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26 Parkinson, John StansfieldAn unorthodox sensory adaptation site in the E. coli serine chemoreceptorThe serine chemoreceptor of E. coli contains four canonical methylation sites for sensory adaptation that lie near inter-subunit helix interfaces of the Tsr homodimer. An unexplored fifth methylation site, E502, lies at an intra-subunit helix interface, closest to the HAMP domain that controls input...2014-01-01
27 Sperry, John S.Analysis of circular bordered pit function I. Angiosperm vessels with homogenous pit membranesA model predicted pit and vessel conductivity, the air-seed pressure for cavitation, and the implosion pressure causing vessel collapse. Predictions were based on measurements from 27 angiosperm species with circular bordered pits and air-seed pressures of 0.2-11.3 MPa. Vessel implosion pressure exc...Functional wood anatomy; hydraulic architecture; plant biomechanics2004
28 Sperry, John S.Analysis of circular bordered pit function II. Gymnosperm tracheids with torus-margo pit membranesA model of xylem conduit function was applied to gymnosperm tracheids with torus-margo pit membranes for comparison with angiosperm vessels. Tracheids from 17 gymnosperm tree species with circular bordered pits and air-seed pressures from 0.8 to 11.8 MPa were analyzed. Tracheids were more reinforced...Functional wood anatomy; hydraulic architecture; plant biomechanics2004
29 Beckerle, Mary C.Analysis of the roles of microtubules and actin in erythrophore intracellular motilityThe Holocentrus erythrophore, a red pigment cell, represents a model system for the study of organized intracellular transport. We have investigated the possibility that microtubules and actin are integral components of the pigment translocating motility machine.Actin; Actomyosin; Erythrophore; Pigment1983
30 Sperry, John S.Anatomy of the palm Rhapis excelsa, IX. Xylem structure of the leaf insertionSTEMS OF PERENNIAL PLANTS, particularly trees, represent a considerable investment in biomass. Trees can survive even under the most adverse conditions, but only if the hydraulic integrity of the stem is preserved. A very important and vulnerable part of the stem is the xylem. As water is pulled int...Palm stems; Palm stem anatomy; Palm leaves; Leaf insertion; Vessel network; Vessel-length distribution; Primary vascular stem tissue; Hydraulic architechture; Water column1983
31 Sperry, John S.Anatomy of the palm Rhapis excelsa, VIII. Vessel network and vessel-length distribution in the stemTHE CONCEPT of the vessel, a conducting unit consisting of a series of vessel elements lined up end to end, has been known for well over a century (e.g., Hartig, 1878). The fact that vessels are of limited length is of considerable functional importance. If a vessel is damaged (for example, by an in...Palm stems; Palm stem anatomy; Vessel network; Vessel-length distribution; Primary vascular stem tissue; Hydraulic architechture; Water column1982
32 Davidson, Diane W.Ant-plant symbioses in Africa and the neotropics : history, biogeography and diversitySymbiotic ant-plant relationships afford an excellent opportunity to analyze the effects of both historical and ecological factors on the evolution of mutualisms. Occurring in tropical forests throughout the world, all myrmecophytic plants provide food and permanent housing to ants; the ants, in t...Ant-plant symbiosis; Africa; Neotropics; Myrmecophytes; Plant-ants1993
33 Coley, Phyllis D.Antifungal depsidone metabolites from Cordyceps dipterigena, an endophytic fungus antagonistic to the phytopathogen gibberella fujikuroiAmong thirty four endophytic fungal strains screened for in vitro antagonism, the endophytic fungus Cordyceps dipterigena was found to strongly inhibit mycelial growth of the plant pathogenic fungus Gibberella fujikuroi. Two new depsidone metabolites, cordycepsidone A (1) and cordycepsidone B (2), w...2012
34 Bowling, David R.Assessing filtering of mountaintop CO2 mole fractions for application to inverse models of biosphere-atmosphere carbon exchangeThere is a widely recognized need to improve our understanding of biosphere-atmosphere carbon exchanges in areas of complex terrain including the United States Mountain West. CO2 fluxes over mountainous terrain are often difficult to measure due to unusual and complicated influences associated with ...2012-01-01
35 Hughes, Kelly T.ATPase-Independent Type-III Protein Secretion in Salmonella entericaType-III protein secretion systems are utilized by gram-negative pathogens to secrete building blocks of the bacterial flagellum, virulence effectors from the cytoplasm into host cells, and structural subunits of the needle complex. The flagellar type-III secretion apparatus utilizes both the energy...2014-01-01
36 Beckerle, Mary C.Atrial natriuretic peptide promotes cardiomyocyte survival by cGMP-dependent nuclear accumulation of zyxin and AktThis study delineates a mechanism for antiapoptotic signaling initiated by atrial natriuretic peptide (ANP) stimulation leading to elevation of cGMP levels and subsequent nuclear accumulation of Akt kinase associated with zyxin, a cytoskeletal LIM-domain protein. Nuclear targeting of zyxin induces r...Zyxin; Akt; Cyclic guanosine monophosphate2005
37 Gesteland, Raymond F.; Ives, Jeffrey T.; Stockham, Thomas G.Automated film reader for DNA sequencing based on homomorphic deconvolutionAn automated reader for electrophoresis based DNA sequencing methods is described that provides fast and accurate sequence determination. Digitized sequencing lanes are processed with homomorphic blind deconvolution in preparation for peak detection, interlane alignment, peak refinement and base cal...Sequence Analysis; Electrophoresis; Automated Film Reader; Homomorphic Deconvolution1994
