicore systems. Future CMPs will run a mixed load of workloads/threads. Destructive interference at memory controller, spatio-temporal locality lost! DRAM row-buffer hits are least expensive, row-conflicts are most. Randomized memory access patterns re...2010-10-06
29 Zhang, LixinURSIM reference manualSimulation has emerged as an important method for evaluating new ideas in both uniprocessor and multiprocessor architecture. Compared to building real hardware, simulation provides at least two advantages. First, it provides the flexibility to modify various architectural parameters and components a...URSIM; reference manual2000
30 Hansen, Charles D.Data distributed, parallel algorithm for ray-traced volume renderingThis paper presents a divide-and-conquer ray-traced volume rendering algorithm and a parallel image compositing method, along with their implementation and performance on the Connection Machine CM-5, and networked workstations. This algorithm distributes both the data and the computations to individ...Volume rendering; Ray tracing; ; Computer algorithms; Scientific visualization; Network computing; Massively parallel processing1993
31 Bruderlin, BeatRobustness in geometric modeling - an intuitionistic and tolerance-based approachAn intuitionistic geometry approach is taken to develop two tolerance-based methods for robust geometric computation. The so called analytic model method and the approximated model method are developed independently of a specific application or a geometric algorithm. Geometric robustness is formally...Robustness; Geometric modeling; Intuitionistic geometry; Geometric robustness1992
32 Seror, Denis D.D.C.P.L. - A distributed control programming languageIn this thesis, a computation is considered a system of asynchronously cooperating "independent" programs (coroutines) linked by paths of in formation along which messages are sent. A programming language called DCPL, a Distributed Control Programming Language, in which such computations may be ex...Distributed control programming language; DCPL1970
33 Wright, KristinUsing reliable multicast for caching and collaboration within the world wide webThe World Wide Web has become an important medium for information dissemination. One model for synchronized information dissemination within the Web is webcasting in which data are simultaneously distributed to multiple destinations. The Web's traditional unicast client/server communication model su...caching; collaboration1999
34 Henderson, Thomas C.The importance of unknows in Epidemiologic studies1. Epidemiologic study data often include omitted/unobtainable responses (unknowns). In most cases, unknowns are eliminated during data-reduction to facilitate analysis. We examined the effect that elimination of unknowns would have on mortality calculations using data on newborns admitted to a newb...Unknowns; Mortality calculations1985
35 Gooch, Bruce; Reinhard, Erik; Moulding, Chris; Shirley, Peter S.Artistic composition for image creationAltering the viewing parameters of a 3D object results in computer graphics images of varying quality. One aspect of image quality is the composition of the image. While the esthetic properties of an image are subjective, some heuristics used by artists to create images can be approximated quanti...Image creation; Image quality2000
36 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshSome unusual micropipeline circuitsWe present a few unusual Micropipelines (Sutherland, CACM, September 1989) that employ the Muller C-ELEMENT or an extension of the C-ELEMENT called LOCKC (Liebchen and Gopalakrishnan, ICCD, 1992). We first describe two variations of the two-dimensional Micropipeline structure realized using ordinary...Micropipeline circuits; Micropipelines1993
37 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshDynamic reordering of high latency transactions in time-warp simulation using a modified micropipelineTime warp based simulation of discrete-event systems is an efficient way to overcome the synchronization overhead during distributed simulation. As computations may proceed beyond synchronization barriers in time warp, multiple checkpoints of state need to be maintained to be able to rollback inva...Asynchronous design; Micropipelines; Dynamic instruction reordering; Time warp simulations1992
38 Freire, JulianaPersonalizing the web using site descriptionsThe information overload on the Web has created a great need for efficient filtering mechanisms. Many sites (e.g., CNN and Quicken) address this problem by allowing a user to create personalized pages that contain only information that is of interest to the user. We propose a new approach for p...XPointer; Data extraction; Site descriptions; Personalized web pages1999
