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26 Master schedule building and the flexibly scheduled schoolThis paper contains a model of a technique for increasing the quality of educational and instructional opportunity for all students. This model is developed around the flexible or modularly scheduled secondary school. Also included is a procedure containing a computer program, with which the adminis...Flexible scheduling; Flexibly scheduled school; Modularly scheduled school1970
27 An experimental display programming language for the PDP-10 computerAn experimental language for display programming, called DIAL, has been developed for the PDP-10 and the UNIVAC 1559 display. It is experimental in the sense that it was originally conceived as a means of testing out some ideas, and the best way to test them seemed to be to produce a language that ...Display programming; DIAL; Display Algol1970
28 Scheduling multiprogammed computer systems: an analytical approachIn a multiprogrammed computer system, several jobs are using the facilities of the system at the same time. However, a given facility (or resource) is generally only allocated to one user at a time- But, while working, jobs generate requests for some facilities and liberate other facilities; thus, c...Multiprogrammed computer system1970
29 A programmer's guide to PDP-10 eulerThis manual describes the EULER language as implemented on the DEC PDP-10 computer. EULER is a block-structured language, similar to Algol-60 but simplified by omitting type declarations and by altering the way procedures are defined and called. PDP-10 EULER includes features for list-and array-mani...EULER language1970
30 D.C.P.L. - A distributed control programming languageIn this thesis, a computation is considered a system of asynchronously cooperating "independent" programs (coroutines) linked by paths of in formation along which messages are sent. A programming language called DCPL, a Distributed Control Programming Language, in which such computations may be ex...Distributed control programming language; DCPL1970
31 Optimal control of a process with discrete and continuous decision variablesThe task of dynamic optimization consists of manipulating the inputs to a dynamic system (i.e., one in which the state varies with time) so that the system performs in an advantageous manner. This paper presents a systematic technique for solving the problem of optimally controlling a converter ais...Dynamic optimization; Decision variables; Converter aisle; Copper smelter1970
32 ARCAID: The ARChitects computer graphics AIDARCAID?The ARChitect's Computer Graphics AID?is one part of a two-part research program at the University of Utah under the direction of David C. Evans. ARCAID is a specification for the organization of computer processes including data and procedures for the use of architects, engineers, and other...ARCAID1970
33 A real time visible surface algorithmWith the increasing use of computer graphics, a need is growing for a processor capable of displaying solid objects. Environmental simulation and architectural modeling are only two areas that would benefit from such a diplay processor. This dissertation describes an algorithm designed for such a ...Surface algorithm1970
34 A method of solution for hydrodynamics and radiation diffusion as a multi-material problem in one dimensionMulti-material problem1971
35 An application of computer graphics: two concurrent investigations within the medical fieldThe aim of this project is to apply new or recently developed computer graphic techniques to a particular discipline with the thought of broadening its research capabilities. The discipline chosen, that of medicine, has emphasis places on the area of hemodynamics. It is seen that computer graphics m...Computer graphic techniques1971
36 Electronics, music and computersElectronic and computer technology has had and will continue to have a marked effect in the field of music. Through the years scientists, engineers, and musicians have applied available technology to new musical instruments, innovative musical sound production, sound analysis, and musicology. At the...Computers; Music1971
37 Computer display of curved surfacesThis research describes a method for producing shaped pictures of curved surfaces. It uses a small polygon approximation of the surface to solve efficiently the nidden parts detection, and then computes the shading on each polygon in such a way that visual discontinuities between adjacent polygons d...Curved surfaces; Computer display1971
38 Graphical man/machine communications: June 1971Semi-Annual Technical Report for period 1 January 1971 to 31 May 1971. This document includes a summary of research activities and facilities at the University of Utah under Contract F30602-70-C-0300. Information conveys important research milestones attained during this period by each of the fo...Curved surfaces; Digital waveform processing1971
39 Graphical man/machine communications: May 1971Final technical report 1 December 1969 to 30 June 1970.1971-05
40 Graphical man/machine communications: December 1971Semi-Annual Technical Report for period 1 June 1971 to 31 December 1971. This document includes a summary of research activities and facilities at the University of Utah under Contract F30602-70-C-0300. Information conveys important research milestones attained during this period by each of the f...Man/machine communications; Computing systems; Digital waveform processing1971-12
41 Hidden surface line drawing algorithmThis paper describes a fast procedure in processing hidden surface pictures with the output in vector form. The program has been written expressly for a Decsystem 10 and has performed successfully on three different installations. The algorithm which is being used is a modification to the Watkins' A...Watkins algorithm; Hidden surface1972
42 Graphical man/machine communications: June 19721972-06
43 Graphical man/machine communications: December 1972The object of the graphical man/machine communication effort is the development of computers and computing techniques the people may use interactively in real time to extend their problem-solving capability, and to work cooperatively by means of improved communications via computer. This report summ...Waveform processing; Symbolic computation; Man/machine communications1972-12
44 Computer aided geometric designThis book contains the edited proceedings of the first International Conference on Computer Aided Geometric Design, an important new field that draws on the principles of computer science, mathematics, and geometric design. The list of contributors includes most of the leading researchers in the...Computer aided geometric design1973
45 Sensory information processing and symbolic computation (1 Jan. 1975 - 30 June 1975)This research uses digital computation to investigate processes, both linear and nonlinear, for the filtering. restoration, enhancement, bandwidth reduction, distortion immunization and analysis of both visual and auditory information.Sensory information processing; Symbolic computation; Auditory information; Visual information1973
46 Simulation of arbitrary shaped boundaries for hemodynamic studies1973
47 Selected methods for improving synthesis speech quality using linear predictive coding: system description, coefficient smoothing and streakThis report develops two generalizations of the standard Linear Predictive Coding (LPC) implementation of a narrow band speech compression system. The purpose of each method is to improve the speech quality that is available from a standard LPC system.Linear Predictive Coding; LPC; Speech compression system; Pitch excited system1974
48 Digital picture processing and psychophysics: a study of brightness perceptionA computer driven display system was used to study brightness contrast phenomena, in a project motivated by research in digital picture processing. The modeling approach was that of Stockham and Davidson: the visual system is modeled as the cascade of a linear system (eye optics) and a multiplicati...Digital picture processing; Computer driven display system; Brightness contrast1974
49 Removal of noise from a voice signal by synthesisThis report describes research into the problem of rectification of sound recordings made under adverse conditions and communicated and recorded with a great deal of noise. In the course of this research, a number of refinements have been made to the process of digital speech synthesis through new v...Rectification; Homomorphic vocoder; Digital speech synthesis; Filtering device1974
50 The removal of unknown image blurs by homomorphic filteringThis report describes a homomorphic method for the estimation and removal of unknown image blurs, which are presumed to have been caused by a linear stationary system. Previous methods have required a more or less perfect a priori knowledge of the identity of the blur. the method described here requ...Homomorphic filtering; Removal; Image blurs; Blurred image1974
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