38 Jorgensen, ErikAxon regeneration genes identified by RNAi screening in C. elegansAxons of the mammalian CNS lose the ability to regenerate soon after development due to both an inhibitory CNS environment and the loss of cell-intrinsic factors necessary for regeneration. The complex molecular events required for robust regeneration of mature neurons are not fully understood, part...2014-01-01
39 Jorgensen, ErikAxons break in animals lacking B-spectrinAxons and dendrites can withstand acute mechanical strain despite their small diameter. In this study, we demonstrate that β-spectrin is required for the physical integrity of neuronal processes in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Axons in β-spectrin mutants spontaneously break.2007
40 Bastiani, MichaelAxons break in animals lacking β-spectrinAxons and dendrites can withstand acute mechanical strain despite their small diameter. In this study, we demonstrate that β-spectrin is required for the physical integrity of neuronal processes in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Axons in β-spectrin mutants spontaneously break.Mutants; Dendrites; Morphology2007
41 Hughes, Kelly T.Bacterial flagellin-specific chaperone FliS interacts with anti-sigma factor FlgMFlagella are extracellular organelles that propel bacteria. Each flagellum consists of a basal body, a hook, and a filament. The major protein of the filament is flagellin. To prevent premature polymerization of newly synthesized flagellin molecules, FliS, the flagellin-specific chaperone, binds fla...2014-01-01
42 Olivera, Baldomero M.Bacteriophage Mu DNA replication in vitroAn in vitro system for bacteriophage Mu DNA replication using lysates on cellophane discs is described. Mu replication was monitored by DNA hybridization. Using a thermoinducible Mu Iysogen, 30-50% of all DNA synthesis in vitro was Mu-specific.Bacteriophage Mu1983
43 Adler, Frederick R.Balance of terror: an alternative mechanism for competitive trade-offs and its implications for invading speciesThis article uses models to propose an explanation for three observations in community ecology: the apparent overreaction of prey to attack by specialist predators, the existence of a common trade-off among components of competitive ability in communities of unrelated competitors, and the ability of...Models; Curve; Native1999
44 Ehleringer, James R.Bayesian integration of isotope ratio for geographic sourcing of castor beansRecent years have seen an increase in the forensic interest associated with the poison ricin, which is extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. Both light element (C, N, O, and H) and strontium (Sr) isotope ratios have previously been used to associate organic material with geographic...2012-01-01
45 Coley, Phyllis D.Beneficios y costos de defensa en un arbusto del neotrópicoLOS beneficios y costos son de importancia capital para las teorfas de optimization de las defensas de las plantas. El beneficio es la ganancia de aptitud para reducir el herbivorismo; el costo es la perdida de aptitud al comprometer recursos en defensa. Evaluamos los beneficios y los costos de def...Psychotria horizontalis; Isla de Barro Colorado; Costos de defense; Celdas de exclusion; Herbivorismo; Defensa de las plantas; Taninos; Dureza; Tropicos; Benefit; Beneficios2007
46 Coley, Phyllis D.Benefits and costs of defense in a neotropical shrubBenefits and costs are central to optimality theories of plant defense. Benefit is the gain in fitness to reducing herbivory and cost is the loss in fitness to committing resources to defense. We evaluate the benefits and costs of defense in a neotropical shrub, Psychotria horizontalis. Plants were ...Cost of defense; Growth-defense trade-off; Exclosures; Field experiment; Herbivory; Panama; Psychotria horizontalis; Rubiaceae; Tannins; Toughness; Tropics1995
47 Coley, Phyllis D.Between-species differences in leaf defenses of tropical treesRates of herbivory and patterns of leaf defense are presented for light-demanding and shade-tolerant tree species growing in a lowland rainforest in Panama. More than 85 percent of the annual leaf damage is due to grazing by insects. There are over three orders of magnitude difference between specie...Herbivory; Interspecific variation; Panama; Growth rate; Shade tolerance; Treefall gaps; Tropical forest; Understory; Tannins; Alkaloids1987
48 Yamaguchi, AyakoBilateral coordination of vocal pathways in African clawed frogs, Xenopus laevisThis poster describes how bilateral coordination of motor programs are achieved in the central vocal pathways of African clawed frogs.Vocalizations; Central pattern generator; Motor programs; Bilateral coordination2014
49 Goller, FranzBilateral syringeal contributions to song in the zebra finchAlthough central control of song production has been investigated extensively in the zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata), much less is known about peripheral vocal motor dynamics during song.Electromyographic activity; Sound souces; Unilateral2004
50 Beckerle, Mary C.Biochemical and molecular characterization of the chicken cysteine-rich protein, a developmentally regulated LIM-domain protein that is associated with the actin cytoskeletonLIM domains are present in a number of proteins including transcription factors, a protooncogene product, and the adhesion plaque protein zyxin. The LIM domain exhibits a characteristic arrangement of cysteine and histidine residues and represents a novel zinc binding sequence (Michelsen et al., ...Zyxin; Cysteine-rich proteins; cCRP; Actin; LIM domains1994
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