39 Shirley, Peter S.; Gooch, BruceAutomatic painting with economized strokesWe present a method that takes a raster image as input and produces a painting-like image composed of strokes rather than pixels. Unlike previous automatic painting methods, we attempt to use very few brush-strokes. This is accomplished by first segmenting the image into features, finding the medial...Raster image; Painting-like image; Automatic painting methods2000
40 George, LalA scheduling strategy for shared memory multiprocessorsAn efficient scheduling strategy for shared memory multiprocessors is described. The rapid dissemination of tasks to available procesors and ready queues is crucial to the performance of any parallel system. Such overheads determine the attainable speedup and performance of the system. Poor techniq...Shared memory multiprocessors1990
41 Cates, Joshua E.; Whitaker, Ross T.; Jones, Greg M.Case study: an evaluation of user-assisted hierarchical watershed segmentationWhile level sets have demonstrated a great potential for 3D medical image segmentation, their usefulness has been limited by two problems. First, 3D level sets are relatively slow to compute. Second, their formulation usually entails several free parameters which can be very difficult to correctl...Watershed segmentation; Brain tumor imaging2004-02-27
42 Greenfield, HarveySimulation of arbitrary shaped boundaries for hemodynamic studies1973
43 Organick, Elliott I.Transformation of Ada program units into silicon (Fourth Semiannual technical report 83 Apr 1 - 83 Nov 15)This report, augmented with several appended papers and supplementary reports describes the most recent six months of work on the research project, "Transformation of Ada Programs into Silicon". This report is also the last of the series to be rendered under the current contact.Transformation; Ada program units; Silicon1983
44 Boll, Steven F.; Done, William JohnNoise suppression methods for robust speech processing (1 Oct. 1978- 31 Mar. 1981)Robust speech processing in practical operating environments requires effective environmental and processor noise suppression. This report describes the technical findings and accomplishments during this reporting period for period for research program funded to develop real time, compressed speech ...Noise suppression; Compressed speech analysis-synthesis algorithms; Signal contamination1978
45 Carter, John B.Reducing consistency traffic and cache misses in the avalanche multiprocessorFor a parallel architecture to scale effectively, communication latency between processors must be avoided. We have found that the source of a large number of avoidable cache misses is the use of hardwired write-invalidate coherency protocols, which often exhibit high cache miss rates due to exces...Consistency traffic; Cache misses; Parallel architecture; Communication latency1995
46 Carter, JohnA collective approach to harness idle resourcesWe propose a collective approach for harnessing the idle resources (cpu, storage, and bandwidth) of nodes (e.g., home desktops) distributed across the Internet. Instead of a purely peer-to-peer (P2P) approach, we organize participating nodes to act collectively using collective managers (CMs). Pa...Idle resources; Computer nodes2008
47 Henderson, Thomas C.Multisensor knowledge systems: interpreting 3-D structureWe describe an approach which facilitates and makes explicit the organization of the knowledge necessary to map multisensor system requirements onto an appropriate assembly of algorithms, processors, sensors, and actuators. We have previously introduced the Multisensor Kernel System and Logical Sens...Multisensors; Knowledge systems; 3-D structure; Logical Sensors1987
48 Akella, VenkateshhopCP: language definition, semantics and examplesWe describe a formalism for high level modeling of hardware based on flow graphs and nonatomic actions called hopCP. A module is the description of a hardware system in hopCP, which contains a flow graph to model the behavioral aspects and ports which represent the communication links. Operations ar...hopCP1990
49 Gopalakrishnan, GaneshEfficient symbolic simulation based verification using the parametric form of boolean expressions (rev.)We present several new techniques to make symbolic simulation based verification efficient. These techniques hinge on the use of the parametric form of a boolean expression (e.g. the parametric form for the boolean expression XQ V -Symbolic simulation; Verification1991
50 Cohen, ElaineMinimum distance queries for polygonal and parametric modelsCalculation of the minimum distance to a geometric object or the minimum separation between objects is a fundamental problem that has application in a variety of arenas. Minimum separation queries for sculptured surfaces are believed particularly difficult, yet are increasingly important as modeli...Minimum separation; Minimum distance; Virtual prototyping1997
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